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it’s bad luck to..

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The Zodiac Signs of Serial Killers

The Zodiac Signs of Serial Killers—by an Astrologer:hqdefault

It has been established that zodiac signs directly correlate to the type of crime they are likely to commit; additionally, the sign can, in a way, determine the crime likely to be committed.

The zodiac signs are divided into different categories: Fire Signs are Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. Of the three, Sagittarius has a higher population of criminals and they are more difficult to capture. The Aries are usually armed, while Leos are usually very dangerous.

Another category of the zodiac signs is the air signs. They are Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Libras have the largest criminal percentage compared to the rest of the air signs. Libras are usually armed and very dangerous. Geminis are involved in fraud crimes. Aquarians usually commit crimes based on revenge. [..]


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Christian persecutions against pagans


Christian persecutions against Hellenes (Gentiles)

(All dates “era vulgaris” = Christian Era)  
Immediately after its full legalisation, the Christian Church attacks the Gentiles: The Council of Ancyra denounces the worship of Goddess Artemis.   

Emperor Constantine declares Christianity as the only official religion of the Roman Empire. At Dydima, Asia Minor, he sacks the Oracle of God Apollo and tortures its Pagan priests to death. He also evicts the Gentiles from Mt. Athos and destroys all local Hellenic Temples.   

Emperor Constantine, following the instructions of his mother Helen, destroys the Temple of God Asclepius in Aigeai of Cilicia and many Temples of Goddess Aphrodite in Jerusalem, Aphaca, Mambre, Phoenice, Baalbek, etc.   

Constantine steals the treasures and statues of the Pagan Temples in Greece to decorate Nova Roma (Constantinople), the new capital of his Empire.    [..]

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Christmas: The Birthday of Sun Gods

Traditional Winter FestivitiesJesus-Sun

Midwinter festivities are far older than Christianity and have appeared in every culture of the northern hemisphere. When Christianity, on controlling Europe, first reached England, Northern Germany, and Scandinavia, its missionaries found Pagan rites already celebrated on Christmas day. The early Christians tried to convert Pagan celebrations to Christian ones but with only partial success. In the resulting tangle, Paganism has partially held its own and many objects associated with Christmas are explicable only as deep folk memories. So, Christians incorporated many of these rites into their Church festival.

The root of midwinter rituals is the winter solstice, the shortest day which falls on or around 21 December. In the days before the solstice, rituals were devised to prevent the sun getting any weaker. When they worked, with the day getting longer after the solstice, was the time for celebration. The date of 25 December was when the sun visibly began to rise again after three days at the lowest ebb. It was the Roman festival of the “unconquered sun”, Mithras, proving by his rising again that he was again unconquered. It was chosen deliberately to Christianize this traditional celebration. In Scotland, never subject to the Romans, the main midwinter festival is still the entirely non-Christian one of Hogmanay, the New Year, although the Christmas celebration has advanced in popularity in recent years. [..]


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Jesus Christ as Sun god

Scriptures Which Suggest Jesus is the SunJesus-Sun

There are numerous scriptures which suggest Jesus represents the sun. Remember in the old days light bulbs didn’t exist, the only true light was the Sun. When the sun went down it got dark. The best you could do back then was make a fire, light some candles, and wait for tomorrow when the sun would return.

John 8:12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world.” (The “light of the world” is the Sun.)
John 9:5 While I am in the world, I am the light of the world. (The “light of the world” is the Sun.)

Matthew 4:16 The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” (The light is the Sun)
Matthew 17:2 His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.
John 1:3-8 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. (Without the Sun nothing would grow and we’d all be dead.) In him was life, and that life was the light of men. (The light is the Sun.) The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it (the Sun removes the darkness). There came a man who was sent from God; [..]


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Sol Invictus – the Unconquerable Sun

Sol Invictus, Christ, Constantine


The collective unconscious appears to consist of mythological motifs or primordial images, for which reason the myths of all nations are its real exponents. In fact the whole of mythology could be taken as a sort of projection of the collective unconscious. We can see this most clearly if we look at the heavenly constellations, whose originally chaotic forms are organized through the projection of images…These influences are nothing but unconscious introspective perceptions of the collective unconscious (Carl Jung).

The sun is always a powerful, invincible image, whether it is the weak illumination of the pre winter solstice, or the savage primal energy of midsummer. Long before humanity developed written language humans must have gazed in terrific awe at the reborn sun each morning, [..]

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List of solar deities


HELIOISM = A religion with the belief that the Sun is one’s god. For it provides food, warmth and light for everybody on the Earth.

PRAISE THE SUN! The primary belief of helioism is the belief that we are all born from the Sun and will return to it when we die.

HELIOPHILE = a lover or worshipper of sunlight; someone who loves, adores, or worships bright, sunny days.

solar deity is a god or goddess who represents the Sun, or an aspect of it, usually by its perceived power and strength. Solar deities and sun worship can be found throughout most of recorded history in various forms. The following is a list of solar deities:

African mythology

Australian Aboriginal mythology [..]

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Sun God Worship

Sun Cult

Since the beginning of human existence, civilisations have established religious beliefs that involved the Sun’s significance to some extent or other. As new civilisations developed many spiritual beliefs were based on those from the past so that there has been an evolution of the sun’s significance throughout cultural development. Even as late as the 17th century the development of tarot cards for fortune telling included a card that represents the Sun’s influence on the life of man.

If we examine history we see that the religious beliefs of the very first civilisation, the Sumerians, weren’t totally focussed on sun worship but they did have a Sun god. While the Sumerian’s Sun god wasn’t the most powerful deity in their culture it initiated the development of future Sun worship. Over the centuries the Sumerian Sun god’s influence grew while other god’s influence diminished.

By the time the Egyptian civilisation was at its peak, the Sun god had reached a supreme position. However, Sun worship reached its height and most involved form with the Aztec, Maya, and Inca civilisations of South America. The Inca culture was totally based on worship of the Sun.

Civilization Sun Godaten_ankh_hands2
Aboriginal: Many names depending on the region: Yhi
African: Liza
Chinese: Ten Suns
Egyptian: Ra or Re
Greek: Apollo
Japanese: Ama-terasu
Polynesian: Maui
Roman: Sol Invictus/ Apollo
Sumerian: Utu

Light was brought into the dark world by Yhi, the sun spirit. As few living things can grow without light, there was a close association between the two great spirits Yhi and Baiame (the All Father or father spirit). Light and warmth were necessary for the preservation and growth of the animate world of Baiame’s creation, and these were provided by Yhi

Mahu and Liza are the main African gods They are the twin children of Nana Buluku. The twins express the balance between earth and sky as Mahu is the female (earth, moon, fertility) and Liza is the male (sun, sky, power).

The Sun is Yang and it is made of fire, while the moon is Yin. In Chinese mythology it is said that there exists ten Suns, which take turns appearing in the sky and are carried across the heavens by a chariot, which is drawn by dragons and driven by their mother.

In ancient Egyptian culture the Sun was considered the manifestation of god. He was called Ra. But his full name is Ra – Atum – Khepri. (Ra – the Sun at the zenith (noon), Atum – the setting Sun, and Khepri – the rising Sun). Ra created the first divine couple, Shu and Tefnut, who are the parents of the earth and sky. Man was born from the tears of Ra, and as man is created in his image and is issued from his flesh, the earth was created to provide care and support for mankind.

Apollo is considered the Sun god, but he became the patron god of music, poetry, mathematics and medicine as well.

The Japanese call their country Nippon or Nihon, which means “origin of the Sun”. Even their flag depicting a red ball on a white background symbolizes the Sun. Their legend of the Sun goddess Ama-terasu traces the Japanese ancestry and tells how the Japanese islands were formed.

Maui is the principal deity in Polynesian culture and takes on a variety of roles in the folk lore of these Pacific people. Maui is credited with creating the islands and of snaring the sun in New Zealand Maori legends. While two Sun Gods are mentioned in Tongan legends – Maui Fusi-Fonua and Tangoloa.

The Roman Sun god Apollo was borrowed very early on from the Greeks. The Romans believed in him as the god of light, music, and as a healer.

The Sumerians (c 3000 BC to 1400 BC) are arguably the very first sun worshipers.

In their primitive culture every divinity (god) is imagined as a celestial being.

Within their culture there existed two triads of gods, the first were considered great gods while the second triad, the triad of Planetary gods included the Sun god named Utu. Utu was not considered to be a great god. The other two gods of the Planetary triad were named Nanna – Suen (the moon) and Inanna (Venus). This however is only the beginning of Sun worship.


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Does astrology work

Does astrology work?signs-myth

The sixty thousand dollar question, of course, is does astrology really work? One might ask another question in reply: Would any theory have lasted 3,000 years if it didn’t work? But of course that’s not a particularly good answer. People are quite capable of believing something silly for thousand of years, until they are proven wrong. Even then, some of them go on believing their silly theories. Just ask the flat-earthers even now.

Yes, astrology works, but not the way most people think it does. The biggest mistake peope make about astrology is believing that it can do the impossible – like foretell the future.

Shock! Horror! Astrology does’t foretell the future? You say. But isn’t that what it’s for? [..]


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The myth of 12 constellations

The mythology of zodiac signs (constellations)f14

A very, very long time ago, the star constellations that lie behind the 30-degree segments of the zodiac were given the names they now have because the star patterns were thought to resemble those figures. The zodiac sign, in turn, took on the names of the constellations in which they were placed. Through the centuries, however, and because of irregularity in the Earth’s revolution on its axis as it revolves around the Sun, the sky that the ancients observed has “shifted”. In fact, the fixed stars (constellations) that the zodiac signs are named after have moved slowly backwards in the sky (a process called “precession of the equinoxes”). The stars have moved so much, in fact, that the zodiac signs are no longer in their original constellations.

Astronomers like to use this fact to point out that astrology is ultimately nonsense. What they don’t understand is the difference between a “sign” and a “constellation”.


The myth of Aries

Aries is represented by the golden Ram, an astrological animal symbol that [..]

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