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Signs in Southern Hemisphere

Astrology: Are Zodiac Signs Reversed In Earth’s Southern Hemisphere?

 – A Whole-Earth, Dual-Sign, 6-sign, or Mirror Zodiac:

A Possible Solution To The Problem Of Matching Astrology’s Seasonally-Derived, Northern Hemisphere Zodiac Signs To Countries In The Southern Hemisphere


The Zodiac as we know it, is a system of dividing up the portion of sky through which the Sun, Moon and planets seem to travel, known as the ecliptic. This system was originally invented in countries in earth’s Northern Hemisphere, where astronomers named the constellations according to environmental observations linked to the seasons. For example, the constellation that the sun seemed to pass through every year at the beginning of Spring was named Aries – The Ram, because “the sun breaks up the frozen earth as a ram attacks with its horns” Similarly “…In the month of Taurus oxen work to prepare the ripening of the corn”. [..]


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Beauty and planets

Beauty is strength and strength is beauty -the two go hand in hand.raffaello-balzo

Just as Mercury is the primary indicator of communication in the chart so the Ascendant or Rising sign, which stands for planet Earth, is the primary indicator of beauty. This does not mean it is the ONLY indicator, but the primary one. Every other planet, when well placed, will contribute to the total beauty of the individual, but there is always one that does so more than the others, and that is what the concept of rulership is all about. A planet is well placed when it is in its own gender, element, or sign. The Sun, for example, is well placed in a masculine(fire or air) sign, especially fire, and most of all in Leo(its ruling sign). The other planets follow the same rule according to their ruling signs.

The issue of rulership or dignity is pivotal to determining what is a beautiful planet and what is not. Planets in their own gender, element, or sign are comfortable or “at home” there because the natures of both the planet and the sign are complementary, similar, or even identical. Ease or comfort produces harmony which produces beauty. The more naturally the planet and sign blend the more harmony or beauty is produced. Planets in an inharmonious or incompatible gender, element, or sign are uncomfortable there and produce only tension, distortion, and conflict which produces ugliness.

The planets and their beauty quotients based on their ruling signs are as follows…

The Earth/Ascendant:

This is the main indicator of physical beauty(or the lack of it) in the chart. Earth rules Libra, the sign of beauty, so that Libra rising is first on the list of attractiveness. Libra rising has a beautiful face, and is well proportioned in every way. Not every Libra rising is perfect by the way -this depends on the other planets in the chart. One would think that the other two air signs, Gemeni and Aquarius, would come next in order of attractiveness, but it seems Sagittarius and Leo hold that distinction. Sagittarius has a pretty or handsome face, is usually brunette and often tall with a great body. So many models have Sagittarius rising. Leo ascendant is regal or noble looking and usually blond or light in coloring. The males bald early. Gemini is usually slender, brunette and sometines blonde, with a pretty or handsome face. Aquarius is also handsome or cute with brunette to blonde hair coloring. Finally, there is Aries ascendant which is not too tall, usually brunette, and whose features show strength and confidence. The males also bald early.

The ascendant is not generally physically attractive in the earth and water signs, but there are always exceptions. Take Richard Gere and Burt Reynolds, for example, both of whom have Scorpio rising and are considered quite attractive. In such cases other factors in the chart overpower or greatly modify the Ascendant influence. In general, Earth sign ascendants tend to be short and stocky except for Capricorn which is often thin or slender looking. Water ascendants often have pretty faces but their bodies are so often obese or out of proportion, except for Scorpio who is generally stocky with a beaked or prominent nose. Of course, other powerful planets or patterns in the chart can modify these descriptions to varying degrees.

Determining a person’s correct ascendant is not an easy task, mostly due to the fact that it changes sign roughly every two hours and that not everyone keeps accurate records. Then there is the astrologer’s nightmare -daylight savings time(double summer and war time as well), which can throw you off by half a sign or more. Finally, there are often other overpowering elements in the chart which can sometimes eclipse or overshadow the Ascendant’s influence. It’s no wonder over fifty percent of charts have incorrect Ascendants(and Midheavens). This is particularly so with celebrities who often give false or modified birth data usually for reasons of privacy. Favourite strategies include changing the year or reversing AM and PM.

Relying soley on birth data is not enough. It helps tremendously to visually recognize the various Ascendants in people. I do this all the time with the outer planet positions which are easier to spot or recognize because of their long-term influences. It’s a little trickier with rising signs, though, but with time and practice it can be done.

It also helps to know that neighbouring signs are as different as night and day, and that this helps astrologers to decide between two rising signs. Also, masculine rising signs(fire or air) are generally taller, leaner, and more extroverted in nature, whereas the feminine ascendants(earth and water) are usually shorter, stockier, and more introverted in nature . A good way to narrow down the ascendant is to consider the element. Fire ascendants have that wild, energetic, and expressive look about them. Air ascendants have that social, refined, and intellecual look. Earth ascendants have that firm, tough, down to earth look. Water ascendants have that dreamy, sensitive, and domesticated look. Once you’ve figured out the element you can work on the specific sign.

Venus and Mars:

Perhaps next in importance after the Ascendant, when considering beauty, especially among females -is the planet Venus. The Ascendant is the covering, but Venus is the substance. Lady Venus, ruler of Taurus, is a very sensual and earthy planet. It rules the erotic or torrid aspects of love and sensuality. Venus is most desirable in the feminine signs, particularly in the earth signs, and most of all in Taurus -its ruling sign. Someone with both a masculine ascendant and a feminine Venus is truly a most attractive and desirable person, especially if female. Venus in fire can be passionate but it loses much of its femininity and can be crude or insensitive. Venus in air comes closest to being bisexual and has a very cerebral approach to sex.

Mars is best in the fire and air signs keeping the body trim and active and therefore contributing much to a person’s beauty or level of physical attraction. Mars in fire, and especially in Aries -its ruling sign, is often found in the charts of atheletes or people in occupations where physical strength, speed, and stamina are required. Mars in air is more mentally or socially than physically active, but stays trim and attractive nonetheless. These descriptions are especially true if the ascendant or rising sign is also in fire or air. Mars in Earth tends to be slow and sluggish while Mars in water lacks energy and confidence. These shortcomings will especially be evident if the ascendant is also in a feminine sign. Men(or women) with both a masculine Ascendant and Mars are often physically attractive and challenging to the opposite sex.


Uranus is another planet that can make a real difference on a beauty level. Like the Ascendant, it is an air sign planet, ruler of Aquarius, and air sign planets, when well placed are particularly strong endowers of beauty. Uranus in an air sign can give great beauty, and to a somewhat lesser degree in a fire sign. I have observed the various Uranus signs personally over the decades and can confidently vouch for this. The stunning beauty of Uranus in an air sign is especially evident when combined with a air or fire ascendant. As an example, some of the most gorgeous models are those born between 1968 and 1975, when Uranus was in Libra. Uranus in Libra is probably second only to Ascendant in Libra as far as beauty is concerned. Uranus in Gemini(1942-49) and Aquarius(1912-19) and (1995-2003) are also extremely attractive and exciting placements.

The Other Planets:

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto well placed have their own brand of beauty to offer.

The SUN is best in fire or air. A masculine Sun gives nobility and presence, especially when combined with a masculine Ascendant. Feminine Suns emit a lower force field and lack the “class” expressiveness, or dignity of their masculine counterparts

The MOON is best in water or earth. Feminine Moons give that competent, classic, or “professional” look, especially when combined with a masculine Ascendant. A particularly classic combination among women is Libra rising with Moon in Capricorn which gives Barbie doll-like features. Masculine Moons, on the other hand, are primitive by comparison, especially the fire Moons which can be animalistic in nature. Air sign Moons can be attractive, but in a bland or superficial kind of way, and then only when combined with a masculine ascendant. A feminine Moon will go a long way towards someone’s professional success. Most successful employees, buisnessmen, politicians, or professional people in general have feminine Moons.

JUPITER is best in fire or air. Masculine Jupiters gives height and fullness and prominence, especially when they are combined with a masculine ascendant. Feminine Jupiters lack the enthusiasm, grandeur, and the moral fibre of their masculine counterpatrs.

SATURN is best in earth or water. Feminine Saturns give fine form, definition, sturdiness, and endurance, especially when they are combined with a masculine ascendant. Saturn especially affects the hair, skin, nails, teeth, and bones in general. Masculine Saturns lack the finesse or control of their feminine counterpatrs.

NEPTUNE is best in the water or Earth signs. Feminine Neptunes add grace, sensitivity, and refinement to one’s physical features whereas masculine Neptunes give hard and almost clod-like features. I’ve noticed, for example, how many young people with Neptune in Sagittartius have long skinny legs with large feet.

PLUTO is best in water or Earth. A Feminine Pluto adds depth, contrast, magnetism, and femininity to the appearance whearas a masculine Pluto can look haunting and almost bisexual in nature. Many with Pluto in Cancer, for example, have a jovial and domesticated look. Pluto in Leo people have a brilliant but icy gaze. Those with Pluto in Virgo have a chic or “high-definition” look to them. Pluto in Libra is often noted for its slim-model or cerebral look, and so on.

I am uncertain about MERCURY‘s true rulership so I will not make any particular judgement on it, except to say that it appears to give a youthful and childish appearance when in the air signs.



“I Feel Pretty!” Transits

There are some transits which make you feel “Blah”, i.e. unattractive, fat, and lonely. Alternatively, there are transits which make you feel attractive and confident! Let’s take a look at some “Pretty” transits.

Transiting Venus in aspect to your natal Sun: Transits from the planet of beauty and aesthetics to your Sun increases your attractiveness to others. You are charming and sociable during this time, and instinctively know what looks good, and what doesn’t. You attract attention from the opposite sex easily now. You are also bound to get plenty of compliments!


Transiting Venus in aspect to your Ascendant: When Venus transits your Ascendant, our personal magnetism is high! You are likely to draw in many admirers during this time, as the planet of beauty is shining on your Ascendant, which represents your physical body and appearance. You look great, feel great, and everyone notices!



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Synastry sample report

Astrological Data used for Short Report – PROFILE 1

for Aron (male)


born on 30 April 1983 local time: 12:47 pm
in Tiranë, ALB U.T.: 10:47
19e50, 41n20 sid. time: 02:37:35


Planetary positions

planet sign degree motion
Sun Taurus 9°31’45 end of house 9 direct
Moon Sagittarius 17°34’01 end of house 4 direct
Mercury Taurus 25°28’51 in house 10 direct
Venus Gemini 19°45’41 in house 11 direct
Mars Taurus 18°13’25 in house 10 direct
Jupiter Sagittarius 9°15’04 in house 4 retrograde
Saturn Scorpio 0°28’04 in house 3 retrograde
Uranus Sagittarius 8°13’36 in house 4 retrograde
Neptune Sagittarius 29°00’21 in house 5 retrograde
Pluto Libra 27°49’05 in house 3 retrograde
True Node Gemini 25°51’32 in house 11 retrograde
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

Signs masculine 6 Signs of fire 4
Signs feminine 4 Signs of earth 3
Signs cardinals 1 Signs of air 2
Signs fixed 4 Signs of water 1
Signs mutable 5

House positions (Placidus)

Ascendant Leo 20°20’32
2nd House Virgo 12°08’36
3rd House Libra 9°04’41
Imum Coeli Scorpio 11°50’06
5th House Sagittarius 17°43’26
6th House Capricorn 21°21’41
Descendant Aquarius 20°20’32
8th House Pisces 12°08’36
9th House Aries 9°04’41
Medium Coeli Taurus 11°50’06
11th House Gemini 17°43’26
12th House Cancer 21°21’41

Major aspects

Sun Quincunx Jupiter 0°17
Sun Quincunx Uranus 1°18
Moon Opposition Venus 2°12
Moon Quincunx Mars 0°39
Moon Trine Ascendant 2°47
Mercury Quincunx Pluto 2°20
Mercury Square Ascendant 5°08
Venus Sextile Ascendant 0°35
Mars Square Ascendant 2°07
Jupiter Conjunction Uranus 1°01
Saturn Sextile Neptune 1°28
Saturn Conjunction Pluto 2°39
Neptune Sextile Pluto 1°11
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).


Astrological Data used for Short Report – PROFILE 2

for Ana (female)


born on 8 May 1986 local time: 10:30 am
in Durrës, ALB U.T.: 08:30
19e26, 41n19 sid. time: 00:51:14


Planetary positions

planet sign degree motion
Sun Taurus 17°27’38 in house 10 direct
Moon Taurus 11°14’08 in house 10 direct
Mercury Taurus 1°31’13 in house 10 direct
Venus Gemini 14°02’47 in house 11 direct
Mars Capricorn 17°36’45 in house 6 direct
Jupiter Pisces 16°40’00 in house 9 direct
Saturn Sagittarius 7°49’41 in house 5 retrograde
Uranus Sagittarius 21°40’21 in house 5 retrograde
Neptune Capricorn 5°33’42 in house 6 retrograde
Pluto Scorpio 5°38’29 in house 4 retrograde
True Node Taurus 0°00’32 in house 10 retrograde


Signs masculine 3 Signs of fire 2
Signs feminine 7 Signs of earth 5
Signs cardinals 2 Signs of air 1
Signs fixed 4 Signs of water 2
Signs mutable 4

House positions (Placidus)

Ascendant Cancer 29°33’51
2nd House Leo 19°27’49
3rd House Virgo 13°25’45
Imum Coeli Libra 13°55’10
5th House Scorpio 20°45’37
6th House Sagittarius 27°55’21
Descendant Capricorn 29°33’51
8th House Aquarius 19°27’49
9th House Pisces 13°25’45
Medium Coeli Aries 13°55’10
11th House Taurus 20°45’37
12th House Gemini 27°55’21

Major aspects

Sun Conjunction Moon 6°14
Sun Trine Mars 0°09
Sun Sextile Jupiter 0°48
Moon Trine Mars 6°23
Moon Sextile Jupiter 5°26
Moon Trine Neptune 5°40
Moon Opposition Pluto 5°36
Mercury Trine Neptune 4°02
Mercury Opposition Pluto 4°07
Mercury Square Ascendant 1°57
Venus Square Jupiter 2°37
Mars Sextile Jupiter 0°57
Jupiter Square Uranus 5°00
Neptune Sextile Pluto 0°05
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).


      Aron         Aspect          Ana Orb Worth
Sun Conjunction Moon 1°41′ 444
Sun Opposition Pluto 3°54′ -45
Moon Opposition Venus 3°30′ 60
Moon Square Jupiter 0°52′ -171
Moon Conjunction Uranus 4°07′ 94
Venus Opposition Uranus 1°54′ -61
Mars Conjunction Sun 0°46′ 246
Mars Trine Mars 0°38′ 86
Mars Sextile Jupiter 1°34′ 53
Jupiter Conjunction Saturn 1°25′ 106
Saturn Opposition Mercury 1°04′ -83
Saturn Square Ascendant 0°52′ -105
Uranus Conjunction Saturn 0°24′ 102
Neptune Trine Mercury 2°31′ 46
Pluto Opposition Mercury 3°43′ -40
Pluto Square Ascendant 1°47′ -70
Ascendant Square Sun 2°51′ -120
Ascendant Trine Uranus 1°21′ 53
                                                                            1290 -695 595

Synastry chart:


Inter-planetary aspects interpretation

These concern the possible relationships between two charts: especially the emotional relationship , but also those on the social, intellectual and spiritual levels.


Ascendant (Aron) square Sun (Ana)

AS    The ascendant individual’s outlook and view of the world tends to be at odds with the purpose and will of the solar person. The solar person may tend to challenge the ascendant person’s sense of identity under negative circumstances with the danger of a contest of wills. However, if other indications are more positive, these two may come together to solve problems. They can accomplish a great deal together if they can set aside their differences.


Ascendant (Ana) square Saturn (Aron)

AS   This aspect tends to create mistrust and misunderstanding. The ascendant individual’s aims and objectives tend to make the Saturn individual feel less secure. The Saturn individual may belittle the efforts of the ascendant person and the ascendant person generally lacks respect for the Saturn person.

 Sun (Aron) conjunction Moon (Ana)

This is one of the great indicators for a stable and long lasting relationship. While it is great for romance and sexuality, it has the effect of unification of purpose, emotions and will and instills loyalty, trust and faithfulness in any kind of relationship. If indeed it should be present reciprocally, in other words your Sun sign is the other person’s Moon sign and the other person’s Sun sign is your Moon sign, then the unification is such that you may feel like soul mates. In any case, each of you will have a profound effect upon the other. A relationship with this combination can endure almost any hardship, but if it eventually fails through adversity, then it becomes a great tragedy, like Romeo and Juliet.

 Sun (Aron) conjunction Mars (Ana)

This relationship tends to be fast paced and stimulating and is often about doing things together. With other positive aspects, the Sun individual is capable of promoting the efforts of the Mars individual. The Mars individual can help keep the Sun individual from getting in a rut and becoming lethargic. If more difficult aspects are witnessing this union, then it tends to bring aggression and hostility. The Mars individual tends to get impatient with the Sun individual and the Sun person may cast the Mars individual in a bad light. In romantic situations this union generates passion and excitement.


Sun (Aron) opposition Pluto (Ana)

Negative aspect: A great physical attraction will unite the couple, but these relationships are not healthy. Pluto tries to change the Sun, which is not at all appreciated, and this leads to sometimes violent conflict.
Moon (Aron) square  Jupiter (Ana)

This aspect is often seen where one person is not happy to accept the other person as he or she is. It is usually the Jupiter person who tries to push to Moon person to grow faster than he/she is ready to. The Moon person feels rushed and thinks that the Jupiter person should exercise more restraint or moderation. The Jupiter individual often feels that the Moon person is too cautious, conservative and sensitive and should learn to take risks more often.


Moon (Aron)  opposition Venus (Ana)

These two people have conflicting desires and needs. Often the Moon persons need for security in is conflict with the Venus person’s desire to socialize. The Moon person may seem too clingy to the Venus person and the Moon person often feels that the Venus person is insensitive. They are attracted to one another, have pleasure in being together, but conflicts could arise perhaps because of unfaithfulness.


Moon (Aron)  conjunction Uranus (Ana)

Positive aspect: They will be very attracted to each other. They will have a life together that will be far from monotonous, sometimes quite out of the ordinary, thanks to Uranus. A life certainly full of surprises and not always agreeable for one of the two.


Mercury (Aron) trine Neptune (Ana)

Positive aspect: Good spiritual understanding.
Mercury (Aron) opposition  Pluto (Ana)

Negative aspect: This union is not to be recommended, it can be destructive and dangerous.


 Mercury (Aron)  opposition Saturn (Ana)

This can be a debilitating aspect. It tends to create mistrust, fault finding and jeolousy between the two parties. Usually, the Saturn person finds it difficult to rely on the judgements of the Mercury person, sometimes disparaging his/her efforts. The Mercury person in turn has a tendency to find fault in the Saturn person.


Venus (Aron) opposition Uranus (Ana)

Negative aspect: A meeting that can only be passing and highly disappointing.Electric attraction characterizes this pairing. However, both will have to deal with an inability to truly count on one another over time. The Uranus person may resent any hint that the Venus person wants more of a commitment from, or structure in, the relationship. Affection may be inconstant, or the two may often be separated from one another at key moments. In order for this relationship to work, both parties need to expect the unexpected. This relationship can be an emotional rollercoaster ride, particularly for the Venus person. When the Venus person is feeling especially romantic, the Uranus person may be just out of reach somehow, whether it is a physical reality or takes the form of mental or emotional distancing. This relationship has an erratic, unstable, but exciting quality.


Mars (Aron) trine  Mars (Ana)

This aspect brings about cooperation on similar objectives. When problems arise, these two will often agree upon the best course of action. It is favorable for situations involving teamwork, sportsmanship and problem solving. Each can effectively further the other’s ambitions and often work to encourage eachother.


Mars (Aron) sextile Jupiter (Ana)

This combination helps each achieve their objectives. It creates an element of luck in the fortunate timing of their activities which brings about success. It is great for teamwork, sports, adventure and excitement. The Mars person may regard the Jupiter individual as his/her good luck charm. This relationship is unlikely to experience many dull moments.


Jupiter (Aron)  conjunction Saturn (Ana)

This union often creates a lasting and stable drive for success between these two people. It is especially good for business partnerships. These two people can achieve much together. The Jupiter person often provides the overall plan and the Saturn person works out the practical details. This combination represents the ability to bring visions and hopes into reality.


 Saturn (Aron) conjunction Uranus (Ana)

Positive aspect: Favorable union, linking invention and originality with common sense and thoughtfulness. They might do great things together.



House overlays


The Sun of Aron in 10th house of Ana

This is a significant combination in professional and political relationships. The more powerful individual tends to influence the career and ambitions of the other. The Sun person can inspire the 10th House person to greater effort in a career or creative work. The Sun person also is often in a position to improve the career of the 10th House person and lighten the burden of work responsibility by helping them overcome some fears and limitations.

The Moon of Ana in 10th house of Aron


This aspect adds a great deal of admiration. The house person may look up to the Moon person, or the Moon person may also admire the house person and see them as someone they not only respect but if in a romantic situation this can produce idealistic feelings where the planet person idealizes the house person seeing them as someone they admire. In return invests in them or takes a strong interest in helping the house person reach their career goals. The house person makes the Moon person feel proud by being seen publicly together.

If a relationship is pursued you may work together at some point. The Moon person will make the house person feel more confident, and can help the house person in their Career.

The Moon person may find themselves promoting the house person in some way, usually speaking very highly of the house person to others, bringing attention to them in a positive light. This is a beneficial placement to have for both love and business for there is a mutual respect for one another.


Mars of Aron in the 10th house of Ana

This combination indicates strong interactions between each other in their professional affairs. In some cases, you will compete for higher positions or professional honers. There can be mutual interest in engineering construction, insurance or corporate finance. The Mars person is apt to be attracted to the 10th House person for the purpose of gaining professional advancement and status. The 10th House person may admire the energy and ambition of the Mars person while regarding them as rash and impulsive. You can work well together in political campaigns, commercial promotions or industrial labor organizing particular in fields such as mining, construction, insurance, sports of any field requiring physical exercise.

Venus of Ana in the 10th house of Aron

This is a good aspect for professional and business relationships. The charm and diplomacy of the Venus person can help advance the career of the 10th House person. The 10th House person can help the Venus person gain greater social status and recognition for their creative talents. The relation is often involved with public relations or political affairs. If Venus is badly affected, money can be wasted on entertaining and material luxuries that represent status.



Taurus with Taurus

The two of you bring out each other’s powerful yearning for stability and permanence. You probably gain pleasure from considering things like the house you are going to live in and the garden you are going to plant, not to mention the financial investments you can make to maximise your future possibilities.

You can share your appreciation of beauty, nature, a sensible and patient approach to life, and a possessive attitude of ownership which no one but another Taurus would really tolerate.

You are both creatures of habit and neither of you likes change. This is fine as long as you don’t get stuck in routines, especially if one or both of you has a creative imagination which needs a bit of chaos and flexibility in order to flower.

Never take each other for granted, and try to have some adventures together rather than spending all your time working to build a stable base. A little uncertainty can keep the romance alive. Also remember that everyone needs a non-practical romantic gesture from time to time: give a poetic present rather than a useful one now and again.


You are a Taurus

Ferdinand the Bull, in the famous children’s story, is a loveable creature and a perfect Taurean. He amuses himself by smelling the flowers, listening to the birdsong, and enjoying the summer breezes. He’s easily contented, at home in his pasture. Then one day he sits on a flower, and on the flower is a bee…You can work out the rest. The story of many Taurean lives runs along these lines. There’s lots of contentment, and you can appreciate the beauty in life more than any other sign. But there’s always that damned bee.

A few words encapsulate your fundamental nature: peaceful, serene, pleasure-loving, calm, thorough, stable, sensible. The famous Taurean patience isn’t built on discipline; it’s the patience of nature, of the Earth itself. There’s no doubt that you like your security in tangible, unchanging forms – like gold bullion, or valuable antique furniture, or a really superb Ferrari.

Wealth of a non-corporeal kind (like dreams, self- understanding, and other invisible commodities) is not really wealth to a Taurus. Security is what you can trust, and what you can trust is what’s physically real and doesn’t change.

Taureans are realists. You aren’t ambitious in the usual sense of the word, and you’re happy to remain the unseen power behind the throne -provided it gives you pleasure and earns good money. You know that you can’t eat laurels, and fame can’t fix a leaky roof. The problem with all this reality is that you may miss what’s not visible to the earthy eye.

You value simplicity, consistency and basic facts, but much of life -including the mysterious depths of love – is neither simple nor consistent. Taureans are often frightened by what they can’t see or hold in the palms of their strong, capable hands. You’re an undeniably sensuous creature, not only in the sexual realm, but in anything that pleases the senses.

Taureans often have real creative talent at painting, design or music, and you’ve got the patience and common sense to make the best of your gifts. Life in an artist’s garret may not appeal, but then, you don’t mythologise yourself and are pretty shrewd about assessing just how big or little your talent is and how you can best achieve satisfaction without sacrificing comfort. You’re wise enough to know that there are no free lunches, and that it’s enough to do what you do well. Aspirations to save the world or write the great novel of the century aren’t your style.

You aren’t interested in anything cheap, and that includes your choice of mate. Quality counts. Although you have a sentimental, gentle, romantic streak, you’ll still want to check a prospective partner’s references. Sometimes you’re so entranced by physical beauty or material success that you miss what lies underneath. Sad to say, many Taureans are hopelessly ensnared by appearances. Yet what you value you cherish, and you’ll hang on with both tough fists.

Taureans stand by their loved ones. You may not always understand their motives, but you’ll remain loyal regardless. All that steadiness can sometimes lead to complacency. That’s where the bee comes in. It seems to be a necessary part of Taurus’ life pattern. Without the occasional sting, you can remain charming but childlike. Life can seem terribly simple to you, stark black and white with no shades of grey in between.

The bee (which usually takes the form of a disappointment in love, or a big financial crisis) awakens your capacity for tolerance and wisdom. It’s a lovely combination, once achieved. Then you can fathom the deepest realities of life and can also empathise and remain open to the realms of the imagination and the heart. And that’s the greatest form of wealth there is.


The Taurus partner

Taurus is a very physical sign. It’s a rare Taurean who doesn’t possess a strong, intense desire nature. Even Taureans who fear intimacy (perhaps because they’ve been badly hurt in early life) will still display their innate sensuousness – through affectionate touching and an intense response to anything that’s nice to touch, beautiful to look at, pleasant to hear, delicious to taste or lovely to smell. The Bull loves beauty, and can be astonishingly sybaritic. The ascetic approach doesn’t go over well, unless you’ve found one of those more spiritually inclined Taureans (and there are quite a few around) for whom inner peace and serenity count for more than external comfort.

For many Taureans, the sexual side of love takes priority. Where there’s good sex, Taurus remains. If Taureans choose to be faithful, they’re very faithful. If they don’t, they’ll pursue their sensual pleasures on the side, enjoying themselves but never allowing such escapades to interfere with the stability of a solid relationship. Stability is really important to Taurus. But keeping a Taurus partner happy means you have to avoid sexual games of the now-you- can-have-me-now-you-can’t variety. Your Taurean will simply find someone more available.

The Taurus partner can be very romantic. It’s good old storybook romanticism, because this sign can be very conventional, and the old time-honoured rituals and ways work best. Taureans keep their promises, don’t promise unless they’re sure, and aren’t sure until they’ve checked all the facts, including your bank balance and the history of your family. No, that may not seem very romantic. But Taurean romanticism, although sometimes outweighed by common sense, is genuine. They really believe in engagement rings, white wedding dresses and honeymoons. The Taurus partner remembers birthdays and anniversaries, and expects you to remember as well.

Taureans like to give real, solid gifts to demonstrate their love. This is both flattering and reassuring, even when the gift is something frighteningly useful (like an ironing board or a new cordless drill). If you’re the more emotive type who craves a flamboyant verbal outpouring of affection, remember that expressing real, raw feelings doesn’t come easily to this cautious, sensible sign. If you get too insistent with your demands, that Taurean contentment will slide into a deep, smouldering discontent.

Often a strong sense of responsibility, coupled with a deep need for security, will keep the Taurus partner in a relationship which has long since lost its charm. Taureans can be poignantly gentle, tender and affectionate. They don’t get angry easily. Push them too hard, though, or destroy their serenity with too many emotional crises, and you’ll be astonished at just how volcanic Taurean anger can be.

You may have heard about the famous Taurean possessiveness. This is indeed a possessive sign, and the Taurus partner will often demonstrate this in public by physical gestures of the property-ownership variety. Choose another sign if you want a detached, cool, unpredictable or “open” sort of relationship – unless you’re prepared to enjoy an intermittent affair and can accept the fact that your Taurean lover has a steady relationship at home.

For loyalty and steadfastness, no one beats a Taurus. For calmness verging on complacency, too, no one beats a Taurus. So, although keeping the Taurus partner insecure is not a good idea, periodically introducing new elements into your life together can help to keep things alive and moving.

Taureans are often attracted to fiery temperaments who possess the daring, childlike abandon, imagination and rashness that they themselves don’t dare express. While they need stability, they also need inspiration. Most importantly, they need to know they’re needed and useful. If they know you rely on them, they will always offer generous support and protection, and the great inner strength that allows them to cope so tirelessly and serenely with the ordinary problems of life.


The Taurus woman

As the bull is a supremely masculine creature, the cow is supremely feminine. The female Taurus is often the epitome of the instinctual feminine archetype, with all the gentleness, strength, wisdom, patience and sensual passion of her goddess-antecedents. There seem to be two distinct types of Taurus woman.

The first is the real Venusian Taurus, with a perfectly made up face, surrounded by beautiful scent, dressed in sensuous, expensive designer clothes. Pampered, indolent, and preoccupied with her own attractiveness, you may accuse her of vanity and self-indulgence, but she knows that self- confidence and pride in herself are the best guarantee of being treated with real respect.

Then there’s the Taurus woman who reflects the purity and harmony of nature. Organically grown food, natural fibres, a ban on smoking, a refusal to use chemicals in the garden or artificial colouring on her hair, this woman harks back to the old temple priestesses in the days when the power of the Earth-goddess represented the power of life itself. Either way, the Taurus woman is wise in the ways of love, and is devoted and usually loyal -provided she has security and knows she’s valued.

Her tenacity and faithfulness are admirable. Sometimes they’re too admirable. Try to release yourself from this kind of Taurean woman and she will hang on with that incredible Taurean tenacity until you give up and come back out of sheer exhaustion. Taurus women can wait, and they often do wait, and wait, for the promise you made ten years ago to be fulfilled.

Flirtatious at the beginning of a relationship, Taurus settles into stable routines very easily and quickly. If you enjoy spontaneous trips and unplanned holidays, give this woman at least three months’ notice. And don’t, for heaven’s sake, change plans at the last minute. Taurean women can be very literal, believing what you say and holding you to it the next day. Or the next year. Or the next decade.

If she promises something, she’ll endure all kinds of hardships to keep her promise, and her sense of responsibility is very highly developed. She doesn’t like letting people down, in personal life or at work. If you promise something to a Taurean woman, mean it. Otherwise, learn to think before you speak, or choose another sign.

There is an innate simplicity in the Taurus woman, even in those whose practical abilities and business acumen have led them to build a solid career in the world. “Simple” doesn’t mean “stupid”, so don’t make the mistake of thinking, because she didn’t win any prizes on the school debating team, that she isn’t grasping exactly what you’re trying to say, even when you thought you meant something else. Although some Taurean women are gifted at verbal gymnastics, most prefer clear, plain, no-nonsense communication where nothing is concealed or ambiguous – and because they’re usually straight and direct, they know when you aren’t.

Despite her strangely childlike quality, the Taurus woman can be terrifyingly shrewd when it comes to seeing through shams and pretences. She isn’t innately suspicious or mistrustful, but she can spot a fake from a long way away. That applies to fake antiques, fake flowers and fake people. Taurus’ eye for the realistic, the stable, the reliable, is unerringly accurate. Her common sense is a wonderful elixir for the jaded visionary, and her capacity to get to the basic core of a problem allows her to find simple solutions while you’re still pacing up and down tearing your hair and wondering how you’ll ever even begin to sort out the mess. The Taurus woman brings everything – including her partner – down to earth. And because it’s a gentle sign, it’s likely to be a soft landing.

The Venus Gemini Man

The Venus in Gemini guy lightens the mood of any gathering. At a dullsville staff meeting, he’s the one rolling eyes or putting in his two-cents in a way that breaks the death grip of seriousness.

There’s a twinkle in his eye, and a smile that gives away his secret knowledge that life is a game. Being in on the cosmic jokegives him an edge — he’s free to move and shift his shape, as an actor on the stage.

The dark side of Gemini nature is fickleness of character, where you never knowi where you stand, or even who he really is. Being friends first allows for time to see the many shades of the chameleon, and what’s there to build on. Some with this Venus hold off on commitment, finding it hard to choose. His nature is to be open to all options ( mutable air), and he’s apt to have varied love experiences, before making a singular choice.


The Venus Gemini

Chances are, you’ll meet her while out with friends. The Venus Gemini woman tends to move in and out of cliques, but the key word is move. She’s socially in motion, a lover of the soiree and themed-party, over the intensely cloistered dinner for two.

She’s happiest in lively places with a lot of coming and going. Her desire to see new faces makes her at home in shops, restaurants and cafes, performance venues and schools. Venus Gemini likes to be known in the ‘hood, and she might even be a local celebrity!

There’s a goofy comedienne inside every Venus Gemini woman. Get her attention by making her laugh, especially with impersonations of known people. Keep her eye on you by telling her things that tease out new ways of seeing the world. Share your observations to full effect, with an acting out of the scene, and she’ll love you for it. Her top attraction is to conversation that spins and delights, but doesn’t necessarily come to any fixed conclusions.

Venus Gemini with Venus in Gemini 

A pair that can finish each other’s sentences!  As long as there’s more to learn, friends to see and personalities to entertain, boredom is kept at bay.  The troubles start if responsibilities crowd in, and one of the two has to grow up.  There are four lovers in this relationship, doubling the drama and the fun.


Leo Ascendant with Cancer Ascendant

In many ways the two of you are complementary. Fiery Leo’s dramatic individualism is nicely balanced by watery Cancer’s subtlety, sensitivity, and innate shyness. And because both of you have a deep need to protect those you love, you could offer a great deal of warmth, loyalty, affection, and support to each other.

Leo is confident enough to weather Cancer’s moods and withdrawals, and Cancer is empathetic enough to accept Leo’s displays of egocentricity. You can both be highly emotional, and both of you like regular reassurance that you’re loved and wanted. Family life is likely to be important to both of you, but the same may be true for creative work.

On the practical level there may be some difficulties. Cancer, although not especially materialistic, does worry about security a lot, while Leo often overextends. Leo is often full of grand schemes, while Cancer is often reluctant to rock the boat.

Cancer may need to learn not to dampen Leo’s enthusiasm with worries, while Leo may need to learn to consider others’ feelings.

This could be a wonderfully warm, loving bond, provided you don’t try to control each other. Mutual respect will bring the best out of both of you.


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Love portrait sample report

Astrological Data

for Aron (male)


born on 30 April 1983 local time: 12:47 pm
in Tiranë, ALB U.T.: 10:47
19e50, 41n20 sid. time: 02:37:35

Planetary positions

planet sign degree motion
Sun Taurus 9°31’45 end of house 9 direct
Moon Sagittarius 17°34’01 end of house 4 direct
Mercury Taurus 25°28’51 in house 10 direct
Venus Gemini 19°45’41 in house 11 direct
Mars Taurus 18°13’25 in house 10 direct
Jupiter Sagittarius 9°15’04 in house 4 retrograde
Saturn Scorpio 0°28’04 in house 3 retrograde
Uranus Sagittarius 8°13’36 in house 4 retrograde
Neptune Sagittarius 29°00’21 in house 5 retrograde
Pluto Libra 27°49’05 in house 3 retrograde
True Node Gemini 25°51’32 in house 11 retrograde
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

Signs masculine 6 Signs of fire 4
Signs feminine 4 Signs of earth 3
Signs cardinals 1 Signs of air 2
Signs fixed 4 Signs of water 1
Signs mutable 5

House positions (Placidus)

Ascendant Leo 20°20’32
2nd House Virgo 12°08’36
3rd House Libra 9°04’41
Imum Coeli Scorpio 11°50’06
5th House Sagittarius 17°43’26
6th House Capricorn 21°21’41
Descendant Aquarius 20°20’32
8th House Pisces 12°08’36
9th House Aries 9°04’41
Medium Coeli Taurus 11°50’06
11th House Gemini 17°43’26
12th House Cancer 21°21’41

Major aspects

Sun Quincunx Jupiter 0°17
Sun Quincunx Uranus 1°18
Moon Opposition Venus 2°12
Moon Quincunx Mars 0°39
Moon Trine Ascendant 2°47
Mercury Quincunx Pluto 2°20
Mercury Square Ascendant 5°08
Venus Sextile Ascendant 0°35
Mars Square Ascendant 2°07
Jupiter Conjunction Uranus 1°01
Saturn Sextile Neptune 1°28
Saturn Conjunction Pluto 2°39
Neptune Sextile Pluto 1°11
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).



Chart interpretation


Dominant Fire element

5 fire points denotes a person who is “very” much like the following keywords, whereas 6 or more points for the fire element denotes a person who is “overly”:


  • enthusiastic
  • energetic
  • impulsive
  • spontaneous
  • ardent
  • intense
  • stimulating
  • inspirational
  • creative
  • self-motivated
  • self-confident
  • independent
  • idealistic
  • optimistic
  • subjective


Those with Fire as the dominant element in the birth chart may also be dominating, fast-paced, and inclined to invest all of themselves into their activities. They may have difficulty seeing other people as separate individuals, with their own valid needs and desires.

Sun in Taurus

Taurus natives are generally strong, quiet, deliberate, practical, exacting, determined, persistent, persevering, compassionate and loyal. They like getting their hands on their work, building things, and seeing the tangible, practical results of their effort. Routine work does not bother them as long as the end result in useful and serves some concrete purpose.

Possessions and material things are usually of great significance to Taurus natives. This is because they don’t feel emotionally secure unless they can see and touch the objects they own. This intense need to possess and enjoy with the senses can drive Taurus natives to be extremely productive or extremely acquisitive. Lesser evolved Taurus natives can treat people as objects or possessions, thus leading to difficulty in relationships.

Taurus people work at a slower pace than most, but they always finish whatever projects they start. Because of this, they are reliable, trustworthy, careful and steadfast. They are better at sustaining what others have started rather than starting things themselves. Taurus natives can be lead, but never pushed.

It takes a lot to make a Taurus mad, yet if they are pushed over the edge, well, all heck can break lose. Simply imagine an angry bull and you know what a Taurus is capable of when he is pushed too far. You know the saying about a bull in a china shop, right? When angered, Taurus natives need plenty of time to cool down. It is best to just leave them alone. You will know when things are out of their system. With anything Taurus natives need time to assimilate and mull things over. Don’t rush them or push them.

Taurus natives are slow to change their opinions, but once changed it is very difficult to change them back. People tend to feel secure around Taurus natives. In times of crisis they are generally cool and collected and have the patience and ability to come up with practical solutions to problems. Taurus natives hate pain and being sick.

Taurus natives have a love of harmony and beauty and they can be extremely affectionate and romantic. But, they do have a decided fear of loss. The feelings that usually accompany this fear of loss are possessiveness, jealousy, laziness, stubbornness and extravagance. If there is no desire to possess anything or anyone, then there is no fear of loss. Taurus natives need to learn to desire only mental and spiritual things and to release the desire to possess people emotionally and physically. Their other need is to find a true sense of values. They need to learn detachment. They must be willing to let go of people and things.


Ascendant in Leo 

With this Ascendant, you have an affable, affectionate nature, emphasizing physical expression. The physical love you seek is rather playful and childlike, and others see you as outgoing and friendly.

You seem to have an open, straightforward nature without too much complexity: self-confident and charming, with an honest natural social grace. This may reflect your inner nature, but as often as not, your cheerful, outgoing appearance hides a much more complex and inward-turned personality.

However, the disadvantage of this duality is that you may feel pressured to sustain an image that you don’t truly feel within. However, for true and lasting communication, you must establish inner rapport with your partners; that will determine the success of the relationship.


Sun in the Ninth House  9th hs

Your sexual energies are vigorous and enthusiastic, and in a love affair you are likely to put the highest value on spiritedness.

The setting for love affects your mood, but you are disinclined to pretentiousness.

You may be most happy with a younger partner, someone who will respond to tenderness as much as passion and who can also match your abundant energies.

When you and your lover encounter problems, usually you can reach the heart of the matter and come up with a solution.

The Sun is located near the end of the ninth house and is therefore also interpreted in the tenth house.


Sun in Taurus 

You are a meat-and-potatoes person when it comes to loving, possessing both consistency and endurance.

You are very good-hearted and generous with your lover and will go to any length to lavish favors on your partner. In return, you expect great loyalty and consistency more than physical generosity, although you do prefer a physically demonstrative partner.

You would do well to choose a lover who is emotionally adaptable, for you are not one to give in very much.

The ideal partner for you would be someone who enjoys sexual variety, someone who can introduce you to new and exciting forms of lovemaking.

Unlike some others, you seldom fall into the trap of jealousy, for you value your lover’s feelings about you more than technical chastity or faithfulness. For this reason, you are one of the most easy-going partners a person could have.


Sun Conjunct Mars 

You have great energy, and when you launch yourself into an activity, you do so with a great deal of physical energy.

However, it may be a good idea to bank your fires a bit for several reasons: first, to avoid running out of energy in an affair by using it all at the beginning and, second, to avoid unbalancing the relationship if your lover cannot match your physical intensity.

At the same time, your lover will be able to lean on you for support; when both of you are under stress, you can endure and go the extra mile.

Along this same line, you may be rather impulsive in love as well as in other areas.


Sun Inconjunct Jupiter 

You may be rather restless in a relationship, needing continual innovations or wanting new involvements all the time.

The only problem to watch for is that you may needlessly change your partner or your style in love before you have got the most benefit from what you already have.

You tend to be a rather demanding lover, and you need a partner who is willing to go the limit with you.


Sun Opposition Saturn 

You may be subject to wide swings of feelings about your progress in love, so that sometimes you feel very confident, and other times you are overly self-critical.

An understanding and supportive partner can help even out your moods and stabilise your self-image.

In this respect it may be useful to discuss your opinions and verbally analyse your situation, for unexpressed thoughts more easily run to extremes than do ideas that are set down in words.

In this way you will avoid getting into a superficial affair too deeply or taking too lightly a potentially deep and long-lasting relationship.


Sun Inconjunct Uranus 

You may be highly motivated to make self-discoveries through developing and changing your sexual expression. It is important to remember that your partner may not be quite as swift as you and may want to linger and enjoy the fruits of affection when you are ready to move on.

You should try to rein yourself in from time to time and give your partner time to catch up.

Since you are a compulsive explorer and innovator, you will be happiest with a lover who is ready for anything you suggest, although perhaps at a different pace.


Moon in the Fourth House  4th hs

For you, the ideal relationship is one that provides an emotional bulwark for time of trouble or distress. You are happiest with a partner who is absolutely true to you, who is always there when needed.

Partly for that reason, you will probably fall into a live- in relationship, because it provides the greatest opportunities for warmth and expression of your love. You are not able to give all you have in a single night, and both you and your lover will find it far more satisfying to live together twenty-four hours a day.

Ideally your partner should cherish the wealth of care and thoughtfulness that you can provide.

The Moon is located near the end of the fourth house and is therefore also interpreted in the fifth house.


Moon in Sagittarius 

Even in scenes that would cause others to be downhearted or discouraged, you can find a spark of laughter and mirth that brightens the situation and makes it more enjoyable.

You should find a lover who shares your easygoing and broad approach to life.

Probably you have a very rich fantasy life, which some people might consider overabundant. But you create fantasies for their own sake basically, and you enjoy creating them as much as fulfilling them.

In the long run, your style of loving is more in the spirit of a warm, friendly fireplace on a late fall night: merry, comforting, the essence of happy comradeship.


Moon Trine Ascendant 

You probably can express your feelings to others quite easily and naturally, and your body and emotions are usually fairly well in tune.

As a result, you will be able to communicate with others on an emotional level without the necessity for precise verbalisation. With most partners, this means ease of communication and lack of tension, but you may run across someone who simply doesn’t understand that kind of language.

That sort of person is not usually your type, but you may lose a real jewel of a person if you neglect the intellectual side of communication.

Therefore, enjoy and use your natural abilities for emotional expression, but also investigate methods that can expand your emotional horizons.


Moon Opposition Venus 

You may not be inclined to blend emotional and physical love, so that you get involved with a partner who provides one or the other but not both.

This problem may stem in part from social attitudes that you learned as a child, in which sex was separate from “real” love. A good way to get over the problems that result from such attitudes is to give yourself a good education in modern sexual mores.

By looking at sex as an exciting journey of exploration with a friend, you both will derive maximum enjoyment from the experience.


Moon Inconjunct Mars 

You may find that your energy level depends upon your emotional state: at times you may push yourself to the point of exhaustion, and at other times you may be totally unable to move because of emotional problems.

You are much more likely to be overactive than to be immobilised. Therefore you may be too responsive to your lover.

However, once you have tackled a problem, you are almost tireless. You assault the obstacle from every direction until it is removed or until you are totally drained of energy.

As you get older, this energetic approach to life will mellow and turn to your advantage.


Moon Conjunct Jupiter 

You probably respond to life with great gusto and flair. In an active love affair, you are inclined to be emotional. You are quite open and candid about your feelings. You will be happiest with a partner whose style and feelings are similar.

Once involved with a partner, however, your happy, positive energies will sweep the two of you into an affair that bubbles with enthusiasm and joy.


Moon Conjunct Uranus 

You have a unique style of thought, especially in your emotional response to others and in your way of modifying the suggestions of those around you.

You will be most compatible with someone who has a similar flair for the unusual or who appreciates this talent in you.

You tend to change your mind rather suddenly and completely. For handling everyday affairs, you need a steady, reliable partner.

You have a real talent for inventive experimentation in love, and you should feel free to follow your imagination as far as your body will allow.


Mercury in the Tenth House  10th hs

At times you may find it difficult to enjoy sex simply as sex, because it seems to get entangled in other areas of your life. Or you may use it to reinforce personal ties, even in a non-sexual relationship.

You should look for a partner who stimulates you and helps you improve, both physically and emotionally. At its peak, love can be an energising challenge that transforms and revitalises you and your partner.

In the long run, honesty and reliability are your mainstays in a relationship.


Mercury in Taurus 

For you, love is not a highly technical affair, as it is for some others, but a direct encounter of feelings between two people.

You really enjoy making love in rich and sensuous surroundings, either natural or man-made, and the lusher the better.

Too long a delay without actual sexual expression tends to bottle up your feelings, making it difficult to express them naturally when the time comes. You are at your best if you express your sexuality directly and often enough to avoid frustration or tension.


Mercury Square Ascendant 

You should make a special effort to decide with your lover about modes of expression and communication between you. This will be very helpful, because your verbal messages often contradict your body language, at least from your partner’s point of view.

It is usually best to tell your partner to listen to your words and ignore your non-verbal signals.

Because of this tendency, you tend to stay with an on-going relationship in which communication is already established rather than venture into a new affair where the rules must be created anew.

In the long run, your experiences – particularly your difficulties – in communication will cause you to become more keenly aware of and expert at co-ordinating your words and your non-verbal signals.


Mercury Conjunct Mars 

You express yourself directly and forcefully, and you put a lot of energy into what you say to your lover.

Speak forcefully only when you plan to carry through on your words, or you will find that no one takes you seriously.

You may derive a certain stimulation from debating and arguing with your partner. In fact, you are more likely to argue with your lover than with a stranger, for that is a form of affectionate expression for you. Step carefully in this area and argue only when you know your partner will not be annoyed.

You are able to express your love with great conviction, which can be most valuable to a verbally oriented lover.


Venus in the Eleventh House  11th hs

You prefer a lover who is well coordinated physically, emotionally and socially, someone you can show off proudly to your friends.

In this area your judgment must be very acute so that you can separate true substance from the showy or trendy. Try not to harry your partner unnecessarily about details of dress, image and social acceptance.

This is particularly important, because you want your partner to be a close and dear friend whose love will endure beyond the convenience or necessity of the moment. Therefore, by being patient about small matters, you can cement a lasting relationship that will elevate you both.

Venus in Gemini 

You enjoy delicacy and finesse in love, and you treasure the touch of an experienced and thoughtful lover. The softer and more ethereal the physical quality of love, the more you respond to it.

However, you also appreciate being told how much you are loved. Not everyone can express loving feelings so fluently, however, so do not feel rejected if your lover is not verbally affectionate.

Love at its best is a happy, sometimes complicated game of constantly changing stimuli, but underlying it is a much simpler emotional base of mutual friendship and companionship.


Venus Sextile Ascendant 

You express your desires quite effectively through your movements and appearance, so that you do not have to use many words to let your lover know your needs.

This does not mean that you are necessarily the picture of ideal beauty, but rather that you are at ease with your body and can readily and naturally express your desires through it.

Do not assume, however, that others are as easy and clear about their feelings as you are.


Venus Opposition Neptune 

You may find that your goals and standards get in the way of achieving happiness or sexual satisfaction. From time to time you may rebel and cast away your standards, simply enjoying the available pleasures of the moment.

But later you may feel guilty, believing that you have lowered your standards and settled for less than you should have. These moods can be modified by re-evaluating and perhaps lowering your standards in love, which are probably unrealistically high. By reshaping your short-term goals, you will save yourself endless frustration and guilt.

Coming to terms with the rules by which you play the game of love will allow you to set them up so that you do not have to choose between suffering and breaking them.


Venus Trine Pluto 

You have a firm grip on what you want, both sexually and in your general life goals, and you will pursue these goals quietly but firmly until you reach them.

Sexual pleasure, which is quite important to you, has an enlivening effect on your whole life style.

You do not seek sexual pleasure compulsively, however; you fall into it through circumstance, and when times are lean, you are confident that the situation will improve.

A sexually creative and satisfying relationship is necessary to the successful attainment of your own desire.


Mars in the Tenth House  10th hs

You will find that whether or not you seek it, your activities, both in and out of the bedroom, attract attention from others.

Your love affairs may have a strong effect on how you handle your career, and you may stand to benefit greatly from your love associations.

If your love life does become involved with your professional life, make sure the relationship promises to be lasting and enjoyable, because a breakup for emotional or sexual reasons could mean catastrophe for both of you in several areas.

On the other hand, you may be so preoccupied with your career that you have little time for personal intimacy. In that case it is best to schedule regular “breaks” to give yourself the chance for needed personal expression.


Mars in Taurus 

You take a while to warm up to lovemaking, but once in gear, you sustain a steady and unfaltering pace that allows plenty of time for full sexual expression. You should give careful consideration to your lover’s rhythms and timing so that you do not either wear out or exasperate your partner.

Your regular sexual drive needs consistent outlets to keep in balance, so you are best off with a regular partner.

You are quite frank in your expression of affection, and you need a partner who does not intellectualize love too much but encourages you to manifest it directly in a manner that you both understand without words.


Mars Square Ascendant 

Your looks may belie your energy, so that you and a potential partner are at cross-purposes because your true style has been misinterpreted.

In general, the longer you know a partner, the more satisfying your sexual expression will become, as you work out how to get the fullest enjoyment together.

You should be particularly careful to keep the pressures of your home or career from getting in the way of lovemaking. It is far better to plan for regular expression that can build and grow in quality and style; in love as in other areas, practice makes perfect.


Jupiter in the Fourth House  4th hs

Your most enjoyable times with a lover are not lavish nights on the town or active social occasions with many friends and acquaintances, but intimate evenings at home with just the two of you.

You require a certain quiet and reserve in order to focus your energies, and too much outside activity tends to prevent you from getting into stride emotionally.

Your natural style is to create closeness, so you can make a new relationship seem like an age-old friendship in a rather brief time.


Jupiter in Sagittarius 

You are at your best when sexuality is relaxed and open, not beset by restrictions or confining demands.

A new affair usually starts out robustly without artful technique or subtlety. You require plenty of good spirit and the assurance of warmth and friendship between you and your lover.

You are happiest with a partner who appreciates honesty, as your direct attitude may unintentionally hurt someone who is more inhibited and sensitive.

Once involved in a relationship, you should make an extra effort to become aware of your lover’s specific needs and faithfully fulfil them, even if they seem puzzling at times.


Jupiter Conjunct Uranus 

You have a talent for creative and unusual sexual expression.

This talent is a special blessing that will fill your life with pleasures that others will never know. However, your radical approach will not make you popular with conservative types.

You should probably concentrate on actions rather than words, especially if you associate with less liberal people.

Don’t get so carried away with originality that doing something new becomes a substitute for real sexual communication between yourself and your lover.


Saturn in the Third House  3rd hs

For you, a verbal commitment in a relationship is a serious matter, and it is very important that you and your lover say exactly what you mean. This will result in more carefully thought-out verbal communication between you.

Your partner can rely on you to diagnose precisely any problems that arise.

Your partner should be a very honest person, for you are easily deceived. Truth and clarity should be essential elements in any relationship. It is to your advantage to know where you stand in relation to your partner at all times.


Saturn in Scorpio 

Sexual fulfilment ranks high among your physical needs, and you may be quite sexually demanding of your partner.

If you have been significantly frustrated or misused in love at some time, you may become spiteful and resentful, which will adversely affect later relationships.

On the other hand, you have a very long memory for affection and will hold an old lover dear long after you have both moved on to other relationships.

Because of your very intense attitude toward sexuality, you may tend to go to extremes in love, both physically and emotionally.


Saturn Sextile Neptune 

You probably have quite a good understanding of how far you can go in implementing your ideals in love and where you must accept reality without trying to change it.

If possible, however, you cleave naturally and without strain to the standards you have set for yourself.

In the long run, you will be most happy with a regular partner whom you are familiar and comfortable with, someone who knows your needs and desires well. You use sexuality as a reliable and enjoyable means of communication rather than merely as an outlet for physical need or personal gratification.


Saturn Conjunct Pluto 

You are probably a person who makes life-and-death commitments, and once you have made a long-range decision, you aren’t likely to give up. This can be either good or bad, depending upon the wisdom of your commitments.

You should be careful to avoid restrictive, emotionally smothering relationships. You may find that difficult, because frequently the easiest way to keep a partner is by being possessive. If your lover is right for you, the partnership will last; otherwise it will naturally end.

However, in a basically sound relationship, your determination will be very helpful if you express it by being extra tolerant of your partner’s mistakes and patient with problems in the relationship.


Uranus in the Fourth House  4th hs

You are not likely to make your home permanently in one place. Your home is where your heart is, and changing location now and then or even unexpectedly will not upset you. You should find a partner whose security is internal, as yours is.

Even if you do settle down for a longer period, your home will probably change in nature or decor and not be average in taste or construction.

You will be happiest when living with your lover, because an intimate relationship can be a major source of inspiration and learning in all aspects of your existence.

You must resist the temptation to suddenly end an affair when it does not seem to be going well.


Uranus in Sagittarius 

You may be able to convert your sexual energy into very active physical expression, particularly when pursuing adventure or a challenging new experience.

Others in your age group are likely to have a particularly simple and romanticised view of love that may or may not fit in with your own.

You should understand your generation’s attitude toward relationships, even if it differs a bit from your own. There is much beauty in an honest, energetic approach to love, and the qualities of earnestness and ingenuousness are well suited to pure love untainted by baser motivations.


Neptune in the Fifth House  5th hs

You may have high expectations of love, and your sexual encounters may not always give you as much as you want. For this reason, you would be happiest with a physically expressive lover who can turn lovemaking into a true art form.

You should learn to look at sex with some humour as well, for the details of physical love sometimes get fouled up. When that happens, you might as well enjoy it and not worry about your romanticised ideals.

You will develop a romantic style of loving that transcends the physical and allows you to express sexuality at a highly developed emotional and spiritual level.


Neptune in Sagittarius 

You have grown up in an age group that has fairly uncomplicated, simplistic ideas about love and sexuality.

You should think quite carefully about your peers’ idea of a good relationship and then decide whether that suits your personal style.

However, you may be very much in tune with the feeling or those around you in this respect. In that case you should find a partner of like views rather than someone who will slow you down with too many extraneous details or causes for self-doubt.


Neptune Trine Ascendant 

You tend to romanticize and idealize love in a very spiritual way, but not to the point of being unrealistic.

Throughout a love affair, you are more concerned with spiritual communication than with the technical aspects of sexuality.

At times, if your partner shares these qualities, this tendency may lead into affairs in which sex is not at all important.

Probably you will retain a certain innocent and playful quality that makes sexuality airy and gentle rather than hard and tense.


Neptune Sextile Pluto 

You share this aspect with most people of your generation because these two planets move very slowly. During the second half of the 20th century they were most of the time in a sextile aspect, so that most living people have this aspect in their horoscope. Any interpretation would be rather impersonal. Therefore we present no reading for this aspect.


Pluto in the Third House  3rd hs

You probably have a talent with words, an ability to speak effectively as an extension of yourself.

In a love relationship you should use this talent with care. It will certainly help you to state more forcefully your view of any problems that arise, but if your lover is not as skilful at argument, his or her views may be suppressed by your force.

You want to have an intricate and profound understanding of what makes you and your lover tick so that you know what qualities are expressed as a result of the relationship.


Pluto in Libra 

Your generation may seem to be obsessed with relationships that change continually. Constant change may make you more creative in dealing with changing roles in life, but it can be rather unsettling.

If you prefer fairly direct and steady communication with your partner, with unchanging images of each other, the pressure to change your way of relating may be unnecessarily trying.

You are part of a generation that is making the greatest possible contribution toward real balance and equality between the sexes. Although that is not an easy or always pleasant task, it will make relationships far easier and more fruitful for generations to come.


House cusp signs

Virgo on 2nd House Cusp

If Virgo is on the 2nd house cusp, since you like teamwork in business, you will include your friends in financial plans, or perhaps make your money through large corporations or group endeavors.

Libra on 3rd House Cusp

If Libra is on the 3rd house cusp, you express your ideas gracefully. You’re friendly and fair with brothers, sisters, and neighbors. They like to travel in luxury. If you’re a writer, you like to have partners in your literary endeavors.

Scorpio on 4th House Cusp

If Scorpio is on the 4th house cusp, it’s in your nature to do a lot of growling around your family (most people with this placement have Leo Rising). But the privilege to growl is confined to the king (you). Outsiders should not step on the toes of any member of your family or they will know what it is to have a lion at bay. Often there is a great deal of activity in the basement of your home.

Sagittarius on 5th House Cusp

If Sagittarius is on the 5th house cusp, it’s important to you to provide the best for your children, even to the extent of spoiling them. You’re artistic and creative, and usually flamboyant. You enjoy giving lavish parties and will spend your last cent to present a spectacular evening. Involvement in sports or religion is characteristic, since one or both is a source of great pleasure for you. You especially like religious and philosophical dramas that give you insights into life’s significance.

Capricorn on 6th House Cusp

If Capricorn is on the 6th house cusp, you’re intensely serious about your profession. Anyone who scoffs at your work will have a lion to deal with (most people with this cusp overlay are Leo Rising). When you work, you work hard.

Aquarius on 7th House Cusp

If Aquarius is on the 7th house cusp, you’re humanitarian in public relations and enjoy creating the image of altruism. You have an instinct to centralize things in partnerships; if you’re married, you want to know, for no rational reason, all whereabouts and activities of the spouse. The king must know what his queen is up to!

Pisces on 8th House Cusp

If Pisces is on the 8th house cusp, even though you know that death ultimately comes to all people, you don’t dwell on the idea of dying. Conversely, you do everything possible to postpone the final day. Males especially, with this cusp overlay, are frequent pill poppers, even if the pills are vitamins and minerals. Generally there are strange conditions concerning inheritances. For many with this cusp overlay, their inheritances are dissipated even before they receive them.

Aries on 9th House Cusp

If Aries is on the 9th house cusp, you instinctively “know” that all things originate in the Eternal. As a result of your visionary thought, your creativity is often expressed dramatically. You don’t want to be suppressed by traditional religious forms. However, they tend to be crusaders for their ideals.

Taurus on 10th House Cusp

If Taurus is in on the 10th house cusp, you earn money primarily to support the high standard of living that fits your dignified self-image. You desire prominence and wealth.

Gemini on 11th House Cusp

If Gemini is on the 11th house cusp, you choose friends who are intelligent and ingenious, whose ideas can help you attain the power you seek. You cultivate diversity and intellectual stimulation in your friendships.

Cancer on 12th House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 12th house cusp, you seek seclusion and privacy in your domestic environment. You use your home for contemplation and spiritual searching. You appear strong and unaffected by criticism, but actually are surprisingly moody and emotionally vulnerable. You rarely show how deeply hurt you are by rejection and rebuff.


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How to Read Your Own Birth Chart

Interpreting the Birth Chartnatal-chart

The most important thing to remember while interpreting any birth chart is: synthesis. The whole chart must be taken as a whole. A natal chart abounds with bits and pieces of information about an individual. Each separate bit must be synthesized into one whole picture of the person.

What we mean is that you cannot take one piece of the chart (for example, Mercury in Sagittarius) and decide that it defines the entire person. If you do that, you will, undoubtedly, be in error. Of course, you will be tempted to stop at one or another of the planetary meanings, and think that it is the defining factor of a person. This is a big mistake. For example, say that two individuals both have Mercury in Sagittarius (denoting something of a “big mouth”).  You may be tempted to assume that both of the individuals are “outspoken.” But, say the first person has the Sun in Capricorn, while the second person has the Sun in Sagittarius. While they both have Mercury in Sagittarius, the first person (Sun in Capricorn) will have a much more reserved communication style than the second person (Sun in Sagittarius). [..]


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Planet influences

The planets regulate energy flow and represent the dimensions of experience.planets

In Astrology ten of the heavenly bodies are used because of their size, proximity and influence on the earth, and its human, animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms. In the proper order of their speed through the Zodiac they are: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The benefic planets are Jupiter and Venus; is known as “the greater fortune” and Venus is “the lesser fortune.” The influence of the Sun and Moon is considered good also.

Mercury, Neptune and Pluto are neutral planets—their influence is good when they are well aspected with other planets, but malefic when adversely aspected.

When you see words like “malefic”, “adverse”, “bad”, “unfavorable”, etc., bear in mind that such terms are used only for want of terminology that more fittingly describes planetary vibrations.

All signs and all planets are good but our human reactions may be bad, according to our stage of development. No planets are evilin nature, but our manifested responses may be judged as good or adverse.




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Planets in love

The Ascendant


The Ascendant or the Rising Sign represents how your physical body appears to others, so it is quite important in the discussion of sexuality. The sign on the Ascendant at your birth colors your style of presentation to a lover and the image you project to others, especially at first meeting.

Your image may or may not be consistent with your inner personality. It is important to understand the relationship between these two areas of yourself so that you will be able to tell when others are misinterpreting you because they are judging only by superficial appearances. At times you may want to consciously alter your image to suit your inner intentions or, on the other hand, you may just wish to be aware of the impression that you make so that you can work within it.


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Pisces personality

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)pisces

The sign of imagination and empathy, Pisceans can be protectively changeable, at the mercy of signals from all. They can be confused by not knowing which direction to take: on the one hand they give love and sacrifice, on the other they end in a state of doubt and even self-pity. To succeed they seem to have to swim against the tide. They have flashes of insight, are kind to anyone and see beauty even in ugly places.

Ruled by Neptune the illusionist, Piscean have a rich fantasy life for which they need an artistic outlet. They are good listeners but need to guard against shouldering too many of others people’s problems. When things go wrong they tend to blame themselves… another illusion. [..]


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Aquarius personality

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 18)aquarius

The sign of social reformation, Aquarius can be idealistically stubborn, when their altruism turns to rebellion. They like to keep in touch with new developments and remain detached from deep emotional involvements. Seeming as if they just dropped in from outer space, they often have a faraway look in their eyes. They are friendly and sociable and want the greatest good for largest number of people.

Ruled by eccentric Uranus, Aquarius seem a little odd or at odds with themselves. They value freedom of thought and movement. Others may see them as rather vague but that is because they are not altogether sure who they are. They ask a lot of questions and like to see their version of justice done. They care about their friends and keep in touch with them.

The Aquarian secret fear is of intimacy and romance. However they are pleasant people who care about others. They offer new ideas and values for discussion. [..]


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Capricorn personality

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)capricorn

The sign of long-term achievement, Capricorns can be pedantically bossy, slowly but surely finding their way to the top. They can plan ahead and move mountains yet stay in touch with reality. Scrupulous, hardworking and usually conventional, Capricorns may seem inhibited but they want to the very best. Many Capricorns seem to have been born old, carrying responsabilities when very young, but appear to grow younger at heart as they grow older.

Ruled by wise old Saturn, Capricorns are masterly at using adversities to spur themselves on to greater achievements. They can be hampered by anxieties about their own shortcoming so may covertly use anyone or anything to succed. High status in their world is essential.

The Capricorn secret fear is of weakness and failure to reach self-imposed standarts. However, they are wise and deeply loyal people with a strong feeling for beauty. [..]


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