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When love is in the air

How To Find Out When Lovef34
Is In The Air… –
By Analyzing the Position of Progressed Venus

How exactly? Our romance horoscopes will tell you when love is in the air.

Actually, we will assess the secondary progressions (1° for a year rate) and look at the position of progressed Venus through the degrees of the zodiac.

There are 360 degrees in the zodiac but some degrees are more important than others.

In our romance horoscopes, we will only delineate the position of progressed Venus at the so-called “critical degrees”: 29° – 0° and 15° in a sign.

Everytime (secondary progressed 1° = 1 year rate) Venus is at a critical degree your love life may get in the spotlight – for good or for bad. continue…


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The Circumstances Of Love

How To Find The Situations That Might Bring Love

An age-old rule in astrology states that the signs point to your (internal) disposition and attitude while the houses point to the environment and (external) circumstances. The signs are “fixed”, the houses “move” around.Your natal chart gives many hints pointing to the circumstances of love to knock on your door. You only have to (learn to) “read” your natal horoscope. We will be happy to help you hereby…

From our own experience, we can confirm the validity of this very important and much neglected rule.

But, what does this mean to your love life?

If the houses describe the environment or external circumstances, we should be able to find the external events and situations that lead to love and romance.

We only have to find the sign that signifies love and romance and look at the house position it is in. continue…


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