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Aquarius personality

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 18)aquarius

The sign of social reformation, Aquarius can be idealistically stubborn, when their altruism turns to rebellion. They like to keep in touch with new developments and remain detached from deep emotional involvements. Seeming as if they just dropped in from outer space, they often have a faraway look in their eyes. They are friendly and sociable and want the greatest good for largest number of people.

Ruled by eccentric Uranus, Aquarius seem a little odd or at odds with themselves. They value freedom of thought and movement. Others may see them as rather vague but that is because they are not altogether sure who they are. They ask a lot of questions and like to see their version of justice done. They care about their friends and keep in touch with them.

The Aquarian secret fear is of intimacy and romance. However they are pleasant people who care about others. They offer new ideas and values for discussion. continue…


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Capricorn personality

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)capricorn

The sign of long-term achievement, Capricorns can be pedantically bossy, slowly but surely finding their way to the top. They can plan ahead and move mountains yet stay in touch with reality. Scrupulous, hardworking and usually conventional, Capricorns may seem inhibited but they want to the very best. Many Capricorns seem to have been born old, carrying responsabilities when very young, but appear to grow younger at heart as they grow older.

Ruled by wise old Saturn, Capricorns are masterly at using adversities to spur themselves on to greater achievements. They can be hampered by anxieties about their own shortcoming so may covertly use anyone or anything to succed. High status in their world is essential.

The Capricorn secret fear is of weakness and failure to reach self-imposed standarts. However, they are wise and deeply loyal people with a strong feeling for beauty. continue…


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