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Signs in Southern Hemisphere

Are Zodiac Signs Reversed In Earth’s Southern Hemisphere?

 – A Whole-Earth, Dual-Sign, 6-sign, or Mirror Zodiac:

A Possible Solution To The Problem Of Matching Astrology’s Seasonally-Derived, Northern Hemisphere Zodiac Signs To Countries In The Southern Hemisphere


The Zodiac as we know it, is a system of dividing up the portion of sky through which the Sun, Moon and planets seem to travel, known as the ecliptic. This system was originally invented in countries in earth’s Northern Hemisphere, where astronomers named the constellations according to environmental observations linked to the seasons. For example, the constellation that the sun seemed to pass through every year at the beginning of Spring was named Aries – The Ram, because “the sun breaks up the frozen earth as a ram attacks with its horns” Similarly “…In the month of Taurus oxen work to prepare the ripening of the corn”. continue…


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