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Aquarius personality

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 18)aquarius

The sign of social reformation, Aquarius can be idealistically stubborn, when their altruism turns to rebellion. They like to keep in touch with new developments and remain detached from deep emotional involvements. Seeming as if they just dropped in from outer space, they often have a faraway look in their eyes. They are friendly and sociable and want the greatest good for largest number of people.

Ruled by eccentric Uranus, Aquarius seem a little odd or at odds with themselves. They value freedom of thought and movement. Others may see them as rather vague but that is because they are not altogether sure who they are. They ask a lot of questions and like to see their version of justice done. They care about their friends and keep in touch with them.

The Aquarian secret fear is of intimacy and romance. However they are pleasant people who care about others. They offer new ideas and values for discussion.

The Aquarian personality may sometimes be at odds with the practical outlook of Taurus and the deep emotions of Scorpio, but will always take care of them when need arises.

Leo is the opposite sign and can show Aquarius how to use their magnetic powers to gain self-confidence.


Aquarius man – what he’s like

He’s a friendly kind of fellow who’s interested in everybody and everything – at least a little. Mr Aquarius is defined by his curiosity and sometimes by his curiousness. In an impersonal way, he would like to commune with every force in the universe, and he spends much of his life trying.

His favourite thing is getting inside people’s heads to find out what they’re thinking and why. He is delighted by the novelty of experience and intrigued by the unconventional. And his mind will never stop until he has thoroughly explored the nature of it all.

Since Mr Aquarius is far more mental than emotional, he sometimes treats people more as abstractions than feeling beings, and reveals in making theories on their behaviour. Analysis can be his nemesis, especially when he makes a person feel somewhat like a psychiatric patient with a fascinating mental disorder.

He has an enthusiasm for gossip and an unsurpassed interest in other people’s peculiarities. Often it would seem that he is more interested in everybody else’s life than in his own. And this can pose some problems, especially in his love relationships.

Essentially, Mr Aquarius likes many things and people in many different ways. For him, every individual has relative value. However, because he makes everything so relative, he looks at very little as absolute. And that, of course, includes love.

He’s about as difficult to pin down as a crazed butterfly, and a definite challenge when it comes to commitment. Whether it is a career, an interest, or a romantic interlude, Mr Aquarius will always have other things going on at the same time. He is a freedom-loving fellow who loves to dabble and drift about ideas, people, and projects. However, how far he is willing to take anything can sometimes be a very mysterious matter.

Allowed to go his own way, Mr Aquarius will cheerfully float through space, sometimes theorizing about life rather than living it. However, although he is emotionally detached, he isn’t unfeeling. Not only is he a friend in need, he can also be the kind of humanitarian who sacrifices his own interests for those of a group. Most of the time, he is an idealist who is more concerned with how life should be and might be than how it is.

Such a man may be fascinating yet maddening to fall in love with, especially when you feel that your interests come after both his friend’s and his ideals. And because Mr Aquarius considers everyone from cab drivers to cocktail waitresses his ‘friends’, the competition can get quite heavy, not to mention highly emotional. Watch him talk intensively to some seductive beauty and then talk yourself into believing that he was only interested in her emotional problems. The extraordinary thing is that he probably was. Mr Aquarius believes in honesty and communication above all else. And although he may appear like a flirt, he’s far more interested in finding out how someone’s mind ticks. Essentially, his definition of freedom is being able to experience a lot of different people in a lot of different ways. However, his way is usually far more mental than emotional or sexual.

Although he’s a group person, Mr Aquarius is also a loner. At regular intervals he seeks solitude, and at all times he needs his space. Easily made claustrophic, he is terrified of being closed in upon by anything or anyone, and at any time. He is everyone’s friend, yet no one’s inseparable buddy. And even in love, he watches his life from afar, as if it where something quite apart from him that he happens to find fascinating.

What he thinks he wants

Ideally ho would like to have an interchange with everyone in the world, and then formulate a theory on each person’s behaviour. He loves to have a lot of people around him to communicate with, just as he loves the freedom to move from person to person. However, what he would like most from the encounter with each person is to learn something so new and fascinating that he forgets what day it is.

What he needs

He needs freedom at all costs. A caged Aquarian is like an athlete without legs. Space, both physical and psychological, is crucial to his existence, and every day must feel as if it has the potential to be totally different from the preceding one.

What he fears

He fears stagnancy, the absence of change, and being boxed in in any situation. At all times Mr Aquarius must feel free to roam, experiment, and experience. To him, every experience is an experience worth having – at least once. However, what he considers even worse than death is being caught in a rut with no way out in sight and no hope that there ever will be.

His attitude toward women, love, and sex

Mr Aquarius is far more of an interesting companion than a passionate lover. And that’s because, on a very impersonal level, he can love a lot of people. Essentially Mr Aquarius would rather spend the night engaged in a stimulating conversation than make love until dawn. Therefore, he is more enthralled with a woman whose mind is a turn-on than with a glamour girl who has nothing to say.

However, because he is so freedom-loving and dispassionate, emotional commitments are not easily forthcoming. With him, you have to take it slow. In the meantime, he may discuss past and present girlfriends in your presence, and in the process make you feel like a movie extra. Falling in love with Mr Aquarius is not easy for someone emotional. Especially when he discusses laser beams over candlelight, rather than complimenting you on your beauty or your cooking. Later on, when you’re thinking of making love, in his friendly manner he’ll inform you that he doesn’t believe in commitment, that security is illusion, and the he loves women because they make such fantastic friends. The greatest compliment that can come from Mr Aquarius is that he likes your mind. Second to that is that he finds you terribly interesting to talk to. Therefore, if you happen to be searching for the kind of breathless romance that might make you forget what day it is here, do not hold your breath. This is not to imply that he doesn’t mean qell. Or that he will never marry. However, because he sees beyond society’s structures and like so many people in different ways, a monogamous commitment will be a long time coming. Mr Aquarius can’t stand to be closed in on. And not only that, he won’t be.

If you are interesting enough to intrigue him, it is likely that he will analyze almost everything you do and say. Not only is he perceptive, but he tends to file away his observations in his brain, and at maddening times, will coolly produce a ‘fact’ or theory. During what could ostensibly pass as a romantic moment, he will not turn to you and whisper that you turn him on. Rather it is much more likely that he will ask you why you happen to like a certain colour. Not only is Mr Aquarius cool, he is also very curious.

However, although he is cool, he is not uncaring. He is the first person to help you move ten years of possessions up a five-flight walk-up  – without complaining. Or he will cheerfully take your temperature and make you tea and toast when you are sick. (Aquarian men make wonderful doctors). Yet just as you are sinking securely into your bed pillows and feeling tryly pampered, the phone will ring. It will be one of his old girlfriends calling to ask a favour. And can Mr Aquarius refuse? Of course not. Tenderly he’ll kiss you on the forehead and tell you that he’ll be back sometime later that afternoon, but not to be worried if he doesn’t show up until midnight. And can you trust him? Yes. Deep in his heart, Mr Aquarius is much less like a playboy and more like a holy innocent. Keep that in mind as the door shuts.

His good points

He is honest, objective, and often brilliant. He has a mind that sees beyond its time, and often an advanced understanding of life and people. Mr Aquarius is not confined by his ego, but rather rises beyond it in a perpetual search for the truth.

His bad points

He can be cold and analytical, amotionally erratic and capricious. At times, Mr Aquarius can be insensitive to the feelings of others and may use a situation or a person merely for his own gain. Since game playing comes so easily to him, he can sometimes be tempted to manipulate a situation in his favour.

How to get his attention

This man is galvanized by brilliance, the far out, the unique and unusual. He’s a thinker who is ahead of his time, and the key to his soul is his mind. A woman with an extraordinary mentality is far more seductive to Mr Aquarius than any beauty queen. To really get his attention, you need brilliant ideas, progressive interests, and fascinating theories, or be a serious follower of some humanitarian cause. Feed his imagination, but don’t be sexually threatening. Should the physical outweigh the mental, he’ll get bored. Educate your mind and encourage his ideas. If you turn on his mind, he won’t care what you’re wearing. He would rather be blinded by your words than by your beauty.

How to keep it

Wait for him to win your trust, then don’t confine him. Let him feel free to attend an impromptu lecture on asteroids, and don’t overreact if he wants to keep in touch with his old girlfriends. If something he is going bothers you, he is a man who is open to reasonable discussions. Mr Aquarius was made for communicating. Therefore, if you feel a sudden impasse, it’s probably because you’re not confronting him. At all times, let him know what you’re feeling and thinking, and why. Essentially, his ideal is not a sex goddess, but an independent woman with a great mind and character, whose intelligence makes her simply marvellous to talk to.

Realistic expectations

If you are seeking a grand emotional-sexual passion, forget it. At best, Mr Aquarius will be your best friend. And that’s not so bad! However, if you are terribly insecure, uncontrollably jealous, or looking for a man who is merely a bastion of security, look elsewhere. Mr Aquarius believes in give and take, and he wants an equal partner who will respond to the world in the same way he does. However, if you are the type of woman who is titillated by a progressive intellect and you have a lot of interest and ideas of your own, this could be a match that soars beyond the stars.


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