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Cancer personality

CANCER  (June 22 – July 22)cancer

The sign of parental sensitivity, Cancerians can be protectively bossy, sidling sideways into a commanding position. They can sense the needs of others, whether in the family or out in the public domain. Taking care of others come naturally to Cancerians, in fact they can be a little smothering. Tenacious, intuitive and helpful, Cancerians have a good business sense. A true Cancerian is at the centre of the family. They love to collect bargains or anything old.

Ruled by the ever-changing Moon, Cancerians have a rich emotional life and are careful not to hurt other people’s feelings. They can be moody and even crabby at times, but that is because they are so vulnerable to hurts unwittingly caused by less sensitive souls.

The Cancerian secret fear is of emotional hurt and of not being needed by someone. However, they are able to create comfort and a safe harbor for others in difficulties.

The Cancerians personality may feel uncomfortable with Ariens and Librans, but can relax with them by not taking unintended slights to heart.

Capricorn is the opposite sign and can show Cancer how to make good judgements by taking a more realistic view of life.

Cancer man – What he is like

Mr Cancer is an enigmatic type of man who may try your emotions and occasionally wilt your self-confidence. He is a highly changeable character,  one day playing cool and aloof, the next day being disarmingly sentimental. Because of the continual fluctuation of Mr Cancer’s moods, it is sometimes impossible to predict when you really have him. However, when he makes up his mind that he has definitely decided, he will court you with the tenacity of someone out to win a race. When Mr Cancer sets his mind on a goal, there is simply no stopping him. Between the flowers, the dinners, the trips, and the presents, you may feel dangerously overwhelmed. His special way of informing you that he wants you is to treat you like a countess. However, at the same time, he’ll let you know that his drama does not include any competition. Just try making him jealous when you happen to be wearing his parfume and you will witness a very sentimental man turn suddenly cold. Emotionaly speaking, Mr Cancer simply won’t consider second place.

Generally, he expresses his anger by withdrawing, turning glacial, and making you feel guilty. And when he withdraws, his scowl can remind you of a hurricane in the middle of August. That’s because his mind is being buffeted about in such a huge emotional storm. And when it will settle down is something of which even he is uncertain.

This is a man who is difficult to understand, never mind really get to know. And in order to begin, you can’t take his moods to heart. Mr Cancer will always have his crabby moods and his occasional withdrawals, at the same time that he would rather act indirectly than discuss what’s on his mind. It’s best during these times to simply walk into another room and forget him. Eventually his eyes will brighten and his subtle sense of humour will return – if only to be eventually overshadowed by another mood.

Mr Cancer takes his feelings super seriously – sometimes far more seriously than he’ll take yours. Because he is supersensitive, he tends to nurse slights and get caught in pessimistic places. That is why he needs someone who is not only secure, but alos very positive to push him far away from himself.

Emotionally he is highly receptive, but will go to any lengths to avoid showing his vulnerability. Often when he is pouting, he is really hurt or wounded and cannot express it openly. Basically, Mr Cancer is a man who somethimes finds it easier to close off than to get close to a person, despite the fact that his desire may dictate the opposite behaviour.

Security is a key word to his personality, and this most definitely involves money. While he can be generous to a fault, he is driven to make a lot of money since it is only with a sizable sum in back of him that he really feels secure. Emotionally speaking, his security need makes him hunger for a sense of family. Therefore, he is prone to play the roles of both husband and father quite naturally. When he really cares, Mr Cancer have a strongly nurturing effect on those around him, which makes up for the times when he retreats into his shell, like his astrological symbol, the crab.

What he thinks and he wants

Mr Cancer wants a nice home, a family, a romantic love, and enough money in the bank to cushion even an economic disaster.

What he needs

Security is the password to his psyche. And he needs to be assured that he has it. Unlike Gemini, who is continyally concerned with what is ahead of him, your cancer cares about what is in back of him as well as how long it will last. On a very deep level, he needs the bastions of monetary and emotional security as a life support. They not only define the direction of his life, but they also promote his sense of well-being.

What he fears

First, he fears that he won’t be able to establish security. Second, he fears that when he has it, he may lose it.

His attitude toward women, love, and sex

Although Mr Cancer is a true romantic, he doesn’t fall in love easily. Because he tend to be both shy and sexually unassertive, he is most strongly attracted to self-assured, vivacious women who not only demand what they want, but who are also capable of taking it. The complexity of his character is such that as soon as a woman humbly bows to him, he feels like backing off. Romantically speaking, he likes his senses to be overpowered. And when that doenn’t happen, he may take an inordinate amount of time in making up his mind.

However, once he does commit himself, his attitudes are quite conventional. Mr Cancer is not only a marrying man, but one who expects to be a father. Then, once he has created a family situation, his sentimental nature will take hold. He will remember all the important holidays and play fatherly protector to his family. Yet even when he is deeply in love, his moods may overshadow romantic situations and make a woman feel like she’s living with a man who is several people. She is. Anyone who marries a Cancer must be prepared for the fact that each side of his personality will always play a part in her life.

His good points

He can be kind, sensitive, protective, and sympathetic. In addition, he can be both perceptive and intuitive. Mr Cancer not only has an innate shrewdness with money, but he is often extremely generous. When in love, he will be both loyal and loving. His sentiment is boundless and his feelings both profound and sincere.

His bad points

He can be passive and cowardly, fearful and weak. Mr Cancer can have terrible problems when it come to confronting a situation, and will sometimes let things slide rather than taking charge. His sullen and cantankerous moods can be overwhelming. In addition, pessimistic attitudes sometimes overshadow his life.

How to get his attention

Shy, insecure, and highly self-protective, Mr Cancer can be a complete puzzle to the woman who gets pushed around by his defences. At first he may appear cold, but actually his coldness is masking an immense insecurity. Trust is his key issue. Therefore, to captivate him you have to make him forget himself – his little worries, his petty fears, his need for self-defence. He responds most readily to intensely vivacious women who carry him along with their joy and laughter. Look like you are someone who loves life and doesn’t mind sharing the secret, and he’ll be intrigued. Approach him in an offhand manner. Be witty, playful, and lighty touch him on the arm for emphasis when you talk to him. Cancer is a sensual sign that needs touch jus as much as it needs love. Appeal to those needs through scent, body language, and a basic reassuring attitude that tells him that this is an attraction you want to take further.

How to keep it

Be strong, sensual, and very supportive. Mr Cancer is most intensely attracted to assertive, self-assured women who win his sense of respect. In addition to that, he loves to be complimented, wooed and nurtured. Therefore, keep the romance in the relationship and let him know that it’s totally in response to the feelings he arouses in you. Since Mr Cancer loves to feel seduced even if he is the one seducing, make him feel that your life together is one great love affair. Sheer negligees, candlelight in the bedroom, scented sheets, and fresh flowers will keep his libido high. If you’re daring, massage oil not be out of the question. This man loves to be stroked. Be gentle with him; overwhelming animal passion is not his style, though he can be a tender and considerate lover. Finally, allows him his space when his moods overwhelm him. And even on his crabby days, let him feel apprecied, cherished, and deeply loved.

Realistic expectations

Mr Cancer does best with a woman who is so strong that she gives rather than she seeks emotional support. Although he is a sentimental man, he can still be surprisingly cold if a woman has not won his respect. Therefore, desiring him is not enough. First you have to show him that you’re so special that you deserve him. If you can do that, you’ll probably have him forever.



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