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Capricorn personality

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)capricorn

The sign of long-term achievement, Capricorns can be pedantically bossy, slowly but surely finding their way to the top. They can plan ahead and move mountains yet stay in touch with reality. Scrupulous, hardworking and usually conventional, Capricorns may seem inhibited but they want to the very best. Many Capricorns seem to have been born old, carrying responsabilities when very young, but appear to grow younger at heart as they grow older.

Ruled by wise old Saturn, Capricorns are masterly at using adversities to spur themselves on to greater achievements. They can be hampered by anxieties about their own shortcoming so may covertly use anyone or anything to succed. High status in their world is essential.

The Capricorn secret fear is of weakness and failure to reach self-imposed standarts. However, they are wise and deeply loyal people with a strong feeling for beauty.

The Capricorn personality may clash with Ariens and Librans but can enjoy their company if they let their inner little nanny-goat go free and enjoy themselves.

Cancer is the opposite sign and can show Capricorns how to use emotions to understand the needs of others.


Capricorn man – What he’s like

He takes everything in life seriously, including things that happen to be funny. Even when he’s joking around, Mr Capricorn is a very serious man. Romantically he tends to be shy and unsure of himself, even though he can command the highest position of power in the business world. Capricorn is the apogee of ambition. From the time that he was a small child, he decided that he would be no ordinary man.

Not only is he goal-orientated, he has a drive that would shame the average superachiever. Mr Capricorn is the original workaholic, and his price for putting in his total time on a project is pervasive material reward. Unlike Virgo, praise from the boss simply isn’t enough. Capricorn wants to not only be the boss but to be paid handsomely for it.

Moneyis so important that he probably had savings account at the age of seven, which accrued from mowing lawns when everyone else was playing baseball. Because he is so emotionally insecure, he makes up for it by counting his pennies, nickels, and dollars bills. However, although he can be both frugal and parsimonious, he is capable of spending lavishly on items that will improve his self-image, like an elegant apartment, a Rolex, or a very expensive car. Since Mr Capricorn is highly status-oriented, he is continually conscious oh how things appear from the outside. Therefore, he is most attracted to women of highly dignified bearing who also look good to the world.

Although this man sports an exceptionally tough exterior, underneath he is as vulnerable as an adolescent with acne. Capricorn will go to any lengths to protect his self-image. And because he hates to admit to any kind of weakness, at times he will withdraw and appear very cold.

Discipline, grit, and tenacity are his gods, and he would like to believe that they will take him anywhere. Quite often they do, but at the expense of his sensitivity. Mr Capricorn needs to develop the feminine side of his nature, and until he does, he runs the risk of being rigid and cold.

There is a strongly pessimistic side to his personality that makes him cautious, calculating, anxious, and depressive. He can be as gloomy as a rainy day and terribly moody. Instead of hoping for the best, he often fears the worst and sometimes makes life seem like a series of chores.

At the same time, not only is he conscientious, he is also highly responsible. It could be that Mr Capricorn invented follow-through. Once he makes a commitment, it can be depended on, regardless of the problems it might cause in his life. Likewise he can be a stern taskmaster with other people, since he often has expectations that exceed most people’s limits. However, when Mr Capricorn occasionally allows himself to lighten up, he can bring to life a courage that commands.

What he thinks he wants

He wants security and power, both material and emotional. Even with five million in the bank, Mr Capricorn may be concerned that isn’t enough money for emergencies. Emotionally, he desires a woman he can depend on. And in any serious relationship, he wants to feel pampered, admired, and catered to. Emotional power is his driving force, the achievement of it his raison d’etre. Nothing else will ease his anxiety and offer him a total sense of well-being.

What he needs

Power and control are the key words to his personality. And will drive himself to any lengths to attain them. Because on a very deed-seated level he is so insecure, he needs to dictate to others to assure himself that he is the man he would like to be. In a business situation, he will pull the strings from behind the scenes, and in a romanctic situation, he will offer endless suggestions in regard to what should be. Once he is in control, Mr Capricorn feels positively defined. And that is probably his favourite feeling.

What he fears

His primal fears are rejection and conspicuous loss of dignity. Mr Capricorn is overly obsessed with his self-image and the role that he plays to the world. Whether he is running a business or a marathon, he wants to both look and be at his best. Essentially, he has to show the world that he’s boss, even if he really feels like a little boy.

His attitude toward women, love and sex

Unless he has a strongly placed Uranus in his chart, this is a man who will fall in love on sight or even overnight. Mr Capricorn is cautious. And in addition to that, he’s also shy. Still further, he has to decide whether you’re worthy of his serious attention. And that alone can take him some time.

Because he cares terribly about how he appears to the world, he will want a woman who will in come way enhance him. However, at the same time, because deep down he is insecure, his compliments can come out almost like criticism.

In all respects Mr Capricorn’s approach to life is conservative. And this also applies to the way he views women. This is a man who is convinced that women must not only know their place, but must remain there. Because at all times he needs to feel in control, he can’t bear competition, just as he can’t bear coming in second place to a pretty face. Although he may not prevent a woman from working, basically he believes that women should be wives and mothers, that he should be the breadwinner, and that nobody should dispute the situation. As a breadwinner, he will be the best. There will be two cars in the driveway, a comfortable home in the suburbs, and a very large savings account in the bank. Although Mr Capricorn is not the most exciting man in the zodiac, he is at the same time very insecure. He has a strongly chauvinistic streak, but he is always dependable. And while his ego may have a hard time accepting a woman as at least an equal, if broached to him in the most diplomatic way, he might try. However, the attitude that he most easily falls back on is ‘Don’t worry your little head about all of these life essentials. Just do as I tell you, and everything will be more thane fine’.

Although he is the marrying type, he is not the kind of man who will appreciate taking second place to any of your interests. At all given times, he wants to know your whereabouts, just as he wants to be assured that you’re not doing anything you shouldn’t be. Mr Capricorn can be uncontrollably jealous. However, rather than openly admitting it, he’ll grow cold, remote, and very grumpy. Essentially, his least favourite thing is feeling vulnerable, because it depletes his sense of power and quickly eliminates his control. Because he is fare more pragmatic than romantic, he is likely to forget the flowers, not even consider the champagne, and bring you to a restaurant that is not only reasonable in price but known only for good food. However, after you have really won him, he’ll present you with a fur – if he thinks it makes you look good, himself more powerful, and your relationship more lustrous to the outside world.

There are worse men than Mr Capricorn when it comes to loving. However, the inherent contradiction in his character is that he can be insensitive to your feelings, while he still takes you very seriously.

His good points

He is dependable, conscientious, dedicated, and enduring. Mr Capricorn thrives on responsibility and achieving certain goals that would intimidate the average person. In a very quiet way, he can take charge on an entire situation, business, or person. He is a strong, serious man who can be called upon when needed and then will come through with flying colours.

His bad points

He can be an insentitive snob who never sees beyond the superficial. Power can become his god, and money the means of attaining it. The lowly envolved Capricorn man is capable of coldly using anyone to get what he wants, and he’ll justify it by the degree of his desire. He can debase a deep trust and treat people like objects who were put in his path merely for his self-interest. And after he has performed his dishonest deeds, he will cover himself with a lot of self-righteous attitudes that he works hard at actually believing.

How to get his attention

He is a die-hard conservative who looks hown his nose on flash. So wear something classic bur expensive like suede and cashmere. (His values are very materialistic – he is easily impressed with price tags). Under your clothes wear black, sexy underwear. He doesn’t have to see it; you’ll know it’s there and it will give you a psychological edge. Since Mr Capricorn takes his self-image so seriously, he can’t tell flattery from compliments and can never get enough of either. So flatter him on the quality of his clothes, his important position, or his extraordinary competence which has won your respect. Mr Capricorn adores feeling powerful and respected. Put on a show and watch this masculine leader take charge.

How to keep it

Make him feel admired, appreciated, respected, and desired. Although on the surface he may appear like a power mogul, underneath he seeks the love and attention of a child. Essentially he needs a woman who will question neither his authority nor his demands. During his murky moments of depression, he will depend on your support. Nurture him, but don’t lose your identity. Reassure him of his power at the same time that you make him aware that you are more than a mere extention of his life. Don’t be shy about being sexually aggressive. At the same time let him know how much you love being with him – everywhere – and how much pleasure he gives you. Finally, never let him take your kindness for granted, even if he bears tidings of expensive trinkets before he turns his back because of the demands of his busy business life.

Realistic expectations

Mr Capricorn can be a serious and responsible mate if you play the relationship the way he wants it. For women who simply want to be taken care of, he is a present from the clouds. However, for a woman who is dedicated to her career or to a consuming interest, considerable friction could arise from his need for control. Although he can be a bastion of support for someone insecure, for a freedom-loving woman he can be suffocating. Unlike Mr Libra, Mr Capricorn is not open to objective discussions about how both can better a bad situation. Not only is he rigid about the fact that he wants things his way, but to support his position, he has an exhausting number of reasons.


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