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Marriage in astrology

Certainly the question of marriage looms large at some time in life on the horizon of all that are born of women. The desire to complete the circle of existence by the adoption of a suitable mate is inherent in the very alchemy of our being. So fully is this the case that for most natures the urge in this direction assumes almost the force of an obsession, and nothing appears of greater importance to the young while this influence maintains its control. It is possible to push this argument into the realms of the immaterial and abstract world and thus to derive the conclusion that the desire of the soul towards it counterpart in nature, and in its material expression the animal instinct, is after all but the urge of the spirit of life towards realisation. continue…


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Happiness and Discord

SIGNS OF HAPPINESS exist in the horoscope of birth when the Sun and Moon are harmoniously configurated, that is to say, when they occupy signs that in sextile or trine aspect to one another, or when they are in the same sign and well aspected. These terms, intelligible enough to those who know the elements of the ancient science of the stars, require some explanation to the lay reader. Consider then that each solar month begins on the 21st day of the calendar month, and that the Sun enters the sign Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, on the 21st of March in any year. This will give a general idea of the solar position. The months allied to the signs are roughly as follows:- continue…

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