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When love is in the air

How To Find Out When Lovef34
Is In The Air… –
By Analyzing the Position of Progressed Venus

How exactly? Our romance horoscopes will tell you when love is in the air.

Actually, we will assess the secondary progressions (1° for a year rate) and look at the position of progressed Venus through the degrees of the zodiac.

There are 360 degrees in the zodiac but some degrees are more important than others.

In our romance horoscopes, we will only delineate the position of progressed Venus at the so-called “critical degrees”: 29° – 0° and 15° in a sign.

Everytime (secondary progressed 1° = 1 year rate) Venus is at a critical degree your love life may get in the spotlight – for good or for bad. continue…


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Venus aspects compatibility

loveVenus conjunct Sun:
What does it mean for your relationship when Venus is in conjunction with your partner’s Sun? A Venus conjunction Sun aspect indicates that you will have increased closeness and consideration for your partner’s physical desires, romantic love and joyful expressions of domestic harmony. If your partner’s Venus is conjunct your Sun, your partner will lovingly encourage your happiness and creativity.

Venus conjunction Moon:
What does it mean to your relationship when your natal Venus is in conjunction with your partner’s Moon? Harmony and sharing are a major part of your relationship. continue…


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Venus in natal houses

Astrology : Venus and the way you love.


The way one approaches love is indicated in the natal chart by Venus’ position in sign and in house and by the aspects she forms with the other planets. Since Venus can be posited in one of the twelve houses and one of the twelve signs, there are 144 basic possibilities. This figure is almost infinitely increased by the influence of all the other planets.

In order to understand Venus’ symbolism, it is necessary to consider the following points:

The first one is the position of Venus in sign since it is the main track, or the basic indication. It may be likened to the backdrop colour which the verb “to love” puts on. It describes the “how”.

The second one is the position of Venus in house, which is only slightly less important than her position in sign, and shows the field in which one is most likely to express best one’s powers of seduction. It describes the “where”. continue…


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