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What is Astrology


Astrology is the study of the effects of planetary forces upon man. It is not fortune telling. It is one of the best methods for man to learn about who he is, where he came from and where he is going. Astrology reveals CHARACTER and character is destiny. If man can change his character, then man will have changed his destiny. The main uses of astrology are diagnosis of health and sickness, character analysis, vocational guidance, analysis of children’s horoscopes so as to give parents a better idea as to how best to raise their children, and analysis of the compatibilities between people.

Astrology does not show anything but tendencies. A man can rule his stars by exerting his will. If a man decides to flow with the tide of life, then the tendencies indicated in the birth chart will at some time have their effect. continue…


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Does astrology work

Does astrology work?signs-myth

The sixty thousand dollar question, of course, is does astrology really work? One might ask another question in reply: Would any theory have lasted 3,000 years if it didn’t work? But of course that’s not a particularly good answer. People are quite capable of believing something silly for thousand of years, until they are proven wrong. Even then, some of them go on believing their silly theories. Just ask the flat-earthers even now.

Yes, astrology works, but not the way most people think it does. The biggest mistake peope make about astrology is believing that it can do the impossible – like foretell the future.

Shock! Horror! Astrology does’t foretell the future? You say. But isn’t that what it’s for? continue…


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