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Does astrology work

Does astrology work?signs-myth

The sixty thousand dollar question, of course, is does astrology really work? One might ask another question in reply: Would any theory have lasted 3,000 years if it didn’t work? But of course that’s not a particularly good answer. People are quite capable of believing something silly for thousand of years, until they are proven wrong. Even then, some of them go on believing their silly theories. Just ask the flat-earthers even now.

Yes, astrology works, but not the way most people think it does. The biggest mistake peope make about astrology is believing that it can do the impossible – like foretell the future.

Shock! Horror! Astrology does’t foretell the future? You say. But isn’t that what it’s for?

Yes – but not by telling you what’s actually going to happen. It’s not that simple. If there’s a way to find out exactly what’s going to happen to you at 4.30 next Wednesday afternoon, no one – including astrologers – has discovered it. Maybe foretelling the future will be possible some day. But it’s not possible now. Astrology certainly can’t do it. And no respectable astrologer will claim that it can.

Astrology works within simple limits. While there may be plenty of argument about just how clearly astrology can see into the future, there is no doubt about this one simple fact: any good astrologer can see something. At the very least, an astute and practiced astrologer can tell you when you’re more likely to catch a cold, when you may be exhausted and need a holiday, when you will feel particularly romantic, or when you may be careless enough to have an accident. But foretelling how sick you may get, which tropical island you may visit, or what sort of accident you may have, is another matter entirely.

Astrology tells you the truth about yourself; your talents and your feelings; your enthusiasms and your prejudices: your probable potential and your probability of success. Astrology never lie.

Don’t get confused! Although some astrologers are psychics, and some psychics are astrologers, the two disciplines really shouldn’t be confused. Generally, an astrologer will not tell you anything that he or she hasn’t learned from a book, or from personal research.


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