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Gemini personality

GEMINI  (May 22 – June 21)gemini

The sign of adventurous communication, Geminians can be ideologically adaptable; in fact, they may often seem to be more than two people, changing their minds several times a day. Geminians can be ecstatic one day and depressed the next. They find it difficult to control conditions, yet like variety and enjoy roaming about stimulating themselves and others with curiousity and interest in people and places.

Ruled by quicksilver Mercury, Geminians have brilliant minds and are miserable when there is nothing to do. Sometimes they scatter their talents. They are very intuitive and sensitive. When hurt they become prickly like a hedgehog. They know the highs and lows of human experience and are generous communicators.

The Geminian secret fear is of never finding the soul mate with whom to share their insights. However, they are active, dextruous people, attentive to detail. Geminians may be impatient with Virgo and Pisces, yet need Virgo practicality and Piscean dreams if they are to use their literary talents.

Sagittarius is the opposite sign and can show Gemini how to give structure to the mass of detail they acquire.

Gemini man – What he is like

He’s a gregarious, good-time person who loves parties, people, and constant activity. Essentially, Mr Gemini is far more cerebral than emotional and can sometimes be quite insensitive. His personality is maddening, madcap, and invincibly charming. Likewise, his mind is restless, his actions contradictory, and his emotions ambivalent. Basically, he is on an endless quest for the kind of excitement that can make him forget what time it is. Often he finds it in momentary flirtations and fascinating mental pursuits.

What he thinks and he wants

Since Mr Gemini loses interest easely, he seeks the kind of stimulation that’s always as exciting as the first time around. Because he’s such a mental being, a mind as clever as his own will provoke an instantaneous need to pursue something further. Not only does he desire someone to talk to, but he also wants to be entertained with witty, pithy instant retorts. That perfectionistic part of him also yearns for a heavy dose of dazzling beauty from some damsel who beckons from afar. Later in life he usually realizes that he can’t have everything he wants because he wants everything. Often he w’ll just settle for the best he can get, give up and get married. Unfortunately, the restlessness often persists and so does the excitement seeking.

What he needs

Supply him with constant challenges that vary from mind games to serious mental endeavours. This is a character who would by far prefer a string of clever lines to a lot of emotional reassurance. His best match is a woman with a sensational sense of humour who’s as cerebral, exciting, and changeable as he is. On any days, he’d rather be offered some exciting new insight than a gigantic piece of homemade pie. Mr Gemini thrives on having his mind stroked by a touch of genius. In lieu of that, sheer intelligence will do. So don’t even bother cooking for him. Instead, just laugh a lot and be constantly clever.

What he fears

He is terrified of being confined. The mere thought of it gives him acute suffocation, indigestion, and probably even insomnia. Even on his slow days, this man moves like quicksilver. However, he’ll move even faster if he feels you want to close in on him. In his mind, the only stability is change and the kind of order that he finds in his chequebook. Don’t dare to ask him if he thinks he might like to settle down in six months, or else you are dating your own demise. Most likely he hasn’t the vaguest idea of what he’s going to want, feel, think, or fear in the next two weeks. And even if he tried hard to work it all out beforehand, it’s inevitable that he’d change his mind in the meantime. Lean on him for security and you’ll find yourself falling through the air. On the other hand, let him know that you only love him ‘in the now’ and you may end up keeping him forever.

His attitude toward women, love, and sex

He likes women and likes to have a lot of them around him a lot of time. Mr Gemini is a born flirt. It comes more naturally to him than sleeping or eating. Whether or not he’s even conscious of it, his twinkling eyes and sly little grin can create a crowd of female attention. Basically, he’s emotionally ambivalent, and while he finds flirtations with women a lot of fun, at the same time he fears that a deeper involvement is a threat to his sense of freedom. And it often is.

Although he abhors jealousy and has a hard time understanding it, his gregarious yet diffident attitude often inspires it. Somehow he can never understand how his friendliness is being interpreted as flirtation and how his flirtations are being fantasized about as potentially deep involvements. Basically, his attitude toward love is that he loves everybody – in different ways, at different times, for different reasons, but always with some distance. Ideally he’s most suited for the kind of relationship that gives him the illusion of total freedom while it creeps up on him and gets him from behind. Even then, he’s not necessarily going to be faithful. Gemini men are notorious lotharios who are far more intrigued with the novelty of a new person than with the desire for sex or emotional security. Romantically, he can be fickle and has a peculiar way of deadening his own feelings with his mind. Only when he finds the perfect mental enthrallment can he find himself becoming emotionally involved. The key to his sexual passion is what he thinks about the person he happens to be making love to. The problem is that he cannot decide.

His good points

He’s funny, witty, clever, comical, charming, exciting, inventive, and usually irresistible. He can make you burst out laughing on one of your bad days, and with a simple smile, send you soaring on your good days. His personality is more fun than champagne on a summer afternoon. One hour with him can make you forget that you’ever known boredom.

His bad points

He’s fickle, erratic, often capricious, and terribly frightened on involvement. One month he may claim that he’s fallenin love. The next month he may forget to even call you. His way of getting involved is to keep one foot out of the door and his eyes darting about for sudden appearance of someone more exciting. He tries to translate his feelings into thoughts and ends up extremely confused about what he thinks he’s feeling as opposed to what he thinks he wants to feel. Mr Gemini is capable of standing you up, being exceedingly superficial when you want him to  be serious, and flirting with other female faces at your own wedding reception.

How to get his attention

Mr Gemini is a cerebral sort of guy who loves mind trips, what you wear is less important than what you say. So startle him with a witty little line that’s guaranteed to make him laugh. Then follow it up with some fascinating fact that leads into sparkling conversation. Capture his mind with your best ability at being clever and then do something unpredictable like walk away. You can reconnect later on, but initially Mr Gemini loves a hide-and-seek sort of challenge. So dazzle him one moment and disappear the next. Let him worry about when he’ll get to see you again. This is an easily bored, emotionally detached man who needs to stretch.

How to keep it

Play it very cool, yet very friendly. Titillate him with trenchant insights, about himself and then step back and keep him guessing. He responds well to games – both emotional and sexual – and even thrives on them. Therefore, keep a copy of the Kama Sutra and Kierkegaard by the bed (as conversation pieces) since your Gemini is as turned on by your mind as he is by your body. When it comes to being romantic, he is as likely to tell jokes as he is to praise your eyes. He’s also likely to tell you about some wonderful new woman he met at the most inopportune moments. So let him feel that you love him in the moment but you’re much too independent and popular to even consider commitment.

Realistic expectations

Don’t start out aiming for connubial bliss, although you may attain it. This is not a man who even understands what is meant by security. Nor does he want to. If you happen to be detached, and more interested in mental stimulation than profound emotional reassurance, then he could very well be for you. However, if you are seeking security, stability, and someone cuddly to come home to, forget it. Essentially, if you can take him without worring about what might happen tomorrow, don’t take him. If that is your priority, you’re already lost what your are looking for.


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