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Happiness and Discord

SIGNS OF HAPPINESS exist in the horoscope of birth when the Sun and Moon are harmoniously configurated, that is to say, when they occupy signs that in sextile or trine aspect to one another, or when they are in the same sign and well aspected. These terms, intelligible enough to those who know the elements of the ancient science of the stars, require some explanation to the lay reader. Consider then that each solar month begins on the 21st day of the calendar month, and that the Sun enters the sign Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, on the 21st of March in any year. This will give a general idea of the solar position. The months allied to the signs are roughly as follows:-

21st March begins the Sign Aries

21st April Taurus

21st May Gemini

21st June Cancer

21st July Leo

21st August Virgo

21st September Libra

21st October Scorpio

21st November Sagittarius

21st December Capricorn

21st January Aquarius

21st February Pisces

Thus, if a person is born on the 14th April in any year, the Sun is in the sign Aries; and if on the 9th September, the Sun is in Virgo. But as there are some inequalities due to the difference between the regular motion of the Sun through

the signs and the irregular division of our very artificial calendar, the months and the signs do not exactly coincide, and for this reason it is necessary either to consult an Ephemeris or to have a proper horoscope erected for the date of birth. It will then be seen not only where the Sun is but also where the Moon may be at the same time.

Now if the signs which are held by the Sun and Moon in a horoscope of birth are in good aspect to one another, that is, 60 or 120 degrees apart, the person then born will be happy in marriage and will enjoy the friendship as well as the companionship of his partner, and the same holds good in regard to a female horoscope.

The signs which are in sextile or trine to one another are: Aries is sextile to Gemini and Aquarius, trine to Sagittarius and Leo; Taurus is sextile to Cancer and Pisces, trine to Virgo and Capricorn; Gemini is sextile to Aries and Leo, trine to Libra and Aquarius; Cancer is sextile to Taurus and Virgo, trine to Scorpio and Pisces.

This will enable anyone to determine whether this harmonising configuration of the Sun and Moon exists in his horoscope of birth or not. But even in the event of its absence, the prospects of marital happiness are by no means excluded, for very much depends on the condition at the time of birth.
THE HOUSE OF MARRIAGE  which otherwise is known as the House of Contracts and Treaties.

If at birth the planet Jupiter, or the planet Venus, should be therein it is a presumptive argument for a fortunate marriage, and any other planet such as Saturn or Mars, Uranus or Mercury being therein and well aspected by the Moon in a male horoscope, or by the Sun in a female horoscope, there will be good reason for presuming that marriage will be satisfactory and that the contract will hold.

The planet occupying the House of Marriage is, however, an index to the eventualities which circumscribe the marital life.

Thus if Jupiter is the planet occupying the House of Marriage, the partner will be fortunate, robust, generous, full of vitality and good nature and as the planetary signature indicates, will be “jovial” and fond of good living, and bountiful in all things.

If Venus is the planet in occupation, then the partner will be refined, cultivated, gentle and of good tastes, genial and persuasive, but not forceful or assuming, but kindly and sympathetic and at the same time fortunate. They are usually houseproud and very neat and artistic and tend always to beautify and adorn their homes.

If Saturn, being well aspected, is the occupying planet, the partner will be careful, saving, industrious, a little on the near and sparing side of things, but methodical and thrifty and much given to regime. Not altogether a comfortable partner, but safe. One who is guided by principle and always ready to conform to his own rules of conduct, rigid but consistent.

This position of Saturn in a female horoscope frequently indicates marriage to a widower, and more especially when Mars is in good aspect to Saturn.

When Mars is the occupying planet, it denotes a partner who has much ambition, energy, self-assertion, and enterprise, and not infrequently a man in whose horoscope this planet holds the House of Marriage finds that it is the woman who “wears the trousers”. But as we are dealing now only with those horoscopes in which the planet thus situated at birth is well aspected, and therefore favourable to the prospects of marriage, we may conclude that Mars thus placed is a good asset inasmuch as a man may expect his wife to be capable, executive, industrious, vigorous and forceful, and well able to look after their mutual interests; while a woman will find her husband under Mars influence to be enterprising, active, courageous and in all respects manly, though at times excessive in expression of feelings.

The Sun or Moon in the House of Marriage, and well aspected, will bring a congenial and happy marriage which will greatly be helped by success and good fortune.

In effect, then, we have to look to the House of Contracts if we would know to what issues we are committed by reason of our entering into the bonds of marriage. This being satisfactory, in terms of the above indications, it will be an additional testimony of harmonious relations should the Sun and Moon in any part of the heavens be in good aspect to one another, as previously stated.

When both these testimonies are present, marriage can be looked forward to as the continuous fulfilment of the promise of life.

SIGNS OF DISCORD are present when the Sun and Moon in a horoscope are badly configurated, that is to say, in square or opposition aspect. These conditions are present when the birth takes place at any phase of the Moon, namely, at the first quarter, Full Moon, or last quarter, for then the luminaries are either in quadrature or in opposition to one another. At the New Moon, when they are in conjunction, it will depend on whether they are well aspected or not as to how they will affect the marriage prospects, for when in conjunction and well aspected there will be happiness and good fortune attending marriage, as already stated, but otherwise should the luminaries be badly aspected by the planets at the time of their conjunction.

Incompatibility of temperament is the usual result of the luminaries being in evil aspect to one another at birth, a condition that is due to the lack of adaptability and co-ordination in the mind of the person thus born. It is a frequent source of unhappiness in the marriage state.

Apart from this indication, however, there is that which arises from the presence of planets in the house of Contracts, either evil in themselves or marred by the bad aspects of other planets to them.

Following the lines already set up, it will be seen that the Sun and Moon are in bad aspect to one another when at the quadratures or the full. When they are conjoined at New Moon, and found at birth in the western angle, i.e., near to and before sunset, the aspects of the planets to them must be carefully considered, for if they are then badly aspected there will be misfortune and sorrow as the result of marriage and the partnership will not endure.

Neptune in the House of Marriage shows a mésalliance, deceptions, intrigues, and frequently alienation, and these evils are certain to happen if Neptune is badly aspected at the time of birth.

Uranus in the western angle or House of Marriage denotes a fractious and independent spirit, apt to go off at a tangent, self-assertive and contentious, erratic and frequently eccentric, by no means a congenial or reliable person to take for a life-partner.

Saturn in the western angle shows a cold, reserved and avaricious nature, a resentful and unforgiving spirit, frequently mean and even cruel.

Jupiter indicates an extravagant and boastful nature, much given to all forms of excess, boastful and bombastic.

Mars denotes a violent and destructive person, very irascible and always more or less in a ferment, self-assertive, petulant and aggressive.

Venus denotes one of easy-going, lax and self-indulgent disposition, frequently slovenly and superficial, often weak and colourless in character and quite a useless person to have about one.

These descriptions answer to the characteristics of the partner to which the planets incline when the planet occupying the House of Marriage is afflicted by evil aspects of other planets or the luminaries.

Therefore it will be seen how important it is to have foreknowledge of the fact that fate sets its traps with most alluring baits and places them in the paths of those who go forth seeking that most desirable of prizes, a good wife or husband.

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