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House Cusps in signs

The 1st House in Astrology astrology2

The 1st house rules who you come across as. Compare this to the Sun, which shows who you are with those who know you best; the Sun is the inner you while the 1st house is the outer you. The sign on the cusp and any planets in this house will have major influence in your outer personality, looks, and presentation, and the general energy you exert. One interesting note about the 1st house is that we all tend to want to put our best foot forward, so we tend to play up mostly the positive aspects of the sign on the cusp and planets within the house. The 1st house is on an axis with the 7th house (the exact opposite house), and is also called the Ascendant or AC for short (because it’s derived by finding the sign ascending on the horizon at the exact moment of birth). The sign on the cusp is called the rising sign. This house is the house of the self, whereas the 7th house is the house of others. The 1st house is ruled by Aries, Mars, and is an angular house, all action, so a load-up of planets here could show you’re someone who likes to DO.

The 1st House in the Signs

1st House in Aries (Aries Rising)
You come across as someone who is independent, assertive, and has a positive attitude. At times, you may be overly aggressive or competitive, but you usually don’t mean any harm. You like to throw yourself into projects and plans, enthusiastic about trying anything new. You have plenty of energy that needs to be used up or you get grumpy. Be as physically active as you can. You can be a great leader as long as you keep your anger in check. People look to you almost instinctually to lead them, and it feels natural for you to pave the way and be a trailblazer.

1st House in Taurus (Taurus Rising)
You come across as someone who is stable, reliable, and takes their time. You don’t want to be rushed, at least when you’re around others or in public. You need to indulge in your senses, and can seem like a sensual person. You can stick to what you believe in, your decisions, and your ideas, no matter how much other people try to push you. You don’t seem like the kind of person that can be pushed into anything you don’t want. You try to be practical, and people look to you to be the grounding influence when everything seems to be unstable.

1st House in Gemini (Gemini Rising)
You come across as someone who is intellectual, adaptable, and always up for some good conversation. You strike up conversations with anyone and everyone no matter where you are, and have knowledge that’s wide-ranging, but perhaps not too deep. You need mental stimulation, and like to be around other people as a result. You’re likely always smiling, even when you don’t feel happy. You can adapt more easily than others to different situations and people, but it can make you wishy-washy in public or with new people. People look to you to start the intellectual debate.

1st House in Cancer (Cancer Rising)
You come across as someone who is nurturing, sensitive, and shy. You can seem quite emotional publicly, but you try to keep your feelings to yourself. You interpret situations and get a sense of new people through your emotions. You can pick up the emotions coursing through any situation, and can understand what people are feeling. This makes you seem like you’re psychic, and you should listen to your instincts because they process what you may not see with your eyes. People look to you to be the comforter, the nurturer, the protective one, the mother. You take care of those around you, and are seen as the mother hen.

1st House in Leo (Leo Rising)
You come across as someone who is friendly, positive, and strong. You love to be around people, and can be the life of the party. You need attention, affection, and praise, so you need people around you. You have a strong personality, so people may be drawn to you without you trying. You seem like a fun person, full of jokes and laughs, and you have a kind heart, or are at least generous in public. Leo rules royalty, and you can seem like you’re someone who should be at the helm and treated with dignity. People look to you to bring in the drama and make everything more fun.

1st House in Virgo (Virgo Rising)
You come across as someone who is practical, logical, and analytical. You have a keen eye for the details, and none will escape you. You can see the details in every situation, though the big picture can be hard for you to grasp. You’re the one who takes detailed notes and lists and tries to stay organized. People look to you to keep everything in order and bring some structure and routine. You may seem a little nervous publicly, unsure of yourself, and need to stay busy. You can work yourself ragged, and will do the work that no one else wants to do, though you may prefer working on your own.

1st House in Libra (Libra Rising)
You come across as someone who is graceful, mediating, and sociable. You may get along with everyone that you meet because you know how to carry yourself well in public, and know what to say and do to not offend anyone. You have an easy time compromising with others, getting people to find middle ground, and people look to you to bring everyone to the table and find a solution that works for all. You try to be balanced, at least publicly, and might feel out of control when you’re in an environment that lacks harmony or order.

1st House in Scorpio (Scorpio Rising)
You come across as someone who is powerful, magnetic, and a mystery. You can keep a lot to yourself, not wanting to reveal all in public, and this draws people to you. You tend to have an intense stare or a brooding expression on your face all of the time, and people wonder what’s going on behind those deep eyes. Some may find your intensity to be overwhelming, and you can be somewhat intimidating at times. In most situations, you won’t back down no matter what, and people look to you to be the rock, to take control, and to get through anything. While you are emotional, you know how to control yourself.

1st House in Sagittarius (Sagittarius Rising)
You come across as someone who is fun-loving, optimistic, and always on the go. You want to have a good time, are a great conversationalist, and are full of stories that you tell in a grand, entertaining way, making you an excellent storyteller. You want to experience the world and everything in it, and it can be hard for you to stay still. This can make you try a lot of things that might not be wise, but you can be so lucky that everything works out in the end anyway. People look to you to show them the bright side of the situation, and to be honest with them.

1st House in Capricorn (Capricorn Rising)
You come across as someone who is responsible, ambitious, and disciplined. You seem serious and mature, and you can take your time when you’re working hard at achieving something. You have goals, but you don’t rush them. You have enormous self-discipline, especially in public. People look to you to point out the big picture, the long view, because you understand how one thing leads to another more easily than others. You may be emotionally distant in public, but you can also seem a bit shy or insecure. You carry yourself well in public, and seem more traditional.

1st House in Aquarius (Aquarius Rising)
You come across as someone who is innovative, original, and unconventional. You can think of things that no one else can, and seem like such an inventive person. You’re an excellent problem solver as a result, coming up with solutions that seem so strange but work well. You drag people into the future, always looking toward the future, and make people think about how things need to be changed. People look to you to show them what the future holds. You may seem like a rebel, and you want to be able to be yourself, no matter how different that may be from everyone else.

1st House in Pisces (Pisces Rising)
You come across as someone who is compassionate, shy, and a dreamer. You can get lost in daydreams and fantasy easily, and you seem like your head is always in the clouds. At times, it may be difficult for you to understand people clearly, or to be understood clearly, and you can follow what other people say too easily. You need to become more sure of yourself, and know yourself better so you’re not following anyone else. You can be extremely creative and artistic, a visionary to some, and can express yourself emotionally through art. People look to you to be empathic and sensitive.


The 2nd House in Astrology

The 2nd house rules your disposable income, values, self-esteem, and self-worth. The sign on the cusp and planets within the house show what profession you could make the most money in. They also show how your approach money, and what your overall feelings are about money. They show how your values lean and what kind of ethical code you adhere to. Your own  feelings of self-worth and esteem can be shown within this house as well. This house is considered one of the career houses, along with the 6th and 10th. The 2nd house is ruled by Taurus, Venus, and is a succedent house.

The 2nd House in the Signs

2nd House in Aries
You have a strong drive to make money, and are assertive in the ways that you go about making money. Your confidence can be linked to how much money you have or make, and the more you make, the better you feel about yourself. You can be a spendthrift at times, blowing money on impulse buys and things you don’t really need. You have to work at being financially disciplined. You can make money through something Aries-related, like the military, as an entrepreneur, as the boss, through sports, or through competition.

2nd House in Taurus
You want a lot of money so you can spend on things of value, that are worth much in your eyes, or that seem luxurious. You can have expensive taste, only wanting the finest things in life, but you tend to stick to spending the money you have rather than how much you wish you had. You can be good at business, and take a practical approach to your finances. Making money can come easily to you. You can make money through something Taurus-related, like using your senses (food, drink, art, music, physical therapy, massage, as an audiologist, optometrist, etc.) or through finance.

2nd House in Gemini
You take an intellectual approach to your finances, and use your mind to help you financially. You can spend a lot of time thinking about your finances, and come up with plans and budgets that come and go. You can adapt to whatever financial situation you find yourself in. You can make money through something Gemini-related, like writing, speaking, detail-oriented work, planning, with younger people (like teaching), or using your mind in some way.

2nd House in Cancer
You can keep your money, save and invest wisely, and don’t want to spend too much on anything except your home or family. You could spoil your family but be cheap with everything else. Having financial security means a lot to you, and you feel emotionally uneasy when you’re finances aren’t in order. How much you make can ebb and flow, changing through your life constantly. You can make money through something Cancer-related, like through the public, nurturing others, in or for the home, or with or for family.

2nd House in Leo
You need to make money in your life so you feel good about yourself. How you feel about yourself is closely linked to your financial life. You need to learn to separate those two things. You may want to live like a king, and only go for items that others might think are tacky or gaudy. You can make money through something Leo-related, like in the public eye (especially in acting/through the theater), through work that helps other people, or work that makes people laugh.

2nd House in Virgo
You know exactly what you want to do with your money, and keep track of every penny. You try to be practical with your finances, always having a sound plan, but you can deviate from it on a whim at times and get yourself in trouble. When your finances aren’t in good shape, you tend to be in bad shape physically, and the financial worry leads to physical illness. You can make money through something Virgo-related, like using the details, something with your mind, as an organizer, bringing structure or creating routines, with health, or with animals.

2nd House in Libra
You try to balance your budget and weigh the pros and cons of spending on certain items or investing in certain ways. If you feel like your financial life is out of balance, it really throws you off. You may make your money with the help of a partner, or through marriage. Your taste is expensive, but you don’t usually spend more than you have, and try not to blow your money on anything too frivolous. You can make money through something Libra-related, like the arts, the law, the beauty industry, fashion, or the wedding industry.

2nd House in Scorpio
You keep your financial life to yourself, not wanting other people to know everything you have or don’t have. You can make a lot of money in your life, but it may not be an actual goal to do so. You can invest your money and see it pay off long-term, and do well with a business partner. You may need to transform your values and what you need to feel worth something at some point in your life. You can make money through something Scorpio-related, like science, secrets, helping people transform themselves or transforming items/property, or in finance.

2nd House in Sagittarius
You have no problem giving your money away, having a generous attitude toward money, and you only want as much as you need to take care of the basics and to help other people. You don’t have a problem trying something risky to make more money, and if it doesn’t work out, you dust yourself off and try again. You think long-term when it comes to your finances, and this helps you to improve your finances. You can make money through something Sagittarius-related, like travel, teaching, writing, speaking, expansion, or dealing with foreign cultures/people.

2nd House in Capricorn
You’re not a frivolous person, careful with how you spend, invest, and deal with your money. You exercise caution when making financial decisions. You may come across as a little cheap, and can feel like you have less than you actually do. You can get by on very little, and over time, build up your finances so you’re more comfortable later on in life. You can make money through something Capricorn-related, like politics, as a boss or entrepreneur, working with people older than you or with your parents, as a planner, or a career counselor.

2nd House in Aquarius
You don’t care very much about money emotionally, keeping your emotions separate from your financial life. Money may come and go for you in spurts, and you may find yourself in jobs where you don’t have a stable income, like working on commission or in sales. You can come up with unique ways to make money, ways that no one else would think of, and can throw yourself into it on a whim. You can make money through something Aquarius-related, like technology, as an inventor, in science, helping people realize their dreams, or that focuses on the future.

2nd House in Pisces
You don’t take your financial life very seriously, or at least not as seriously as you should. You can be lackadaisical with your finances, coming up with fantastical schemes to earn money that never pan out or you never follow through with, and you can have a hard time keeping tabs on your finances. A budget may seem foreign and incomprehensible. You can trust people too much with your finances, and need to be careful you don’t get swindled out of everything you have. You can make money through something Pisces-related, like spirituality, the metaphysical, music, podiatry, or helping others.


The 3rd House in Astrology

The 3rd house rules your communication style, your siblings, your close environment, and short distance travel. How you learn and communicate is shown by the sign on the cusp and any planets within the house. The 3rd house also rules your younger years of education (before college/university/trade school etc.) and how you approached school and what your experiences were during that time. The relationship you have with your siblings is shown with this house. Your neighborhood, the kind you’re drawn to and how you participate within it, is also shown here. The 3rd house rules short distance travel (anywhere you can drive to in a few hours; usually every day travels). Mercury and Gemini rule the 3rd house, and it’s a cadent house.

The 3rd House in the Signs

3rd House in Aries
You mind moves at a fast pace, and you come up with ideas quickly. You feel the need to share your thoughts and opinions with others. You don’t rely on anyone else to think for you, and can express yourself easily. You’re eager to learn new things, but you have trouble sticking with anything long enough to really learn it. You can be mentally aggressive, prone to arguments and defending your ideas, and short-tempered, so you need to make sure you have an outlet for the excess energy to prevent periodic explosions.

3rd House in Taurus
It can take a long time for you to learn something, and it might seem like you don’t care about learning on the surface because of that. When you dedicate yourself to learning something, you’ll stick with it until you’ve got it, no matter how long it takes, and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. Learning could be easier for you when you involve your senses, and you can take in knowledge using what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch to help you. Playing soft music while studying or trying to absorb something new could help as well.

3rd House in Gemini
Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd house, so having Gemini here denotes you have a mind that is naturally quick and an ease in communication. You require mental stimulation, love conversation with others, are a social person, and can take in facts easily. You have an easy time dealing with the small details, but can struggle with the bigger picture and large projects. You’re open to new ideas, and understand different modes of thought. While your mind moves quickly, it can be too quick at times, and when that happens, you can have a hard time communicating effectively.

3rd House in Cancer
Once you commit something to memory, you’ll never forget it. You have one of the longest memories out there, especially when it comes to anything that impacts you emotionally. You never forget the emotions you felt and that coursed through others in any given situation. While this makes you understanding, it can also make it hard for you to be objective. Learning may have been difficult for you as a child, and it makes you sensitive when it comes to learning as an adult. If you have siblings, they likely played an important role in your childhood.

3rd House in Leo
You can be theatrical when you express yourself, dominant in conversations, and someone who knows how to entertain. You may not know exactly what you’re talking about, but you know how to make it so that no one cares if you do. Your mind is creative, and you enjoy gossiping, joking around, and having a good laugh. You can be surprisingly stubborn when it comes to your thoughts, and need to learn to be more open to other people’s opinions. Words can wound your pride, and when someone cuts you in this way, it runs deep and perhaps forever.

3rd House in Virgo
Communicating may have been especially difficult for you when you were young, not because of any problem with your mind, but because of insecurity and doubt about your thoughts and opinions. You felt like what you had to say just didn’t matter as much as what other people said. You have a strong mind centered around logic and reason, and you need to learn to feed your mind. You’re excellent with the details, practical, and able to dedicate yourself to any mental work required of you. You can be critical of other people’s opinions, or of your siblings or neighbors.

3rd House in Libra
You’re a pleasant communicator, someone who communications with grace and style. You may be a creative or artistic person as a result. You can charm people with your words, talk people into compromising and finding middle ground no matter how much they resist, and you’re not forceful or demanding. You avoid conflict and arguments, wanting everyone to get along. Without mental balance and harmony, you feel off in life. You can get along well with siblings or neighbors, knowing just what to say to get them to calm down and work with you.

3rd House in Scorpio
You believe strongly in what you think and say, your opinions and beliefs, and won’t budge from your position. You can dominate other people, are intense in your communications, and overwhelm others. Words can help you transform in life, or you can use your words to help transform others. You’re researching and won’t stop digging into something until you’ve gotten to the core. When something interests you, you can become obsessed with it. You can be too judgmental, and may feel that people should do whatever you tell them to.

3rd House in Sagittarius
You tend to be an optimistic person, looking at the brighter side of situations, and don’t want to get too down about anything. You keep communications light and fun, wanting to laugh and have a good time. You’re interested in learning about the world, worldly issues, and look at the big picture, but the details can escape you. You love to learn, but can do better learning on your own. You want to expand your mind whenever you get the chance, and enjoy exposing yourself to new cultures and ways of living. When you talk, you do so in a big way, and are an excellent storyteller. You’re also quite honest.

3rd House in Capricorn
You don’t like to express your thoughts or opinions with others until you’ve carefully reviewed what you’re going to say, and believe that it needs to be said. You try to only say what needs to be said, and don’t waste your time on anything else. If you don’t have something productive say, you won’t say anything at all. You may seem quiet or secretive as a result. Learning or getting an education may have been difficult when young for some reason, and as you get older, you take studying seriously, and can use it to help you achieve your goals.

3rd House in Aquarius
You love to learn, and you don’t need to learn to gain anything except knowledge. You want to share your knowledge with other people, and can be a great teacher. You’re open to new modes of thoughts, new ways to express yourself, original ideas, and are forward-thinking. You may not have patience for anyone who isn’t the same way as you though, and need to not be so critical of people who aren’t as open or unique. You can speak before you take the time to say anything, and this can put you in situations you don’t want to be in.

3rd House in Pisces
Over time, you can merge your emotions and your mind together to create a powerful force. Until then, you can have a hard time communicating clearly or understanding the details. Your emotions can cloud your judgment, and they prevent you from being able to communicate. This is usually a problem in your youth. As you evolve, you become more creative, intuitive in your communications, and can see through what people say to what they really mean. You come up with your best ideas on your own, and require a certain amount of time alone to recharge your mind.


The 4th House in Astrology

The 4th house rules your home, family, and foundation. It can rule your home itself structurally, like the kind of home you like and the place or area you’d like to live, as well as the environment within the home. The sign on the cusp and planets within the house show your family environment as a child as well as the one you create as an adult. The 4th house is on as axis with the 10th house (the exact opposite house), and is called the Immum Coeli or IC for short. Both houses rules your parents, with the 4th house ruling one parent and the 10th house ruling the other. This axis is also a very spiritual axis, and the 4th house shows the spiritual foundation upon which you build. Cancer and the Moon rule the 4th house, and this house is an angular house.

The 4th House in the Signs

4th House in Aries
You have energy and drive to deal with your family and family matters. You’re the one who takes charge, assumes the leadership role, and is active in family affairs. You may be too forceful though, and that results in fights over what you want. You have to learn to listen to your family, and be willing to compromise when needed. You can become more energetic as you age, and have a youthful persona in your later years, always on the go and needing lots of physical activity.

4th House in Taurus
You need security with your family and home. You need a home that looks good and is of value. You want to find a place to call home, something that’s large and gives you plenty of space, and where you can connect with nature. You like to give material items to your family, buying them lots of gifts, and splurging on them. You can become more at ease with yourself as you get older, calm down more, and want more peace in your later years.

4th House in Gemini
You may not spend very long in one place, always moving around, though it might not be very far. It can be difficult for you to have any real bonds with a family, whether it’s with your actual family or the family you try to create as you get older. You may spend lots of time with them, but not form a real bond. As you get older, your mind gets stronger, and you can pursue intellectual ventures with greater ease.

4th House in Cancer
You feel protective of your family, and need some roots. Your family is important to you, and you absorb much of your home environment into your personality. You like to maintain family traditions, and you try to maintain your relationships with your family members no matter what. As you get older, you need a place to call home, to put down roots and settle down.

4th House in Leo
You want to be proud of your home and family, showing them off to other people, and have a home that’s lavish and worthy of a magazine cover. You can shine at home, be the star at home and with your family, and entertain well in your home or with your family. You can gain more confidence through having a nice home and good family. You can be more dramatic as you get older, full of flair and spunk.

4th House in Virgo
You maintain structure and order in your home, may be a neat freak, and are always organized. Without structure and order, you don’t feel comfortable in your home. You can be overly critical of your home and family, and if they don’t live up to your standards of perfectionism, you can be too hard on them. You’re more easygoing in your younger years, and manifest the earthy and intellectual aspects of Virgo as you get older.

4th House in Libra
You need a home that’s pleasant and beautiful, and require peace and harmony with your family. If there’s too much chaos, you don’t feel settled in your soul. You need to strike a balance with your home and family and the rest of your life. You can make compromises easily with your family, and may be the mediator. As you get older, you become more charming and graceful, and can use your home as a place that grounds you.

4th House in Scorpio
You’re private about family matters, keeping the affairs of your family to yourself. If anyone attacks your family, you’re there immediately to defend them, and are very protective and loyal. You may be a dominant personality in your family, or try to force what you want on them. You can create a home that’s luxurious and a place for you to escape to as you get older.

4th House in Sagittarius
You want a large home with enough space for everyone to breathe. You want only the best for your family, and try to do the right thing with them. Family is important to you, and you strive to have the strongest ties you can. As you get older, you can expand your life in new ways, are more gregarious, and you can attain more material, intellectual, and spiritual wealth.

4th House in Capricorn
You feel responsible for your family, and assume a lot of the responsibilities. You’re traditional in the way you envision your family to be and your home to be managed, practical with family affairs, and are the one managing everyone. You may not develop a strong family life until later in life, and as you get older, you can be more responsible, mature, and develop a strong foundation.

4th House in Aquarius
You don’t want a traditional home life. You may move often or change your home regularly in some way. You home life may not have been very stable when young, and you had to deal with family strife. You likely don’t have a strong emotional tie to your family, or have a place you think of as home. You become more innovative, original, and open as you get older, and want an interesting life.

4th House in Pisces
Your home and family life has a direct impact on you and how you feel about yourself. There’s a strong emotional bond with your family or your home, and you need support and stability. Your home needs to be a safe place for you. You may be a bit unrealistic with your family, not seeing them as they really are. As you get older, you become more compassionate and imaginative.


The 5th House in Astrology

The 5th house rules your hobbies, romantic interests, children, and creative pursuits. What you find most fun and how you have fun can be found by the sign on the cusp and planets within the house. The kind of romantic you are, how you want to be courted, and the people you date and fall in love with are also ruled by the 5th house. Children are ruled by this house, the personality types and your approaches towards them. What you’re most creative with. what you feel best at creating, falls here as well. Generally, people with planets here (except Saturn) are highly creative people. The 5th house is ruled by Leo and the Sun and is a succedent house.

The 5th House in the Signs

5th House in Aries
You need lots of physical activity in your free time, and prefer hobbies that keep you physically active. You enjoy your hobbies immensely, and need plenty of time to dedicate to them. You may prefer hobbies that you can pursue alone, without the help of anyone. In love, you like to take charge. You can be short-tempered with children, lacking patience, and your own children can be high energy and willful.

5th House in Taurus
You have an appreciation for beauty, and prefer hobbies that stimulate your senses. Free time for you can consist of just lounging around and being lazy. In love, you require lots of affection, and want someone to dote on you. You can spoil your children, give them lots of material items, but have a hard time dealing with them if they turn out to be very different from you.

5th House in Gemini
You prefer intellectual hobbies, ones where you can utilize your mind, especially in creative ways. In love, you like variety, and will date around before you decide to settle down with anyone. You need love to be fun, light, and carefree. You can bring out the intellectual potential in your children, and they can have sharp, active minds, need variety, and have many interests.

5th House in Cancer
You’re not one for light-hearted affairs, and prefer hobbies that are comfortable, comforting, or domestic, like cooking or knitting. You can have a secret creative side to you though, and can find it easier to express yourself through creative ventures. In love, you’re quite emotional, and need to learn how to manage that before you have a healthy relationship. You’re protective of your children, and nurture and support them.

5th House in Leo
You need hobbies that allow you to express yourself, especially in creative ways. You can closely identify with your hobbies and your creative side. In love, you can be dramatic and affectionate, and need constant attention from your partner. You’re romantic and want love to be like in the movies. You adore your children, and encourage them to be the best that they can be.

5th House in Virgo
You don’t do things on a whim, and prefer quiet hobbies and activities. You do a lot of planning before you let yourself have any fun, and prefer hobbies that use up some of your mental energy. In love, you’re picky, and don’t want to settle for anything less than your perfect mate. You take a logical, analytical approach to dating. You can be too critical of your children, and need to be more understanding.

5th House in Libra
You prefer hobbies where you can do things with other people. You may be creative, but you need other people to tell you that you’re talented in order for you to think that about yourself. You try to strike a balance between work and play. In love, you need someone who is charming and polite, but you can have a hard time choosing someone. You’re fair with your children, and try to understand them as well as you can.

5th House in Scorpio
You’re interested in getting to the heart of subjects and people, and prefer hobbies where you can do research and figure out mysteries. Science or occult can be of interest. Whatever your hobbies are, you can get obsessed with them at times. In love, too often you want to change your partner, and are overly emotional or possessive. You need a cooler head. You’re protective of your children, but can have a hard time letting them go.

5th House in Sagittarius
You love fun, and need to have time in your life for your hobbies and to do whatever you want. You’re someone that everyone wants to spend free time with because it’s going to be a grand adventure. In love, you don’t take it too seriously and can be hard to pin down. You want to roam free for a while. You treat your children with respect and understanding, but can spoil them at times.

5th House in Capricorn
You can view your free time as simply more time for you to get work done. You don’t let yourself have fun as much as you should. Letting loose is difficult for you when young. Your creative side may not come out until you’re older. In love, you’re practical and take your time, not wanting to rush into anything and knowing you don’t need to. You’re strict with your children, but you can also teach them a lot.

5th House in Aquarius
Your hobbies tend to be unusual in some way, and you do things that are radically different from everyone else. You’re up for experimentation, and willing to try almost anything once. In love, you like to keep it casual for a while, preferring friendship first, and aren’t much of a conventional romantic. You let your children be independent and original, and they may be rebels.

5th House in Pisces
You need hobbies that allow you to fully express your creativity, but it can be difficult for you to figure out what you should do. You need to remove any blocks and let yourself go. In love, you can have a hard time figuring out what you want, and be attracted to people who need to be saved or who will save you. You’re willing to do whatever it takes for your children, but you can sacrifice too much.


The 6th House in Astrology

The 6th house rules your health, routine, work environment, and pets. The health ailments you’re most prone to and the way you approach your health are found by the sign on the cusp and planets within the house. Your everyday habits are also ruled by this house, how you manage day-to-day tasks. The 6th house governs the kind of work environment you are most comfortable in, giving a clue as to what professions you’ll enjoy. The 6th house is a house of service, in this case, work. Your pets show up here as well (and whether you’re a pet person at all). The 6th house is ruled by Virgo and Mercury and is a cadent house.

The 6th House in the Signs

6th House in Aries
You throw yourself into your work, and are hard-working and dedicated. You’re driven to work in life, and try to do the absolute best you can. You can have a hard time with coworkers because you expect them to work as hard as you do. You need physical exercise to stay healthy. You may need to work for yourself with Aries here, or do work where you’re mostly on your own. You can work in the military or in sports.

6th House in Taurus
You focus on your work goals and work at them slowly but surely. Everyone else might think you take too long, but you get there eventually, and you do a good job. If you’re not happy with your work, you can be lazy and come up with excuses. You can be prone to problems with your throat or weight. You can work as a teacher with Taurus here, or do work that engages your senses. You can also work in finance.

6th House in Gemini
You need work that keeps you interested because you get bored quickly, so you may go from one job to the next quickly. It could be good for you to do work that requires you to use your mind in some way. Your nerves can impact your health, and you need to work on calming yourself. You may work two jobs throughout your life with Gemini here, steadily or for periods of time. You can work as a writer, speaker, or with young people.

6th House in Cancer
You work well when you’re helping other people, and can be emotional with your work. You may care more about your work than any other area of your life. If you don’t have stable work, it has a physical impact on you. Watch for stomach or breast issues. You’re caring with your coworkers, and not dominating as a boss. You can work from home with Cancer here, or do work that helps families or with your own family.

6th House in Leo
You take pride in the work that you do, and need praise for what you complete. You can dedicate yourself fully to your work, and want to be in the spotlight. When work isn’t going well, you feel lethargic and unhealthy. You can be prone to heart or back problems. You can work in the theater or film with Leo here, be in the public eye yourself, or do work that helps people in some way.

6th House in Virgo
You’re focused on the details in your work, and can get so lost in them that you never actually finish the job. You prefer work that’s practical and uses your mind. Your health is of great concern to you, and you pay close attention to what you eat and drink, and how much you exercise. When stressed, it manifests physically, and you can have stomach issues. You can work with animals or do something in health care with Virgo here.

6th House in Libra
You can be the mediator at work, the one coming up with compromises and getting coworkers to play fair. You work well with others, and do best with a partner. You need harmony in your work environment, and without it, you become very ill. Balance is important for your health in general. With Libra here, you can work in the arts or beauty industry, or with the law.

6th House in Scorpio
You’re serious about your work, and can become obsessed with it at times. You may be too intense for coworkers to deal with, and can work best on your own. When you’re emotionally and mentally drained, it leads to health problems for you. You can have issues with your reproductive health. With Scorpio here, you can do work in science, research, or in finance.

6th House in Sagittarius
You’re a fun coworker, someone who tries to make people laugh and enjoy their work, but you may not take your work very seriously at all if you don’t care for it. On the flipside, you can work yourself ragged if you love your work, and need to not overdo it. You can have problems with weight, overeating, or drinking. With Sagittarius here, you can do work that involves travel, writing, or teaching.

6th House in Capricorn
You have great self-discipline with work, but you need to make sure the work that you’re doing is fulfilling, or you just waste your time. You prefer to stay in a job for a long time, not wanting instability with work. You can either be a workaholic, or avoid work entirely. You try to be responsible with your health, and can have issues with your skin, bones, nails, and teeth. With Capricorn here, you can work in politics, government, or as an entrepreneur.

6th House in Aquarius
You need work that’s unusual, innovative, or forward-thinking, or a work environment that’s different in some way. Without that, you get bored. You do well working in groups, and become friends with coworkers. Your nerves can cause all sorts of health problems for you, and you need to learn to corral your wild energy. With Aquarius here, you can work in science, technology, or invention.

6th House in Pisces
Your emotions are directly tied to your work, and if you’re doing work that’s fulfilling, you feel great. If you’re not, it has an impact on your physical health. You can do well as an employee rather than a boss, but need to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of. You worry too much about your work. Watch for health issues with your nervous system, toxicity, or your feet. With Pisces here, you can do work that helps others, or work with spirituality or the metaphysical.


The 7th House in Astrology

The 7th house rules all of your one-on-one relationships. Called the Descendant or DC for short, it’s along an axis with the 1st house (the house of the self) and is the house of others. Marriage, how you feel about commitment, what you expect in a relationship (personal or business), and the kind of partner you’re attracted to for a relationship (personally and in business) fall under the rulership of this house. This house also rules your open enemies (a different kind of relationship most don’t think of). The 7th house is ruled by Libra and Venus and is an angular house.

The 7th House in the Signs

7th House in Aries
You want a partner who has a take-charge personality, who is independent and full of energy, and who will stand up for you when you need someone by your side. In a relationship, you want fun times, but you can also fight a lot, butting heads over little things. You might feel like it’s not love if you’re not fighting, so you need to be careful if that’s the case.

7th House in Taurus
You want a partner who is loyal, stable, and secure. They can’t bring upheaval into your life in any way. They need to be less intense than you to help you loosen up. You take your time finding someone, and you’ll stay with them no matter what. In a relationship, you crave stability, but can have problems you need to ride out, and you want someone who’s willing to stay through good times and bad.

7th House in Gemini
You want a partner who is interesting and stimulates your mind. If there’s no mental connection, you’re gone. They need to have varied interests and are always up for a good time. In a relationship, you want to keep it casual at first, and let it grow on its own. You don’t want someone who will try to force commitment, or who will cling to you for dear life.

7th House in Cancer
You want a partner who is sensitive and nurturing. You’re emotional with a partner, and need someone who will be sensitive and understanding of your feelings. Conversely, you can prefer a partner who’s emotional, and you need to be the one there for them. In a relationship, you want loyalty, and emotions run high. The relationship ebbs and flows, but you grow closer over time.

7th House in Leo
You want a partner who is a strong person, and one of you is the star in the relationship. You tend to go for someone who seems most like who you really are on the inside. In a relationship, you want them to take control of everything so you don’t have to deal with the responsibilities that weigh you down, and want them to understand your need to pursue intellectual ventures.

7th House in Virgo
You want a partner who is practical, and will help you to get in touch with reality. They need to be logical, rational people, and stimulate your mind to get you thinking. In a relationship, they need to bring what you lack, and vice versa, and they need to be understanding of the way you live, because it’s not like everyone else. You can drift off into your own world, and they need to be willing to find you and bring you back.

7th House in Libra
You want a partner who knows just what to say and do to charm you. You don’t want them to be pigheaded or too aggressive, and prefer someone who is smooth in their dealings with you. You’re careful about who you choose to be with. In a relationship, you need to learn how to compromise with your partner, and should be with someone who can show you the way to middle ground.

7th House in Scorpio
You want a partner who is powerful and strong, not someone you can control. You need to have a partner in life, and will do what it takes to have that. In a relationship, you can struggle over power and control with your partner, and need to work on treating them like an equal. You’re loyal to them, and you believe that having a successful relationship is one of the keys to a happy life.

7th House in Sagittarius
You want a partner who has their own life and won’t try to tie you down or hold you back from anything. Commitment is a hard thing for you in your early years, and you won’t settle down until you feel you’re truly ready, which will likely be later in life. In a relationship, you need space to do your own thing, and will run if your partner starts to get clingy.

7th House in Capricorn
You want a partner who won’t rush you into anything, is loyal, and needs your support. You take your time picking who you want to be with, taking it very seriously, and you may not commit until later in life as a result. In a relationship, you’re supportive of your partner, and they’ll be supportive of you, but you need to make sure there’s no codependency happening.

7th House in Aquarius
You want a partner who’s independent and is an individual. You want plenty of independence yourself, but you can be a bit dominant in the relationship and controlling of your partner. It has to be your way or the highway, so you need to be more open. In a relationship, you prefer to keep things somewhat emotionally detached, and want friendship to be the foundation.

7th House in Pisces
You want a partner who is sweet and sensitive of your feelings. They need to know how to calm you down when you get rattled. They should probably be someone who is strong where you’re weak. It can be a long time before you settle down, fearful of failure. In a relationship, you keep everything organized while they bring the whimsy and get you to open up to new experiences.


The 8th House in Astrology

The 8th house rules other people’s money and transformations. ‘Other people’s money’ can mean debt, taxes, inheritances, joint finances (spouse/partner) and loans. This house is on an axis with the 2nd house (exact opposite house) and is an axis of money (2nd – your money; 8th – other people’s money). ‘Transformations’ can be mental/emotional; physically it can be sex (start of life), pregnancy (process of life and major transformation to women’s bodies), and death (both literal and figuratively). The more serious side of life and deep thought are very 8th house. The 8th house also tends to be misunderstood a bit, seen as ‘depressing.’ This house is one of the three relationship houses (5th – love; 7th – commitment; 8th – sex). The 8th house is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto, and is a succedent house.

The 8th House in the Signs

8th House in Aries
You believe that you know the best way to handle joint finances, and you’ll push to do things your way. When you need to transform in life, you face it directly and get started without the help of anyone. You may try to rush it though, and need to learn that change doesn’t happen overnight.

8th House in Taurus
You’re good with investing and saving, but maybe not with sharing, and prefer to hold on to what you have. You can use your senses to help you transform in your life, and take your time when making important changes. You can take too long to begin though, and may need a swift kick to get you started.

8th House in Gemini
You can come up with lots of ways to deal with your joint finances, investing, and saving money. You find life to be very interesting, and want to dive into problems. You use your mind when you need to transform, and you have a strong mental will to help you get through trying times.

8th House in Cancer
You prefer to go the traditional route when it comes to joint finances and investing, and don’t want to take any chances. You can spend a lot of time dwelling on your emotions, but not be open with your needs. Your emotions drive you to transform in life, as well as your home and family.

8th House in Leo
You’re enthusiastic about investing and joint finances, and you have fun with it. You don’t like to horde your money, but you do like to have control over every penny. You inspire yourself to transform to improve your self-esteem and confidence, and to get what you want out of life.

8th House in Virgo
You’re cautious when it comes to joint finances and investing, and won’t do anything impulsive or unconventional without checking it out first and understanding the details. When it comes to transforming, you can use your mind to help you, be inspired to by your health, and you can transform in a structured, ordered way.

8th House in Libra
You can gain improve your financial resources through a partner. You work well with a partner to invest and share in the financial responsibilities. You try to be fair about who should handle what, and you’re willing to compromise. You can transform because of or with the help of a partner.

8th House in Scorpio
You’re secretive when it comes to your handling of joint finances and investing, and this can get you into trouble. You need to be more open with your feelings about other people. You can transform many times throughout your life, and when everyone thinks you’re down for good, you get right back up.

8th House in Sagittarius
You almost seem lucky when it comes to joint finances and investing, and choose a partner who has a great head for the numbers, or get the financial help you need in life at just the right time. You benefit greatly from a partner. Transformation is something you can embrace and go into with an optimistic attitude.

8th House in Capricorn
You’re cautious and responsible with joint finances and investing. You opt for traditional methods that take time, but have stood the test of time and will work out eventually. You may be responsible for someone else’s finances. You transform to help you mature, grow, and evolve into the person you should be, and to achieve the goals you have.

8th House in Aquarius
You take an unconventional approach to dealing with joint finances and investing. You can play around with the stock market, take big risks on a whim, and sometimes it pays off, and sometimes it doesn’t. You can transform yourself quickly and without much thought, and do so in unusual ways.

8th House in Pisces
You worry about your joint finances and investing, fearing the worst, but you need to trust you intuition, which is very strong. You may need to set aside what you want for the sake of others. Transforming yourself may require some sacrifices, and you can be inspired spiritually to change.


The 9th House in Astrology

The 9th house rules higher education, philosophical pursuits. long distance travel, and the law. Higher education refers to your secondary education, like college. This house shows what kind of philosophies you subscribe to. Travel that’s far from home falls here. Any legal dealings are 9th house matters. The 9th house is also a house of communication (along with the 3rd house/they are opposing houses and on an axis). It rules writing (and writers) and publishing (and publishers). This house is optimistic and forward thinking in an abstract way. The 9th house is ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter, and is a cadent house.

The 9th House in the Signs

9th House in Aries
You enjoy going on adventures, and you have no problems coming up with plans to do work that’s new and interesting. You have an optimistic attitude, and you feel that you can get anything done that you really want to.

9th House in Taurus
You tend to be a traditional person and don’t break out from what you were raised to believe very often. You stick to what you know, and avoid anything new or different. You like to travel, especially to beautiful places.

9th House in Gemini
You’re logical when it comes to your beliefs, thinking them through and asking about the facts. Your actual beliefs may vary, and you lose interest in them quickly. You have a thirst for knowledge that needs to be quenched.

9th House in Cancer
Your emotions influence your beliefs, and you go with what your feelings tell you. You like to do work for other people. You prefer going away from where you grew up, and find you’re comfortable in foreign places and know how to adapt to various cultures.

9th House in Leo
Your belief in yourself is strong, and you’re a naturally confident person. You love to learn, and you especially love to travel. Being stuck in one place won’t do it for you. You may find that traveling is one of the best things for your soul.

9th House in Virgo
You’re a logical person when it comes to your beliefs, and you like to study various beliefs and cultures. Whatever you do believe, you know a lot about, and you’ve studied it thoroughly.

9th House in Libra
You have a strong sense of equality, fairness, and justice, and want people to be treated well. You enjoy learning, and you feel that you should always put your best foot forward. You give all beliefs and cultures respect.

9th House in Scorpio
You’re interested in the mysteries of life, and will research beliefs that may be taboo or dark. You want to know what makes the world tick. You throw yourself into learning whatever interests you.

9th House in Sagittarius
You want to expand your mind in life, experience what the world has to offer you, and are always looking for more from life. Your beliefs aren’t radical, but you’re a positive person and want to have a good standard to live up to.

9th House in Capricorn
Your beliefs tend to be conventional, and you don’t buy into ideas that seem far-fetched. You require facts and figures in order to believe in something. You may not like to travel, and will only do so when required for work or to fulfill a responsibility.

9th House in Aquarius
Your beliefs tend to be unconventional, and you’re open to many different beliefs. You like to surround yourself with people who will challenge your beliefs, and you’re a progressive person. You enjoy travel, and do so to shake things up in your life.

9th House in Pisces
Your beliefs are important to you, and you apply them to your daily life. You may be fiercely spiritual or religious, and believe this helps you solve your problems. Travel may not be something you do often, and you prefer to be around water.


The 10th House in Astrology

The 10th house rules your career, social status, authority figures, and life path. What kind of career you’d do best in can be found by the sign on the cusp and planets within the house. Along with the 2nd and 6th houses, it’s one of the career houses and shows what professions a person would be best at. Your social status and rank also fall under the 10th house, and how you need to be ranked (it should come as no surprise this house also rules politicians). Authority figures, those above you that you must answer to or look up to, fall here (like bosses). This house is on an axis with the 4th house and is also called the Medium Coeli, MC for short, or more usually the Midheaven. Both houses rule your parents, with one house ruling one parent and the other house ruling the other. Both are also spiritual in nature, and the 10th house holds influence over your life path and future. Capricorn and Saturn rule this house, and it’s an angular house.

The 10th House in the Signs

10th House in Aries
You’re comfortable in the spotlight, and aren’t afraid to embark down a new path. You can be impulsive in your decision-making, especially in regards to your career and life path, and need to give yourself enough time to know what you’re doing and where you’re going. You’re ambitious, driven, and hard-working once you figure out what you want to do with your life. Your career can be something Aries-related, like in the military, as an entrepreneur, in sports, or something competitive.

10th House in Taurus
You can be controlling with your career, and have a hard time giving up control when you need to. You want to be seen as someone who has status and wealth, no matter how little you may have. You carry yourself with charm and seem sensual. You can take time to make progress in your career or with your goals, and aren’t in any rush. Working in the arts could be best for you. You can also do something Taurus-related that uses your senses, or in finance.

10th House in Gemini
You require a lot of activity in your career, and get bored easily. Something mentally stimulating may be best for you, or where you can use your hands. With Gemini here, you can have two different careers in life, maybe even at the same time. It might burn out most people, but you need the activity. You can have a career that’s Gemini-related, like writing, speaking, detail-oriented work, planning, with younger people (like teaching), or using your mind in some way.

10th House in Cancer
You care deeply about your career and success, and because of that, can experience some upheaval and fluctuations until you finally devote yourself to something. You want to be seen as someone who knows what they’re doing and can be looked up to. You can be quite ambitious, creative, and helpful of others once you do pick a career. You can have a career that’s Cancer-related, like dealing with the public, nurturing others, in or for the home, or with or for family.

10th House in Leo
You need to shine in your career, and want to be recognized for your work and receive praise. Working in the public eye could suit you well. You work best on your own because you’re too dominating of other people. You’re proud of your accomplishments, and of where you are in life. You can have a career that’s Leo-related, like in the public eye (this is the most common 10th house placement for celebrities), through work that helps other people, or work that makes people laugh.

10th House in Virgo
You need plenty of mental stimulation in your career, or you get bored quickly. You do best in work that’s in service of others, that involves the usage of your mind, and where you can exchange ideas freely. You prefer conventional jobs in conventional places. You can choose a career that’s Virgo-related, involving the details, something with your mind, as an organizer, bringing structure or creating routines, with health, or with animals.

10th House in Libra
You likely need a career that involves someone else, and have most of your success when you’re working with a partner. You need them to be an equal, and you want to divide the work fairly. You come across as charming and graceful in public. You take your time deciding what to do in your career and with your life path, weighing your options, but you can vacillate too much and never decide what you want. You can choose a career that’s Libra-related, like in the arts, the law, the beauty industry, fashion, or the wedding industry.

10th House in Scorpio
You can become obsessed with your career, dedicating yourself to it fully and being quite ambitious. You have incredible focus and such a strong will that success is almost a guarantee as long as you don’t self-sabotage with extreme emotions and destructive actions. You come across as powerful and strong in public. You can choose a career that’s Scorpio-related, like in science, dealing with secrets, helping people transform themselves or transforming items/property, or in finance.

10th House in Sagittarius
You have an optimistic attitude with your goals, and while you’re hard-working, you don’t lose yourself in your work. You may not dedicate yourself to any one job either, and have several different careers in your life. You come across as jolly and optimistic, and you’re a natural salesman. You may choose a career that’s Sagittarius-related, like in travel, teaching, writing, speaking, expansion, or dealing with foreign cultures/people.

10th House in Capricorn
You take your career very seriously, and work harder than most to achieve what you set out to do. You take the slow, steady, cautious approach, and come across as determined and practical. Success likely comes later in life, after years of hard work and slow progress. You may choose a career that’s Capricorn-related, like in politics, as an entrepreneur, working with people older than you or with your parents, or helping those older than you.

10th House in Aquarius
You do things differently in your career, and take an innovative approach. You think very long-term, and know what you want long before you even get started. You may work best in a group, or doing something in the public eye, though you’re not comfortable in the public eye, and would prefer if only your work be recognized and not you. You can choose a career that’s Aquarius-related, like in technology, as an inventor, in science, helping people realize their dreams, or that focuses on the future.

10th House in Pisces
You have difficulty figuring out what you want to do with your career and the path you want your life to go in. You need to learn to be more practical when making your decisions. You can do work that helps other people, or allows you to express your emotions publicly through something creative. You can choose a career that’s Pisces-related, like dealing with spirituality, the metaphysical, the arts, or helping others.


The 11th House in Astrology

The 11th house rules your friends, groups, charity, and hopes and dreams. The sign on the cusp and planets in the house can show the kind of friends you’re attracted to, the qualities you want in a friendship, and how you are as a friend. Any groups or organizations you belong to fall under the 11th house. Charity also falls here (mostly organizations as opposed to one person), though ‘helping others’ seems to be more in a distant way. What your hopes and dreams are for your life and future and how you treat them are all 11th house matters. This house is opposite the 5th house and therefore on an axis with it, and both house are social houses. The 11th house is ruled by Aquarius and Uranus, and is a succedent house.

The 11th House in the Signs

11th House in Aries
You’re a sociable person and enjoy spending time in groups and with your friends. You make friends quickly, but the bonds may not be very strong. You’re driven to achieve your dreams, and you have the energy needed to attain them.

11th House in Taurus
You probably don’t have a lot of friends, but you’re close to the ones you do have, and will keep them in your life for a long time. You take your time trying to achieve your dreams, and your dreams are likely about increasing your sense of security in life.

11th House in Gemini
You have a lot of friends, though they may be mostly casual, and need the social interaction for mental stimulation. When it comes to your dreams, you may have two specifically that you want, or go from one dream to the next quickly.

11th House in Cancer
You prefer having your friends over to your house, and love a small dinner party. You have a small group of close friends that are like family to you. Your dreams may include doing something to help people who are in need.

11th House in Leo
You like to be the leader of the group, and shine with your friends. You have many casual acquaintances, but also a close group of friends that you’re loyal to. You dream of having status and being admired publicly.

11th House in Virgo
You don’t make too many close friends, but are loyal to the ones you have and willing to help them with whatever they need. You tend to be practical with your dreams, and try to figure out how you can realistically make things happen.

11th House in Libra
You’re the one who helps everyone to get along with your friends, who organizes truces and plays the mediator. You have many friends, and you try to give them equal time. You can even marry a friend. You can vacillate with your dreams, unsure of what you want.

11th House in Scorpio
You’re attracted to friends that are powerful and that share the same view of the world you have. You’re picky about who you become friends with, but loyal. You can become obsessed with your dreams, and work hard to make them happen.

11th House in Sagittarius
You have plenty of friends from all walks of life, but most of them are casual relationships. You want to be around people who you can have raucous debates with. You have big dreams, and no matter how big they are, they can fall into place easily for you.

11th House in Capricorn
You don’t have many friends, but are close to the ones you do have. You may sacrifice friendships until you feel you’ve attained the goals you want in life. You work hard toward your dreams, trying to make them a reality, and don’t need anyone’s help.

11th House in Aquarius
You want to be around people who are interesting, innovative, and original. You thrive in a group setting, and can be a bit of a rebel. Your dreams tend to be unusual in some way, and you can take unusual steps to achieve them.

11th House in Pisces
You’ll do anything for your friends, but need to make sure that you see them for who they really are, and accept them as such. You’re very charitable, and will give far more than you have. Your dreams tend to involve helping others, or are wildly fantastical.

The 12th House in Astrology

The 12th house rules endings, hidden things, confined places, and your past life. The 8th house rules death, because it’s seen as a transformation, going from one form of existence to another; the 12th house rules endings where something ends to make way for something new. It’s a ‘clear the clutter’ house. Hidden things can be anything that’s kept from others, usually referring to secrets. Confined places are anywhere that you are contained, like prison or hospitals. If you have planets in this house, the energy ruled by them tends to be hidden, and if you have a personal planet here (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), you tend to feel ‘misunderstood.’ This house is ruled by Pisces and Neptune, and is a cadent house.

The 12th House in the Signs

12th House in Aries
When you feel comfortable, you’re someone who can take charge of a situation or problem. You can be an energetic person, but only behind closed doors, and you’re surprisingly assertive, and subconsciously sure of yourself.

12th House in Taurus
You crave security in your life far more than you let on, and you come across as less stable than you actually are. When you feel comfortable, you’re sensual, indulgent, and calm, a grounding energy for those around you, and hard-working.

12th House in Gemini
You have an active mind, but only when you’re by yourself. When comfortable, you come up with great ideas, have quick wit, and are more logical than you come across as. You let your emotions cloud your judgment at times, and need to be use more reason.

12th House in Cancer
You keep your emotions to yourself, not wanting anyone to see just how emotional you are. You come across as fun and free, but when comfortable, you can show how sensitive you are. You need to work on being more sensitive to other people.

12th House in Leo
When you feel comfortable, out of the spotlight, you thrive. You can be a powerhouse and a great leader when no one is looking at you. You can avoid attention, be shy and quiet publicly, and are more powerful than you seem.

12th House in Virgo
You can be more judgmental of other people than you seem, and think long and hard before you speak out. When comfortable, you’re practical, reserved, and detail-oriented. If you keep your nerves to yourself, it impacts your health.

12th House in Libra
You have a hard time working with other people, and taking on a partner isn’t recommended for you. You may seem like someone who does everything alone, but when comfortable, you can be romantic and diplomatic. You need to put yourself out there more.

12th House in Scorpio
You keep a lot locked away in your vault of secrets, and shun views that seem taboo. When comfortable, you’re more interested in these ideas than you come across. You’re more powerful than anyone realizes, even yourself.

12th House in Sagittarius
You may come across as someone who doesn’t care much for spirituality or religion, but when comfortable, you’re quite philosophical and interested in people’s beliefs. Alone with those you’re close to, you’re funny, warm, and know how to have a good time.

12th House in Capricorn
Subconsciously, you feel like you’re constantly restricted in your life, no matter what you do. You can seem overwhelmed by responsibility on the outside, but when alone, comfortable, or out of the spotlight, you’re practical, responsible, and focused.

12th House in Aquarius
You’re far more of a humanitarian than you come across as, and need to help other people in this life. When comfortable, you’re innovative, independent, and a rebel. You can have a hard time dealing with people in a group.

12th House in Pisces
You come across as someone who is more assertive and aggressive than you actually are. When alone or comfortable, you’re sweet, compassionate, and sensitive. You need to learn to show these qualities publicly without worry, and to listen to what you gut tells you.


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