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Jupiter conjunctions transits

Jupiter conjunct planets transits

Jupiter Conjunct Sun
You should be feeling very well and alive today. This aspect gives generosity, vitality, and a desire to express and expand. Now is the time to broaden your horizons. You really like people today and have warm hearted feelings about them. And they feel the same towards you. Consider new ideas and seek to widen your experiences. Guard against pride, over optimism, self indulgence and trying to take on too much.

Jupiter Conjunct Moon
Your home may become the center of educational, religious, or cultural activities now. This is a good time to make a move. Dealings with women and the public are harmonious and productive. Increased business and financial dealings are possible. It’s a good time to expand assuming you have done the proper planning. On the negative side, you may be overly sentimental and overindulge in food and drink.

Jupiter Conjunct Mercury
Broaden your mental horizons today. Expand your consciousness by going to new places, both in thought and in person. Today is a good day to reconcile differences of opinions with others as both you and they are more tolerant of differing viewpoints. Legal activities as well as travel are favored today.

Jupiter Conjunct Venus
This should be a very harmonious and easy going day for you. Your main objective should be to control over indulging yourself with food and drink or with respect to spending money. You are likely to pamper yourself today. Just don’t get carried away.

Jupiter Conjunct Mars
Today is a good day to put into action your plans for growth, education, and expansion. Start that new project, read that new book, take a calculated risk, put energy into that new business or investment venture. There is potential reward for taking a gamble. The biggest danger with this aspect is overconfidence. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Consider getting some physical exercise today if you have more energy than you know what to do with. Give some money or time to charity. You will be rewarded for your philanthropic and benevolent actions. Watch what you spend. Keep it in line with your budget. The secret is to do but not to overdo.

Jupiter Conjunct Jupiter
You are optimistic, confident, moral and interested in expansion and self improvement today. Interest in cultural trends, religion, higher education, foreign travel, or law may surface. Watch for overextending yourself in commitments or overspending. Look for new opportunities to grow and expand your consciousness.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn
You are serious minded and industrious with concern for long range goals and purposes. You feel a need to combine growth and expansion with prudence and good management. Make your practical affairs conform to your philosophic ideals. You exhibit sound financial management. This is a great time to handle all your business and legal affairs. Grow within your present boundaries.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus
You have an increased tolerance for all points of view and different ways of life. Your intuition is stimulated to grow at this time. You may experience prophetic dreams. Sudden good financial fortune may come your way. Your life may change and expand in some way, perhaps through foreign travel or metaphysical pursuits. There is a desire to befriend humanity and to make new friends.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune
This transit increase your spiritual awareness and manifests itself in joy, generosity, and kindness to all God’s creatures. There is a feeling of unity with all. Any mystical tendencies you have will be stimulated. There is idealism and emotional fervor. Beware of a lack of mental objectivity and practicality during this transit. Don’t be taken in by every sob story. You may feel a need to escape. If so, then do so by traveling, not through excessive drinking or drug use. Do not take excessive risks with your money.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto
This is a time to make constructive efforts at spiritual self improvement. Important changes can take place now through regeneration of your lower nature. You can understand life’s deeper secrets if you’re willing to expand your mind and keep it open to new ideas. Financial benefits may come through taxes, insurance, or legacy. Watch any tendencies towards religious or philosophical fanaticism.

Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant

You will be feeling very positive and confident. You will be able to attract people to you just because of your positive vibes. All your personal and professional relationships will be very good and balanced. You will be healthy and it is a great time to heal if you have been feeling ill lately. Try to expand your social circles as this good be a great area of growth, just try to avoid superficial relationships. Jupiter will be begin a new cycle through your personal houses so make sure that you lay the groundwork to become a better human being.

Jupiter Conjunct Midheaven

This is a great time where you will spending a lot of time to get where you want to be in life especially in your professional life or career, You can be much more successful during this time than normal and will feel very confident because of this. If you own a business there could be some expansion involved or you may get a promotion in your field or work. You could end up traveling to exotic locations or meet people from different parts of the world that can broaden your horizons. It is a time of real growth if you take on the opportunity for it.


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