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Jupiter trine transits

Jupiter Trine Sun

Today should be a fortunate day for you. Your confidence and optimism are high. Today is a good day to put plans into action and to participate in group activities. Expand your horizons and pick up something new to learn. It’s a good time to grow, to be generous and caring, and to reach out and make others happy. Ask your boss for a raise as those in authority are likely to be receptive today.

Jupiter Trine Moon

You are feeling kind, considerate and cooperative in all personal relationships, especially with your family. You have an upbeat emotional outlook and feelings from the past are enjoyable and pleasant. Business activities related to food, domestic products or services, and real estate go smoothly. Dealings with women and the general public are productive.

Jupiter Trine Mercury

Your mental judgment is excellent today. Plans you make are well thought out, broad, and focused on seeing both the details and the larger picture. Travel, both mental and physical should be rewarding today. Take care of all legal issues and contracts as the force is with you today. Make long range plans now.

Jupiter Trine Venus

Peace and harmony should be yours today. People love you and you love them. You will go out of your way to help others today because you are full of friendliness and you want to see others happy. Financial transactions go smoothly today and you seem to attract money or material possessions. Relationships are warm and there is love in the air.

Jupiter Trine Mars

Today is the day to expand and set new plans into action. Broaden your horizons and don’t limit your possibilities. Business ventures are favored, as is higher education, legal matters, spiritual endeavors and charitable pursuits. Luck is all around you today, but you have to make it happen. Don’t just sit there waiting for it to come to you.

Jupiter Trine Jupiter

Benefits can be gained through education, philosophy, legal dealings, religion, travel or cultural expansion. This is a good time to expand into new areas for added personal growth. Finances can increase

Jupiter Trine Saturn

Progress can be made in business and professional affairs, especially regarding law, politics, education, religion, and travel. A certain seriousness toward career and life direction is evident. Organized expansion into new areas can further your goals. You have a serious minded, responsible attitude toward achieving your long range goals.

Jupiter Trine Uranus

You may receive unexpected benefits out of the blue. Unexpected and unusual opportunities for growth can occur now. New friendships can be made which will enable you to grow and to expand your horizons. Your intuitive powers may surface at this time. You are open minded and receptive to new thought. Generosity and broad mindedness are extended to groups and organizations.

Jupiter Trine Neptune

You have religious, spiritual, imaginative, and intuitive inspiration at this time. Feelings of mystical contact and Oneness with the Universe give you the desire to expand your consciousness. You have greater understanding, generosity, and empathy towards others. You may seek to share your good fortune with those less fortunate. Money can come to you suddenly as a result of past good deeds. You may be able to tap your subconscious mind for valuable knowledge and inspiration.

Jupiter Trine Pluto

Interest in spiritual regeneration and self improvement are characteristic of this transit. Benefit may come to you through insurance, taxes, or legacies. You may experience an increased understanding of spiritual law and spiritual realities. You may begin to develop an interest in social, religious, educational, and cultural reforms and in helping people to help themselves. Now is a good time to eliminate outmoded concepts and beliefs.

Jupiter Trine Natal Ascendant

This is a time of growth in consciousness and experience through the people in your social spheres. You will be more than willing to help others that need it and consequently they will be able to help you in return. You may meet teachers or guides that allow you to expand your horizons in all areas of learning but especially within a spiritual level. It is a good time to start a new course of study as this can give you great insight into your self. Any new love that comes now will be very beneficial to your personal growth even if it doesnt last.

Jupiter Trine Natal Midheaven

You will be feeling very self conflict and optimistic. You are much more capable of succeeding in your activities especially in the realm of society and your professional life. You may receive a promotion or gain a leadership role in a project where you can show of your skills. You may want to expand your personal business and you will have a lot more opportunity to do so. It is a time of great contentment just be careful not to just sit back and enjoy this time otherwise you may miss out on key opportunities for real growth.


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