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Leo personality

LEO (July 23 – August 22)leo

The sign of personal distinction, Leos can be passionately stubborn, standing proud and enjoying being the king and queen of their particular domain. Leos tend to toss their hair around and can look attractive even when covered in dirt or dust. They are not particularly fond of hard work but will do it because they need to earn and retain their position at the top.

Ruled by the life-giving Sun, Leos radiate warmth and generosity. The world orbits round the happy Leos who enjoy their children, their friends and their adoring partner. A little flattery goes a long way with Leo. When hurt, because they trust everyone unwittingly, they may growl and pace around.

The Leonine secret fear is of not being regarded as important. However, they are affectionate, creative and romantic people and can lighten a dull day for anyone.

The Leo personality may somethimes clash with Taureans and Scorpios, but can get along when they understand that Taurus must be confortable and Scorpio takes time to trust.

Aquarius is the opposite sign and can show Leo how to share and somethimes leave centre stage to others.

Leo man – What he’s like

At his best, he’s strong and dignified, emotional and romantic. When he’s on, Mr Leo has a personality that can charm serpents. Because of his warmth and wit, optimism and enthusiasm, his presence is a plus in all social situations. At the same time, his stellar sex appeal, self-assurance, and sense of glamour can make women forget that there are other men residing on the same planet.

Mr Leo is a flirt who usually feels happiest when he is the centre of attention. He is especially fond of women who not only flatter him, but who make him look good by association. He can be a snob who is easily seduced by the props of money, glamour, and power, and is capable of placing superficial values over serious human considerations. The key to his psyche is his ego. Mr Leo is easily flattered and can be fooled by insincere compliments, since basically he wants to believe them. His pride is consuming and can lead him to confuse personal feelings with impersonal issues.

Usually he is energetic, athletic, ambitious, and powerdriven. Not only does he want to make it to the top, he also wants to own it. Whether it’s in the bedroom or the boardroom. Mr Leo needs to be the boss. At times he suffers from a king complex and tends to treat the people who surround him like servants. He can behave as if, by divine right, he deserves all. And quite often he manages to attain it.

What he thinks he wants

He wants everything he can get, the bigger and grander the better. Power, prestige, money, and material success are great for starters. In terms of love, he prefers beauty, glamour, charm, sex appeal, and a personality that is supportive to his ego. Mr Leo seeks to see his more favourable self reflected in the eyes of his lover. At the same time, the woman has to make him look good by her poise, appearance, power, personality, or position. However, the problem is that if he looks too good, suddenly nobody is playng attention to him. And that eventually makes Mr Leo somewhat insecure. The most masculine Leo man is simply a little baby at heart. At times, the child in him is charming. However, when his demands become decidedly infantile, he is not only impossible to please, but impossible to love.

He thrives on love and the energy of romance. But when it starts to lose its lustre, he is quite capable of shifting his attention elsewhere. At times, though he thinks he wants more mature love, he’s really seeking emotional drama. Scenes of steamy sensuality go straight to his heart. And if there are enough props to give the illusion that this is a great love, his mind, spirit, and body are totally captured.

Next to a grand love, fame, and power, what he thinks he wants most is tranquility, peace, and security, supported by romantic props and creature comforts. At all times, a highly attractive woman who murmurs in dulcet tones and who looks up to him even if she has to sit down is one of his most essential pleasures. However, Mr Leo is a demanding man, who, unless he happens to be extremely mature, is capable of taking all of his essential pleasures for granted the moment the scene becomes sedentary.

What he needs

He needs constant attention from a woman who will not interfere with his freedom. He also needs to have his ego stroked. Since Mr Leo thinks in superlatives, he tends to espect a lot. Although he may spend the weekend working his way to the top, he can feel unbelievably abandoned should his lover leave him for an evening to live her life. From a woman, he needs both praise and devotion. However, in turn, he doesn’t always want to deal with her demands on his time. Because at any given moment, there are so many things he is not only doing but wants to do, time can become his key obsession. Therefore, what he seeks is a woman who will attend to all his needs while she’s careful not to crowd him with hers. And because he has such a charming way of appearing romantic, sexually magnetic, and breathlessly compromised, he usually not only finds her, but keeps her.

What he fears

Failure of any kind frightens him. Next to that, he panics at the thought that he might not make it to the top quite as quickly as expected. Mr Leo cannot bear rejection of any kind. Nor can he stand feeling insecure. Being jealous by nature, romantically he fears not only the loss of love, but equally important, the loss of attention. At a party, make him feel like he’s nothing but another face, and you will probably never see him again. Rip away at his sense of self-respect and you will notice his claws emerge. Threaten his dignity and will see the fire in him turn to ice. Challenge his security and you will be opening the door for him to make his ultimate departure.

His attitude toward woman, love and sex

Mr Leo is a natural flirt who thrives on female attention. However, when his emotions are really aroused, he is capable of abandoning himself wholeheartedly. He is the classical romantic who can make a woman feel like Cleopatra. Fresh flowers, perfume, champagne, and candlelit dinners are only some of the props that are part of his repertoire. His emotions are sentimental and his spirit generous. However, because he is so discriminating, there are not many female faces who ignite such intense feeling.

He tends to be a snob who searches for a perfect appearance with a lot of warmth. Basically, he has a special weakness for glamorous, vivacious women who improve his self-image through association.

Marriage is usually a must, since he seeks a partner to play back to him the drama of his life. Once married, he will be strong, supportive, and sometimes bossy when confronted with connubial conflicts. Mr Leo is a natural father who often plays that role with his wife as well as his children. As a husband, he tends to be faithful unless his marriage is bad or becoming boring. And at that point, he’s quite capable of cavorting on the side with some seductive beauty.

However, when the chemistry is really working, he’ll remember birthdays, anniversaries, sentimental meetings, and maybe even Halloween. Next to being famous, his favourite thing is falling in love. Essentially, he would like to live a life that is like a romantic dream or, at the very least, a compelling drama. And love is the energy that makes it all move.

His good points

His charisma, poise, and sheer sex appeal can arrest your sensibilities. At the same time, his strength and masculinity will creep right into your soul. You may feel overpowered by his sense of romance as well as by the fact that you somehow have fresh flowers in every room. He is optimistic, magnanimous, generous, and sentimental. He loves life, beauty, and the best that the earth has to offer. Mr Leo is the classic super-achiever, who has uncanny ways of getting what he wants. His extraordinary creativity will stun you; his drive and determination may make you feel that you’ve never worked hard. He thinks in superlatives, engages in grand schemes, and optimistically picks up the pieces should everything shatter. At times, it may seem as though his brain is plugged into a sunbeam. No one can be so positive for so long. No one perhaps expect Mr Leo, whose sheer vitality and life force make him invincible.

His bad points

He is the lover type, he can be childish, bossy, domineering, self-centred, arrogant, and temperamental. He wants his needs to be gratified immediately, if not sooner, and and unfortunately he has a lot of needs. Although he’ll prefer that you be independent, he’ll still want you to drop what you’re doing at his beck and call. And if you’re foolish enough to accede to this situation, it’s likely that you won’t get a thank you. Essentially, he sees all issues from his point of view, and that point of view is his own self-interest. Therefore, his idea of compromise is that you appreciate his idea. His is a restless nature that expects constant attention and entertainment. When it starts to slow down, his desires may drift elsewhere. Mr Leo is quite capable of infedelty just he is capable of falling out of love. Initially he may be attracted to a woman far more for her body than her mind. And when the flames start to extinguish because he’s become very bored, the relationship recedes to mere security, infidelity, or an abrupt parting of the ways. Often he doesn’t understand that he’s played an active role ina bad situation. It’s the other person who is not perfect and who has to understand the parameters of his patience and the importance of his needs. When Mr Leo is bad, it’s because he has yet to grow up and take responsibility for his actions. Although he wants to be treated like a king, he can behave like a hungry baby. And because he can charm those around him to get what he wants, he sometimes remains the child while he secretly  suffers because of it.

How to get his attention

A sucker for snob appeal, Mr Leo wants a woman worthy of him. Therefore, if you are famous, a flawless beauty, or from a royal blood line, all you have to do is show up. However, in lieu of such larger-than-life attributes, look stunning, flash him a queenly smile, and aks him a lot of questions about his favourite subject – himself. While you appear fascinated by every answer, assiduously detail the glossiest aspects aspects of your own bio. (He loves to be impressed). Then invite him to a black-tie ball (or some suitably glamorous occasion) where you shine. He’ll be so dazzled by your style that he’ll try to outdo you. Now the fun begins because, always thinking big, he’ll be at his best.

How to keep it

Cater to his needs at the same time that you appeal to his instincts. At all times, look your best and be your wittiest. To begin with, wear silk and serve him champagne and lobster. Over candlelight, hold his gaze and tell him why he’s so irresistible. Appeal to his sensuality by being alluring and seductive. Then, in a very feminine way, let him know that he turns you on. This is a man who loves drama. Making mad, passionate love on the beach is more exciting than slinky nightgowns and satin sheets. Therefore, what really matters here is feeling – yours for him, and no one else (even if it’s not true). So if he is only half responding, make him think that you-ve shifted your affections to someone at least as wonderful. Then is he wants you enough that he’s willing to fight for you, he’ll instantaneously emerge from his detachment. However, should he talk about friend-ship, forget it. This is clearly not a love that is here to stay.

Realistic expectations

If you’re dazzling enough to win him, you must stay dazzling enough to keep him. Gaining weight and wearing sloppy T-shirts just won’t do it. However, although he is highly responsive to the props, what he really wants most is to feel appreciated. Never nag, badger, or whine. Instead make enthusiastic suggestions and keep pleasantly to the point should he counter with a veto. Even when fighting, don’t forget his ego. Calling him a jerk will not only make you lose your point, it may make him lose his love. Mr Leo may admit that he is wrong, but never let him forget that you’re also a queen, and what could come of it is a lot of love.


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