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Libra personality

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)libra

The sign of intellectual liberation. Librans can be ideologically bossy, believing they have a mission to bring people and ideas together. Weighing the pros and cons of everything. Librans may sometimes be in two minds about things. But once the Libran mind is made up, decisions are presented forcibly. Anyone opposing a Libran will find they push back in the opposite direction.

Ruled by refined Venus, Librans are often attractive, love wearing exactly the right clothes and enjoy music and harmonious environments. Love should be romantic and the partner should reflect the Libra’s need for peace. Librans must have a partner in life.

The Libran secret fear is of being left alone. However, they are diplomatic and persuasive people, with first-rate minds. They are able negotiators and can adapt to most situations.

The Libran personality in one of its lazy moods can be at odds with Cancerians and Capricorns, but they can overcome an impasse with a sincerely loving nature.

Aries is the opposite sign and can show Libra how to stand alone and take the initiative occasionally.


Libra man – What he’s like

He has a quiet kind of charm and a very mellow exterior. Underneath he may be emoting heavily. However, at the same time, his façade can appear cool, relaxed, and aloof. Essentially, Mr Libra is an interesting blend of the mind and the emotions. A part of him is sentimental and sensual at the same time that another part is ruled by reason. His mind is so thoughtful that it sometimes interfers with his feelings. Yet his feelings always find their way to the surface. And although he may suffer from emotional confusion, he is always conscious of his conflicts as well as his choises.

He is affectionate and romantic, refined yet pleasure loving. Even his sybaritic tendencies are displayed with style. Beauty makes the muscles of his heart move, as does the right kind of romance. Essentially, he is an ethereal romantic who is in love with love or at least with splendour of the emotion. When properly motivated, he can supply the props for the most resplendent kind of love. However, he needs a woman who in some way is as scintillating as his props or else his original dazzle may abruptly disappear. The more lowly evolved Libran is superficial and more interested in a façade than in deeper feelings. He is fickle, capriciously changeable, and maddeningly indecisive. As a lover he is flirtatious, inconstant, yet devastatingly charismatic. At the same time he can also be quite selfish and very undependable.

The more highly evolved Libran is dependable and devoted, sincere and sympathetic. He seeks to play out his need for romance in a more mature kind of love. And as long as this love remains satisfying, he never ceases to appreciate both it and the woman who has helped it happen.

What he thinks he wants

Mr Libra loves romance, the more rhapsodic the better. He nurtures the dream of the perfect love and has a special weakness for all the props that go along with it. Candlelight, good music, fine food, wine, and wafts of perfume carry him away. However, there is nothing that he responds to as intensely as physical beauty. Therefore, he is easily enslaved by a pretty face, especially if it’s packaged with a poised personality, and even more so if it comes with a keen intelligence. It is not that Libra is critical, it is simply that he is a romantic idealist who longs for the perfect love story. Beauty is intrinsic to his sense of well-being. Therefore, his first priorities, perhaps even before brains and character, are a face and body that he likes to look at.

His attitude toward women, love and sex

Falling in love with love is probably his favourite thing. However, staying in love can be quite another matter. Because Mr Libra genuinely likes women, he is an easy prey to their beauty and their charm. Unless he is the highly evolved Libra type, he can be compulsively unfaithful. However, unlike Gemini, it is not a need for variety that consumes him. Rather it is a momentary weakness that makes him forget what time it is. Caught in the snare of a beautiful, crafty woman, he may claim later on that he never knew what hit him. It might also be added that he probably didn’t want to know.

The more highly evolved Libra usually suffers at the hands of some insensitive beauty early on in life. And he uses this experience in his later years to thoughtfully evaluate what he really wants from love. As he grows older, he puts a serious value on all relationships and enters into them with a commendable sense of equality. He is the kind of man who will either help with the housework or suggest hiring a maid. He will bring you flowers every other day and then celebrate the anniversary of the moment that he met you. He can bring you the kind of romance that you’ve only read about. However, for him to be so madly motivated, his emotions have to be swept away.

Even the most highly evolved Libra man likes pretty women who know how to make the most of their looks. Ugliness oppresses him, as does any form of crudeness of vulgarity. Likewise, he is totally turned off by temper tantrums and hysterics. Essentially, he sees relationship problems as conflicts and feels that conflicts should be resolved by claim communication. Screaming disrupts his sense of harmony and strongly unsettles his nerves. That doesn’t mean that he may never do it. It does mean that it makes him feel unnatural and out of control.

He has a strong sensuality that is an extension of his emotional sensitivity. However, while the highly evolved Libra man may provide the apogee of physical passion, the more immature type is often passive, self-centred, and sexually insecure. Generally Mr Libra’s sensuality extends to everything around him, from his love of music, fine food, wine, fresh flowers, and exotic smells to his finely developed sense of colour.

Physically, he is affectionate and likes to express his feelings best through touching. Essentially, Mr Libra taxes sex just as seriously as he takes love. In these two areas he seeks the perfect sensation and the most acute emotion. Therefore, any woman who is more cerebral than sensual will neither captivate him nor be terribly compatible.

Because Me Libra thinks in terms of ‘we’ rather than ‘I’, he is the happiest with a partner. Generally, he enjoys shared experience far more than solitary endeavours. The closeness and security provided by a harmonious romantic marriage are the meaning that could make the most of his life.

His good points

His sense of romance can make you feel like you’re living with the Great Gatsby. He’ll shower you with affection, fresh flowers, champagne, and perhaps poetry. He is caring yet not confining, loving yet not mawkishly sentimental. His languid sensuality is a guaranteed turn-on. At the same time, his sensitivity goes straight to your soul. At his best, he’s a gentleman whose poise and impeccable manners are even more than refreshing. His personality is charming and his wit arresting. His mind is intelligent, deliberate, creative, and thoughtful. Even when it goes against his own self-interest in a conflict, Mr Libra tries to appreciate the opposing side. Therefore, he is easy to communicate with and quick to understand. Because he is so responsive to beauty and pleasure, he can be very exciting company. Essentially Mr Libra is an intense lover who is also a very good friend. And any way you look at it, that’s a lot.

His bad points

He can be the number one playboy on the planet earth. And a man who is more interested in your measurements than in your emotions. He can be a slave to his thirst for beauty and a hopeless prisoner of his self-indulgent desires. He has a special weakness for divine highs and beautiful bodies. The more of all of the above, the better. Therefore, he can fall blissfully in love in one week, and three months later decide that the thrill is gone, bells are no longer ringing, and that there are other enticing bodies begging to be explored.

Not only can he be emotionally fickle, but he often feels sorry for himself when he suffers because of it. He can also be so evasive when it comes to emotional confrontations that you may feel that you have to have him kidnapped to instigate honest communication. At his worst, he is passive and indecisive, emotionally confused and very insecure. Mr Libra can be a dependent man who needs a lot of emotional support, yet in turn is capable of abandoning you for someone he considers more beautiful. This lower type of Libran man seeks momentary rapture rather than mature love. And the fascinating thing is that he always seems to find it.

What he needs

He needs beauty, harmony, and security. Squalor and dirt depress him profoundly and affect his overall functioning. Likewise, a sense of harmony in his surroundings keeps Mr Libra balanced while beauty helps him thrive. However, what he needs most is the beauty and intensity that come from a close, trusting, equal relationship based on sexual compatibility, similar interests, and mutual respects.

What he fears

Although he seldom shows it on the surface, underneath, Mr Libra is rather insecure. His deepest fear is being abandoned or romantically betrayed. Next, he fears growing old alone – and that he may never find the right person to perfect his fantasy of woman.

How to get his attention

Mr Libra loves beauty above all else. Appearance is everything to him, so if your surface doesn’t beguile him, you’d better give up from the start. Perfect grooming is a must. Mr Libra will be the first to notice sloppy little flaws and signs of poor maintenance. So look your most perfect and invite him to a Sunday afternoon chamber concert. (Mr Libra has a great aesthetic sensibility). Afterward, at supper, discreetly excuse yourself to touch up your parfume and makeup. Then, as you dine over candlelight, speak so softly that he has to lean forward to hear you and will thus be entranced by your scent.

How to keep it

Appeal to his senses. Spray Chanel No. 5 on your sheets, and at all times look your most beautiful. Serve him flaming dinners by candlelight with Brazilian jazz playing in the background. On grey, rainy afternoons, make a champagne brunch and then kiss him slowly on the neck when he least expects it. And above all, never let him witness the behind-the-scenes work that goes into your glamour performance. In the event of a fight, communicate without screaming. If you seriously disrupt his sense of harmony, you will be shattering the love you have between you. This is a man who may not agree with you, but who will try his best to understand. Give his good intentions the benefit of the doubt while you make him aware of your needs. Then offer reasonable insights into how he might meet them. And instead of accusing him of failing to make you happy, calmly communicate how he can better the situation.

Realistic expectations

He’s a born flirt who simply can’t help himself. Mr Libra even charms dogs, children, and little old ladies. However, if he is the evolved Libran, he’s also capable of being totally devoted. When he is in love or even strongly attracted, he will provide more than his share of the romance. He’ll also volunteer to help you with the dishes and may outdo you with the cooking, too. Basically, he is a sensitive, caring person who seeks meaning in life through the experience of a partner. Therefore, he is open to creating a long-lasting relationship. However, if he is the unevolved type, who is weak, confused, and slaved by his insecurities, he is capable of leaving you for a teenager after twenty years of marriage. Therefore, critically decide which direction he’s coming from before you get carried away.


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