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Mars sextile transits

Mars Sextile Sun

You have great vitality and energy today. You know your goals, you have made your plans, now take charge. People in stations above you can be impressed now with the initiative you show. Actions speak louder than words, so get busy.

Mars Sextile Moon

This transit increases your enjoyment of the opposite sex. It is a good time to bond emotionally with others and to nurture and be nurtured. Changes can be made quickly and decisively. Call your mother and tell her you love her. Energetic emotional expression and heightened physical vitality are the influences today.

Mars Sextile Mercury

Lots of mental energy is available today. Planning, decision making, and taking action are the keywords. Communication is spotlighted. Start reading that new book, make that telephone call, run those needed errands. Mental energy combines well with physical energy.

Mars Sextile Venus

Harmony in social activities is highlighted today. Activities with the opposite sex are enjoyable and rewarding. Romance is in your blood. Show someone you care for them. They will appreciate your sharing your feelings. Clean your house and do that redecorating you had planned. Make your surroundings more beautiful.

Mars Sextile Mars

High energy is the keyword. An abundance of drive, initiative, and physical energy is available. The idea here is to be involved with something and get things done while the getting is good.

Mars Sextile Jupiter

This is considered a lucky transit. Speculation and taking risks now could prove fortunate. New business ventures and opportunities can succeed under this aspect. Physical activities are also favored at this time. Get out and do something.

Mars Sextile Saturn

Action combined with self-discipline and perseverance are highlighted today. You have much stamina and can accomplish whatever you feel like doing. You are organized and systematic in your actions. Plan your future goals now and begin putting them into action. You are in control of your energy and your resources.

Mars Sextile Uranus

You are inventive, ingenious, and original today, both in thought and deed. This is a good day to work on mechanical things. Do that repair work on your car or around your house. Think of new ways to be productive. Don’t let seeming restrictions keep you from getting things done. The force of your energy will allow you to hurdle any roadblocks without making trouble. Use the restlessness and nervous energy you may feel today in a positive way. Break out of a rut.

Mars Sextile Neptune

Imagination, visualization, and intuition are strong today. This is a good day to be involved in the arts, with music, painting or poetry, or with spiritual activities such as prayer or meditation. Energy can also be put to good use by getting involved with charity or volunteer work. Spiritual growth comes by helping others. Take time to contemplate your own inner thoughts. Insights can be gained.

Mars Sextile Pluto

Now is the time to take charge, make plans and regenerate yourself. Your force of will is strong now and you can do whatever you set your mind on. You can effectively lead your group in accomplishing the group’s goals. You can show the way without having to get your way. Hard work is rewarded.

Mars Sextile Midheaven

You will be very confident and courageous. You will want to pursue your objectives with great vigor and excitement. You will be more independant and self reliant than usual but willing to help others and serve society. Your confidence level makes others feel confident in your motives. Make sure you plan your objectives clearly and thoroughly. Direct and forthright action will be a successful way to achieve your goals.

Mars Sextile Ascendant

It is a good time for team work where you are a leader or taking on the initiative. Your energy is quite high so you will not have the patience for working with people who are too slow. Try to express your feelings to others as you are more clear about your point of view and can assert your perspective easier. Exercise or other hard physical work is also advised just try not to exhaust yourself. It is not a good time to lay about.



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