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Mars trine transits

Mars Trine Sun

You are bold, confident, and strong today. You feel like you own the world. Much can be accomplished today, if you apply yourself. You are vital and enthusiastic and there is no one who can rain on your parade today. Physical sports and exercise are excellent activities today.

Mars Trine Moon

Your emotional state should be very positive today. You feel good and vitality is high. You are charming and sexy and have a certain animal magnetism that others find appealing. Dealings with women and the public go smoothly at this time. Express yourself through some sort of emotional outlet or activity.

Mars Trine Mercury

You are sharp and alert today and your head is buzzing with fresh plans and ideas. Put your plans into action today as energy is high. Communications go smoothly as others are understanding you and are receptive to your thoughts. It’s a great day to get some exercise and to run errands.

Mars Trine Venus

You are charming and magnetic to the opposite sex. Social activities go well today and everyone you meet, you like. Others find beauty and harmony in you and you are on your best behavior. You relate beautifully to others. There is romance in the air and you’re ready for it. Art, music, and anything uplifting is favored. Tell the one you love how you feel. Be romantic.

Mars Trine Mars

You have a lot of energy today and it is a great day to get things done. People are receptive to your plans and ideas and they will work with you to help you accomplish your goals. Get as much done today as possible because the winds are blowing in your direction.

Mars Trine Jupiter

Today is the day to expand and set new plans into action. Broaden your horizons and don’t limit your possibilities. Business ventures are favored, as is higher education, legal matters, spiritual endeavors and charitable pursuits. Luck is all around you today, but you have to make it happen. Don’t just sit there waiting for it to come to you.

Mars Trine Saturn

You will have no problems today with work that is demanding or detailed. You are organized, deliberate, patient, exacting, attentive, and have plenty of stamina. This is a terrific day to do mundane, routine, or boring jobs as they won’t seem quite so distasteful. Make the most of today and get plenty of things done.

Mars Trine Uranus

Today can be enlightening for you as there is much creative and intuitional energy available. New encounters and new experiences can make you grow. Excitement is in the air and you are ready for anything. You feel like taking risks and it’s not a bad day to do so, even if others disapprove. You are the pioneer today. Go where you haven’t gone before.

Mars Trine Neptune

Today is a good day to be involved with spiritual activities. You are imaginative, intuitive, psychic, and visual today. Focus on your inner self and try to commune with the Higher part of your being. Get involved with serving others or doing some work for charity. Much soul growth can come your way today by helping others.

Mars Trine Pluto

Your high energy and sheer force of will can be used today to help others accomplish much. Do something today for the good of society. Your actions today can be an inspiration to others, so get out there and get involved. You will find that others want you to succeed so help them as you help yourself.

Mars Trine Natal Ascendant

You will have a lot of physical en energy and you should take part in some kind of exercise or sport. You will be able to act and make decisions more swiftly and easier than usual and it is a good time to express your feelings to others as you are very clear and your aura of confidence will make your opinions more believable.

Mars Trine Natal Midheaven

It is a time where you will be very confident and self assured. You have the resources to accomplish any objectives you have in your mind. You have the ability to work hard and work with others to achieve success. You can and will take risks and it is most likely that everything should turn out well. It would be good to exercise if you find your energy is at a very high level


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