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Mercury conjunction transits

Mercury conjunct planets transits

Mercury Conjunct Sun
You may feel like expressing yourself today through your thoughts and words. You feel a need to be heard, that you have something of importance to say. Say what is on your mind, but give equal time to others and listen to them. You might learn something new. Your thinking today should be sharp and focused.

Mercury Conjunct Moon
You will probably be expressing yourself emotionally today. If you are feeling upset, you may find difficulty in communicating with others if they don’t share your mood. However, if you are feeling tranquil, you will be a very good listener because you will be able to empathize. Your focus is on those things that you share in common with others, such as your shared background and interests.

Mercury Conjunct Mercury
You are mentally sharp and alert now. Your curiosity is aroused regarding new ideas, unfamiliar facts and interesting concepts. Objectivity is strong and your thinking is not colored by emotional biases. Travel is likely.

Mercury Conjunct Venus
Your appreciation of beauty, art, music and poetry will be stimulated today. Pleasant conversation and harmony are the order of the day. Express your feelings to those close to you. Light mental pursuits bring enjoyment and happiness. Short trips go smoothly.

Mercury Conjunct Mars
Pour constructive energy and action into communication, writing, reading and anything of a mental nature. Do all your errands today. Your mind is active and it may be difficult at times to slow it down and relax. Your nerves are wound up and it may be necessary for you at some time today to force yourself to seek a quiet place and recoup your strength. Watch a tendency to argue with friends, display impatience, especially while driving, and to generally be on edge. Do not let your high energy level today cause you to become reckless or careless. Pay attention to the things you do and slow down a bit. Remember, discipline. You feel very self-assertive today. Do not let your ego ride roughshod over the people you deal with today. Control your temper AND your tongue. Avoid petty gossip and talking about people behind their backs.

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter
Broaden your mental horizons today. Expand your consciousness by going to new places, both in thought and in person. Today is a good day to reconcile differences of opinions with others as both you and they are more tolerant of differing viewpoints. Legal activities as well as travel are favored today.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn
Your thinking today is likely to be focused, organized, deliberate, and perhaps profound. Along with this there may be a touch of depression. Try to lighten up a little and see that the world is not quite as bad as you can imagine. Focus on positive mental thoughts.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus
Thoughts race around your head like electricity. New and original ideas bombard your mind and you want to express these in communication with your friends. There is freedom in thought as well as in speech and you don’t want anyone to put restraint on you. Avoid jumping to conclusions and slow down your mind if you have to. Pay attention to what you are doing so you don’t have an accident.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune
Your imagination is working overtime today. You may be interested in spiritual subjects or art and music today. Your thinking will tend to be idealistic, not necessarily realistic. Keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds. Don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes and stop daydreaming if there is work to be done.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto
The force of your will is behind your thoughts and words today. You have plans to change things and the necessary power to do so. Be open-minded with others and be tolerant of there beliefs. You don’t always have to be right and they will appreciate seeing that in you. Whatever you tackle today you will want to get at its deepest roots.


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