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Mercury opposite transits

Mercury Opposite Sun

Problems today could come by your being too forceful in getting others to see things your way. You may not be as receptive to listening to others’ viewpoints as you are in espousing yours. Disputes can be avoided by listening more and talking less.

Mercury Opposite Moon

Emotions cloud your thinking today. It’s difficult to be objective. You heart pulls you one way, but your head is telling you something else. Separate the facts from the feelings. Something unconscious may be seeking the light of reality. Watch out for indecisiveness and mental gymnastics.

Mercury Opposite Mercury

You are mentally alive today. Your thinking may not be the clearest as you tend to vacillate between two sides of an issue. Your opinions and ideas might be challenged by others. Nervous tension and anxiety could affect you today.

Mercury Opposite Venus

You may experience difficulties in social or romantic communication today. Others are just not hearing what you are saying or else you just can’t seem to find the right words to express your feelings. Mental discipline is not strong today. Poor judgment in spending habits is likely. Put off major decisions and purchases until this aspect is over.

Mercury Opposite Mars

There is plenty of energy for thinking, reading, writing and speaking today. The trouble is that you may speak too much of your mind and others may not be receptive to your opinions today. Do not beat them over the head trying to get them to see your point of view. Listen to their point of view. You might learn something new and useful. Things will probably go better for you today if you listen more than talk. Be tolerant of others’ beliefs and opinions. You can win new friends if you exercise that discipline. If you like to argue, then this is the day you may get your fill. Remember, you probably can’t or won’t change someone’s mind, so apply your energy more constructively. Be careful while driving. Don’t be in such a hurry to get where you are going or else you may become involved in an accident.

Mercury Opposite Jupiter

Your judgment may not be perfect today. You may tend to exaggerate and promise more than you can deliver. You may likely bite off more than you can chew. Mental arrogance is possible. Be tolerant of others’ viewpoints. Be careful with contracts and other legal issues. You may appear closed-minded, smug or self-righteous to others.

Mercury Opposite Saturn

Your thinking may be concentrated, obstructed, morose or limited today. Saturn has a way of throwing cold water and constraints on things. Depression is possible, but it will pass, so try to stay optimistic. There may be delays in mail or letters or phone calls. A negative mental outlook along with an unwillingness to accept the ideas of others is characteristic of this aspect. Don’t be worried over a lack of inspiration. It won’t last long. People will challenge your ideas.

Mercury Opposite Uranus

Avoid hasty speech and things said in anger in the heat of the moment. Impractical ideas, nervousness, irritability and unexpected disruptions are what you may have to deal with today. There may be sudden changes in travel plans. Be extra cautious while traveling as accidents are possible through carelessness and impatience.

Mercury Opposite Neptune

Confusion is likely today in your relationships with other people. Take care and read all the fine print. Stay away from taking permanent legal actions as your thinking is colored by who knows what. You may be suckered into something you don’t want to do or don’t believe in, so watch your step. Misunderstandings in communicating with others is possible. Remember, they may not be hearing what you are trying to say. Nervous anxiety and tension may make you feel listless today. Don’t let your imagination carry you away.

Mercury Opposite Pluto

You may experience verbal boxing matches today along with a test of wills. Propaganda may be spread that just isn’t true. Don’t bully people into seeing the rightness of your cause. Be tolerant of others’ viewpoints. Remember, you’re not always right.


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