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Moon square transits

Moon square Sun
Perhaps a sense of challenge or blockage just now. You may not find the support you flowing to you. Some sort of temporary obstacle may appear. You may feel frustrated.

Moon square Moon
You may feel blocked or frustrated emotionally by someone or by your own life situation in general. You might feel that some avenues of support have been cut off or blocked. Arguments of an emotional kind could be easy to find.

Moon square Mercury
Others may cut you off or make it difficult for you to express yourself today. You could find that you lack depth and feeling and the ability to move or communicate with others. Your ideas may not find the support you need.

Moon square Venus
A strong urge for the social life may find you out and about. However, you will walk a fine line today between good company and disapproval, so beware. You could find yourself working against the values of another, going against the flow.

Moon square Mars
Other people, or the general circumstances in which you find yourself at present, may unite to irritate or anger you. You could find yourself getting over-emotional and flying off the handle. A difficult time to relax and remain calm.

Moon square Jupiter
A time when you could make some wrong choices, in particular as they affect your living situation. You might feel cut off from your friends or be unable to make good decisions. An urge for social life that can quickly turn from good times to hard times.

Moon square Saturn
You may feel left out or passed over just now. Your own requirements may appear to limit and separate you from where the rest of the gang is headed. A sense of isolation and loneliness is not unusual. This is of short duration.

Moon square Uranus
You may find yourself at odds with others regarding matters of convention. You may be going against tradition and being too independent for group approval. You could get carried away under this kind of pressure and make mistakes you may regret.

Moon square Neptune
You may find yourself unrealistic, in a dreamy mood and at odds with your more pragmatic duties. Friends may not appreciate or go along with your dreamy side just now. You may not be able to lose yourself in your imaginings.

Moon square Pluto
You may find yourself at odds with those around you or with your life situation regarding issues of great sensitivity — very personal. Difficulties, blocks, and all manner of hot spots may be discovered and have to be worked through.

Moon square Ascendant
Not a great time to attempt to get your ideas across to others. You may find yourself feeling blocked and unable to express yourself, in particularly in a group situation.

Moon square Midheaven
A frustrating time both at home and at work. A tendency to make poor choices and decisions regarding both. Tensions are high, so perhaps just relaxing and waiting this one out might be in order.



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