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Multiple Marriages

MULTIPLE MARRIAGES are not uncommon, and tend to become more frequent in proportion to the facilities afforded for the dissolution of existing marriage ties. To this extent adulteration is encouraged and familism destroyed, and both by natural and religious standards multiple marriages are condemned. It is of interest however, to observe that multiple marriages result from certain planetary positions at birth, or at least that these positions incline in that direction. Thus if the sign Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces is setting at the time of birth, and the Moon going to the aspect of several planets at the same time, and more especially if the Moon or the planets in aspect to her should be in the signs Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, there is a marked probability of more than one marriage. Also when there is a planet in the House of Contracts and the Moon first forms an aspect to any other planet after birth, the tendency is to marry twice. Thus the double-bodied signs Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are involved in the symbolism of the heavens to indicate duplication, and when these signs are associated with the House of Contracts, the signification is obvious.
THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT is inferred in all references made to marriage, and remarks made in these pages regarding marriage must not be held to have reference to cohabitation, which is not the same thing. Marriage, in an Astrological sense, is only effected by a contract which is binding upon the parties who are signatory thereto. Hence it is associated with the House of Contracts and should be distinguished from the House of Domesticity which can have a place in the life of a man or woman without recourse to any bond of union or marriage contract, and indeed it is within our common experience that the two estates may have simultaneous existence. Men and women who are driven to violate the terms of a contract, which they
find it inconvenient to annul or rescind, may have recourse to the expedient of forming a domestic circle outside of their reputed homes and may thus hold another in legal thraldom while themselves enjoying the pleasures of congenial domestic life. In such a case we find the House of Contracts badly affected, while the House of Domesticity is sustained by benefic influences. It will of course, depend on the circumstances of the marital life as to whether or not this is sheer adultery, but without raising the question of morality, Astrology is able to distinguish between a contract that should never have been made and a state of life which, while legally reprehensible, may be the only possible solvent of that sociological anomaly known as an ill-assorted marriage.
THE REMEDY is not to be sought in any enactments which make the release from irksome bonds easier to those concerned, since these obviously make for social confusion, and there is little doubt that marriage laws which do not foster the family tradition and hereditary continuity are fatal to the social structure. Rather must we go to the root of the matter and apply the remedy at the source of the evil. Anodynes are not finally remedial, while amputation is a blemish and disfigurement which can only be contemplated as a last resource. But all this can be avoided entirely by due regard to the fitness of persons to enter into a marriage contract. Granting that soberness and chastity, physical fitness and mental stability, are assured, there remains only the question of compatibility in regard to those who seek union. This question cannot be satisfactorily answered without some key to the inner working of the mind and heart of man, and I know of no key of equal value in this direction to the ancient science of Chaldeans. It is not proposed to enter into a discussion as to how man is linked up with his environment, but it is logical to suppose that, being compounded of cosmic elements, he is at all times and at all points related to that universe of which he is a part. We cannot set any bounds to the greater environment within which man lives and moves and has his being, but we are able to say that this environment acts upon a variety of individuals in various ways, producing in them many different reactions. It is not enough to say that we have a common nature, and that if we are affected by the stars and planets, as by the sun and moon, changes of temperature, and other surrounding influences, we are all affected alike. It is by no means so. One does not need much chemical knowledge to be aware that there are bodies composed of the same number of atoms of the same elements, which yet have entirely different natures and produce entirely different reactions. What is the person of this subtle difference? It is purely one of atomic arrangement, and in regard to the subject of Astrology the argument is exactly similar in all respects. Every man, at whatever time he may have had birth, is related through the body of the earth to all the planets of the solar system, and to all the stars which collectively mingle their rays with those which the planets transmit from the sun. His constitutional nature is determined by the conditions surrounding him at the moment when he becomes a separate unit of life. It may be conveyed to him through the atmosphere so far as the physical part of his nature is concerned, but it is obviously dependent also upon the more subtle influences of the planets where his mental and emotional natures are concerned. Not being a materialist I do not regard mind as a by-product of physical organism, nor do I regard mentality and emotion to be the results of chemical action in the body of man, but I regard the body as the instrument of the soul of man and as such to be more or less fitted by nature for its proper functions.
Yet, although every man, as stated, is physically composed of the like elements, these elements undergo changes of condition, and it will depend entirely upon the condition of the astral world as to what effects are set up at any given time in the electrostatic conditions of the earth’s atmosphere. Moreover, quite apart from these general conditions, the fact of the earth’s rotation on its axis once in every 24 hours will cause the planets successively to rise, culminate and set upon any place of birth, so that at one time of day or night Saturn may be the dominant planet in the heavens, and at another Jupiter may hold sway. To imagine that persons born under these dissimilar conditions would exhibit like natures is to subscribe one’s ignorance of all the facts of common observation. While man is dependent for his very existence upon the air he breathes and is affected by every wind that blows, by temperature, saturation, electrical charge of the atmosphere, etc., how can it be said that he is independent of those cosmic factors which produce all these changes in his immediate surroundings?
Seeing, then, that every man is a variant of the type to which he belongs, we are able to ascribe a reason for this variation, to determine the radical constitution of the individual and to say that the heavens were harmoniously or inharmoniously configurated at the time of his birth; whence, as a logical consequence, he will be effectual for good in a greater or less degree, according to the measure of his soul in the universe. But further, we can say with mathematical or biochemical certainty that he will be attracted to certain persons by reason of the law of polarity, nowhere better illustrated in Nature than in the laws of crystallisation. We know for instance that water is H2O or better still 2H2O and that its graph is in this form:
but if any man can tell me why water crystallises at, and only at, an angle of 60 degrees, I should like to make his better acquaintance. What we may call the mass-chord of individual vibration tends to establish a certain polarity which is proper to that individual, and to endow him with definite characteristics which either harmonise with those of other individuals or are discordant. Herein we have the secret of Astrology, which of all the sciences if the most ancient, and which is, moreover, the only one which can possibly attempt to solve the marriage question on a sane and scientific basis. Briefly, the science tells us who should not marry, who ought to marry, what type of person should be chosen, and when. These considerations can best be dealt with by illustrations which set forth the conditions already mentioned in these pages.


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