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Pisces personality

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)pisces

The sign of imagination and empathy, Pisceans can be protectively changeable, at the mercy of signals from all. They can be confused by not knowing which direction to take: on the one hand they give love and sacrifice, on the other they end in a state of doubt and even self-pity. To succeed they seem to have to swim against the tide. They have flashes of insight, are kind to anyone and see beauty even in ugly places.

Ruled by Neptune the illusionist, Piscean have a rich fantasy life for which they need an artistic outlet. They are good listeners but need to guard against shouldering too many of others people’s problems. When things go wrong they tend to blame themselves… another illusion.

The secret fear of Pisceans is of having to stand alone. Assertion does not come easily to Pisces and although they often believe in fate, they are multi-talented people and can achieve success in almost anything.

The Piscean personality may clash with the breezy, busy ways of Sagittarius and Gemini, but with a little imagination Pisces can adapt to working with them.

Virgo is the opposite sign and can show Pisces how to gain mastery of their wide range of skills.


Piscen man – what he’s like

He’s an ethereal dreamer with romantic desires and secret longings. Mr Pisces is a mystical kind of man who sees the universe not as it is, but as he would like it. He has the soul of a poet in search of splendor. And he will take it wherever he can find it, be it in the form of art, alcohol, drugs, sex, or his fantasies.

He tends to be an escapist who has problems confronting whatever makes him uncomfortable and so communicates through noncommunication. Even when he is completely honest, it often seems that there is a great deal left unsaid. Hence, it is frequently difficult to understand where he’s coming from, what he wants, and where he wants to go. And it is likely that even he doesn’t know himself since he spends a great deal of time writhing in his own confusion.

Basically his favourite feeling is infatuation, accompagnied by all the sensual delights of a new love. Yet when it comes to the grosser mundane matters (like taking out the bargage), Mr Pisces would rather quietly retreat with a book.

There are Piscean men who are moguls in the business world; however, their true nature probably yearns for some type of artistic expression. Whether he expresses it or not, the Pisces man is intensely creative, intuitive, and sometimes psychic. He has compassion for the underprivileged, is a silent champion if the underdog and a committed believer in the creation of a utopia. Regardless of his exterior, his inner nature is sensitive and emotional, his mind sympathetic, and his intentions good. However, the problem is that because he tends to spend so much time in his own head, his behaviour can also be self-centred and his actions insensitive. Mr Pisces’ problem is that he needs to be enslaved by his feelings, and whether they are fear, love, desire, or depression, they will dictate the man and he will move to their beat. Therefore, although he can quickly fall in love, he can just as quickly run away from love when he feels pressured. This inconstant behaviour can prove quite puzzling to a person who five days before was the object of such exuberant enthusiasm. However, Mr Pisces would probably never consider his behaviour confusing, since he doesn’t really want to think about it. All he knows is that anything that feels unpleasant must be escaped from. And due to a lot of practice, he does his escaping so cleverly that one might even think he’s still there.

What he thinks he wants

He wants to be totally swept away through sensual pleasure and the emotional power of a great love. Mr Pisces has the soul of a poet who seeks enraptured experience. Ideally he would like to live in the fourth dimension, where all experience is like a divine high and he is never bothered by the blight of boredom.

What he needs

He needs intellectual, emotional, and sensual excitement – the more the better, the longer, the more divine.

What he fears

Boredom, routine, tedium, and stagnancy have a debilitating effect on his psyche and probably account for his worst fears. To alleviate the experience of monotony, he seeks escapes in the form of artistic experience, drugs, alcohol, sex, or mysticism. And in a crowded elevator, he’ll simply go inside his head. Because there are a lot of things in life that he does not want to see and has a very clever habit of creating his own scripts. Therefore, when you are with him and look in his eyes and know that he’s not really with you, it’s most likely because there’s a movie going on his mind – and it’s probably in Technicolor.

His attitude toward women, love, and sex

Mr Pisces is an ethereal romantic who can fall in love in five minutes and out of love in about four. Essentially, he loves women. However, what entrances him even more than the most beautiful woman is the power of the emotion he is capable of feeling for her. Like Mr Aquarius, Mr Pisces can love a lot of women in a lot of different ways. However, unlike the detached Aquarian man, his emotions are much more dramatic.

He is a dreamer who is in love with the drama of emotion. He lives for sensation, scenes of emotional rapture, and erotic flights of fantasy. And when it all wears off, it is likely that his attention will drift elsewhere.

There are Pisces men who settle into one relationship, never to stray from the side of their partner. But it is likely that they fantasize a lot. Yet one will never know for sure, since this is a mysterious man who never reveals himself completely.

However, it can be said that this sign is associated with a high incidence of affairs, both before and during marriage. And during marriage, Mr Pisces can have a more population love life than many men who are single. However, the irony of the situation is that of all the signs of the zodiac, he might be the least sexually aggressive.

Because he is not a man who goes out of his way, when Mr Pisces has affairs, it’s because the situation presents itself. It might be mentioned that, quite mysteriously, situations always present themselves – perhaps because he is ever alert to all possibilities. And since he has such a friendly way of approaching and then turning passive, women often feel compelled to make the first move.

Therefore, Mr Pisces has sly and highly succeful ways of gratifying his desires. However, it might be said that not only does he feel for all of his women after each show is over, he would like them all to hang around as friends.  Mr Pisces prides himself on his sympathetic nature, as well as on the fact that most of his old flames still stay in touch. Yet the most puzzling contradiction of his character is that for a man who can be so emotional, he can also be surprisingly detached an impersonal.

Essentially he carries around a lot of universal love in his heart, which enables him to distance himself from the needs of his own ego. Should the love of his life suddenly tell him she wants him to meet her secret lover, not only will he not be angry, but he’ll do his best to understand. And if upon reflection he comes to the understanding that his competitor might make her more happy, quite nobly he will simply disappear. It might be noted that it is almost impossible to make Mr Pisces jealous. While he may in a moment of passion murmur that he’ll merely float on to his next affair or fantasy, musing about how much he appreciates your friendship.

Sexually, he tends to be passive and prefers that the woman make most of the moves. While he’ll keep up his part enthusiastically, Mr Pisces is far more of a follower than an initiator. Therefore, he’s most  comfortable with aggressive women who take over, while he floats off in his head.

When it comes to marriage, he is a man who is a challenge to pin down. Since the idea of a snug domestic domicile directly conflicts with his need for romantic drama, it is likely that he will postpone the discussion of marriage for as long as possible, until he hopes that you’ve simply forgotten. If that doesn’t work, he may reluctantly respond to begging and badgering. But the price for that while he may go through the motions of getting married, he may simultaneously pretend that none of it is really happening. It is a fact that Mr Pisces can be quite an enigma. At the same time he can appear innocent, charming, and very lovable. In his own heart, he’s loyal, since he sees loyalty as a matter of loving, not owning. And any way you look at it, Mr Pisces can love even more than a lot.

His good points

He can be kind, caring, and very sympathetic – especially in a situation involving some emotional distance. Mr Pisces is highly intuitive, imaginative, artistic, and romantic. When in love, he will make you believe that you’re his greatest love. He will draw you into his fantasy and excite you to feel that you’re seventeen years old and falling in love for the first time. He has a very special talent for creating a larger-than-life romance. And that is because he can make a woman feel that suddenly her life is like a lovely piece of music.

His bad points

He can be hypocritical, dishonest, manipulative, sarcastic, and maddeningly passive. The less-evolved Piscean man is an escapist addicted to divine highs. Drugs, alcohol, and sex are his reason d’etre. Essentially, he lives his life for sensation and takes no responsibility when his dreams turn into destructive traps that bring sorrow not only to himself, but to everyone else around him.

How to get his attention

Charm him and appeal to the child inside him. Mr Pisces loves to play and have his imagination fed. Because he craves stimulation rather than security, you should present yourself with an air of drama and excitement. Wear something wonderful that makes you feel like a goddess. He is sensitive to colour, so create some striking visuals. He is also susceptible to moods and atmospheres, so set up a dinner where the champagne flows freely. Be witty, amusing, and intent on entertaining him. However, also keep in mind that he is more interested in a fantasy  than a real woman with needs and demands. So go light on reality while you maintain a degree of emotional distance at all times. The more of the sexy, unattainable ice maiden you are, the more ardent he’ll become.

How to keep it

This part is not that easy, since his mind and emotions tend to wander. To capture his total attention, you have to keep up the splendor of the romance. Make every day different and every night a romantic drama. Convince him that his life is greater than the Great Gatsby’s by providing constant excitement and playing the role of his great love. In the meantime, make sure you’re not always available when he calls.  Always make him work to please you, since he will appreciate you more when you keep him on his toes. Never let him forget the power you have over him, and he’ll be your ardent admirer for as long as you want him.

Realistic expectations

Because this man is a mystery, even to himself, it is difficult to predict not only what he will do but why. At times it may seem like you’re giving a lot and getting very little back. At other times, his words may convince you that you have him while his actions tell you that you don’t have a chance. Because Mr Pisces can be so passive, he can make you feel that you’re producing, directing, and acting alone in your own romantic drama. And due to his elusive personality, it could be that you are. This is a relationship that should be put through a benefit-cost analysis. Carefully evaluate what you’re giving. And above all, if you’re not getting, don’t fall into the trap of thinking one day you will be. Mr Pisces will not change – unless perhaps he leaves your life for another woman.


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