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Sagittarius personality

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)sagittarius

The sign of burning optimism, Sagittarians can be passionately adaptable and dislike being commited. Like their symbol, they seem to be half god or goddess and half an earth-bound animal. Bluntly honest, they rarely realize how bruised others can feel by their comments. Being intelligent opportunists, Sagittarians make up for their blunders with an infectious positive attitude.

Ruled by expansive Jupiter, Sagittarians enjoy travelling and are partial to taking a gamble. They are generous thinkers and may be truly surprised to find that not everyone lives by the same rules as they do. Sagittarians see the broad view but miss the details, so they may drop things in their haste.

The Sagittarian secret fear is of losing their wide-ranging freedom of action. However, they love dashing about inspiring others and hide their own sadnesses with laughter.

The Sagittarian may be at odds with the Virgoan desire for perfection and Pisceans when they are all at sea, but can manage very well when the Sagittarian sense of justice takes over.

Gemini is the opposite sign and can help Sagittarius to notice details and think through responsabilites.


Sagittarius man – What he’s like

He is the classic adventurer who seems to be going in several directions simultaneously. Mr Sagittarius is spontaneous and freedom-loving, funny and full of life. He has a childlike kind of charm that can steal your heart away and an innocent little boy grin that may make you want to borrow him for a lifetime.

He is a restless nature that gets bored very easily. And whenever this happens, he is on the move. He loves airports and airplanes, foreign places, and simply playng around, in any given experience he has ne foot out door, moving in the opposite direction. And when the urge to roam overtakes him, neither a grand love nor a sense of responsibility will hold him down. To say the least, he can be maddeningly flighty. But at the same time, he flies through life with an enviable élan.

Mr Sagittarius has a special weakness for a variety of female faces and tends to treat love like a sport, with timeouts and half-times. The basic problem is that he doesn’t view much beyond the moment seriously. It often takes him until old age to grow up, and along the way there are quite a few regressions.

Spontaneously he’ll make promises he won’t keep, extend invitations he’ll  subsequently forget, and quite innocently stand you up for some more consuming activity. Not only can he be unresponsive to your deeper feelings, he can’t stop running long enough to even realize that you have them.

Mr Sagittarius tends to be so superficial that all he sees is your personality and, of course, your good looks and your great sense of humour. This is a man whose loyalties lie in the now and whose priority is pleasure seeking. In so doing, he’ll be outrageously generous. And that is basically because money alone has less value than a good time. His head is in the clouds and his feet are always floating, and where he may land, he doesn’t particularly want to know.

What he thinks he wants

He lusts for adventure, excitement, the unknown, the unexplored, and the yet to be discovered. In general, Mr Sagittarius would prefer many women over a monogamous situation and can change his mind momentarily when it comes to making a commitment. Basically he wants to feel free, unfettered, and fantastically alive. And whether it’s a balloon ranch, an impromptu trip to the Azores, or a fabulous new affair, he’ll run with it, as fast as he can and as far as he feels he wants it to take him.

What he needs

He needs to feel that he’s free to come and go where he wants, when he wants, with whomever he wants. The feeling of freedom is the source of his jubilation, and jubilation is the drug of his existence. In general, Mr Sag is dampened by idea of being tied down and tied into any situation. Therefore, he can be maddeningly elusive when it comes to either marriage or making a relationship work that may be in trouble. If he had his preference, he would like to live his life ten minutes at a time with the hope that there would always be a new adventure hovering on the horizon.

What he fears

He fears stagnancy and the feeling that he’s chained to a situation that will never change. Basically mr Sag has such a horror of being restricted that sometimes he can’t even show up on time. He has nightmares of suffocation and daydreams of flying high through the sky. Women who want to lean on him terrify him, as do confining situations that feel like they might last forever.

His attitude toward women, love, and sex

He has a casual attitude toward sex that rather frequently precludes love. Basically he loves a woman when he’s with her. But when he’s away from her, whatever happens is another story. Fidelity is not one of his favourite things; nor is having to commit his life away. Essentially, Mr Sag means well, but what he means when he says something is often only good for the moment. Because he has a basic struggle with follow-through, he may invite you to the Bahamas on a Friday, and by Saturday forget that he even mentioned it. This is a man who is not only capable of standing you up, but of behaving like a holy innocent when blamed for his capriciousness. Since ‘love them and leave them’ is his basic philosophy, he could happily live his life unmarried. Often until old age, his attitude toward love is more playful than passionate, his behaviour flighty, and his feelings cheerful yet uncommitted. When Mr Sag marries early, he is frequently unfaithful. Essentially, it takes him many years to realize that his female partner is also a person with feelings that extend beyond the moment. Unless he is highly evolved, his sense of responsibility is short-sighted, and his behaviour self-centred. However, his enthusiasm is never-ending, and his boyish charm capable of carrying him through even the tighter times.

His good points

He’s as exuberant as a child with a large red ballon. Likewise, he’s not only funny, but a lot of fun. He can make you feel that life is like an exciting safari where all the animals talk and the adventure never ends. Caught in the throes of his wild enthusiasm, Mr Sag is generous to a fault. On impulse he is capable of picking up a dinner tab for ten and then overtiping the waiter. Essentially he is a lovable character whose zest for life and sense of humour make him more exciting than a sailboat on a sunny summer afternoon. At his best, he is wise and philosophical, a benevolent figure who searches beyond convention in a never-ending quest for truth.

His bad points

He can be superficial and capricious, flighty and incapable of follow-through. He makes promises he often fails to deliver on. And that’s usually because his memory is so bad that he forgets what he promises. Mr Sag has a flaky brain that is capable of forgetting not only where he parked his car, but if he in fact parked it at all. In relationships he finds it a strain to be faithful, especially when surrounded by a bevy of beautiful faces that alter his attention span. Generally speaking, he is far more interested in momentary gratification than in long-range commitments, and even then he is always searching for a few outs. Although he is a charming fellow, it takes him a lifetime to grow up. That is essentially because he is more concerned with playing at life than with sedulously pursuing things with seriousness. And because he can so easily lose interest, he sometimes ends up losing a lot.

How to get his attention

Entice him with a startling wit and engaging sense of humour. (it’s one of the keys to his attention span). Early on, let him know you’re a completely independent person. To his mind, freedom is like a fanatical religion. Therefore, any signs of a clinging vine will send him scurrying in the farthest direction. He’s got to know that you’ll do very well without him before he’ll allow himself to be attracted. Appeal to his love of nature by suggesting a hike or help on an ecology fund-raiser. However, keep in mind that this is a guy who would prefer to scale glaciers and windsurf in the rain than take a mild little walk in the woods. Be prepared to do anything at any moment. Mr Sagittarius is very spontaneous. Also, go light with the makeup. Mr Sag prefers a natural look to lots of glamour and frowns upon too much primping and fussing for the sake of presenting your face to the world.

How to keep it

Give him so much freedom that he feels like he’s living in an airport. When, not if, he gets you angry, show him that you have both the spunk and self-assurance to put him in his place. In the surrounding moments seduce his personality with your sense of humour, and then go after his body. He only needs a little encouragement to divert his energy reserves; if you can keep up with him, he’ll be yours – but there’s no guarantee for how long. Let him know quite firmly that there are limitations to what you’ll allow him to get away with. If you let Mr Sag scamper over you, he’ll cheerfully fly right out of your life. At the same time, if you scream and complain, in record time he’ll be purchasing a plane ticket. The best way to keep him is to spell out your expectations. Then let him know that if he is too much of a child to enjoy treating you like a person, you’re capable of cutting out in record time. Never rely on subtlety to get a point across. He’s much too dense to notice, never mind understand. He’s much too dense to notice, never mind understand. Finally, during the courtship should he begin to behave capriciously, either stand him up or keep him waiting. Then coolly inquire how it feels to be on the other side.

Realistic expectations

Although Mr Sagittarius is a lot of fun, he’s far more of a fling than a lasting love affair. Basically this is because his idea of settling down is seeing someone else on the side. Not only can he not be confined, he often can’t be counted upon. As a friend you may find him loyal, alive, and amusing. However, emotionally he has a long way to go as a lover. If you’re merely interested in a good time, he is a man who can give it to you. But if you want something more than the morning after, don’t hold your breath or you won’t be breathing for very long


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