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Scorpio personality

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)scorpio

The sign of adult transformation. Scorpios can be possessively stubborn, guarding their deepest passions jealously. Others have to earn their trust but can be sure that a Scorpio will never reveal confided secrets. Often very sexual, Scorpios can be passionate about almost anything. They have long memories for harm done to those they love and the darker side of human nature is no surprise to them.

Ruled by searching Pluto, Scorpios often know what others want before they know themselves. Scorpios have accurate instincts and do not suffer fools gladly. Their priorities include self-respect and personal power. They can transform themselves and work hard for a few chosen people and projects.

The Scorpio secret fear is of someone discovering what Scorpio really wants, in case it should be taken away. However, Scorpio is in reality a very gentle sign and has great compassion.

The Scorpio personality may clash with Leo and Aquarius but can work together when Scorpio allows Leo the limelight and Aquarius the social platform.

Taurus is the opposite sign and can show Scorpio how to value the talents of others and to become gentler with the self.


Scorpio man – What he’s like

He operates on many levels simultaneously. Therefore, he’s many things at once most of the time. He’s the most complex character in the zodiac and can be as enigmatic as his own to understand him, and that is because there is only so much understanding that can come from communication. To know him profoundly, you have to intuit his total behaviour. And because there aren’t many people whose minds are moulded in the same way, he remains largely misunderstood. And this, he often uses to his advantage. One hour with him and you know he’s dangerous. It’s in his eyes. They either gleam like polished weapons or they flicker like serpents’ tongues. With one piercing glance he sees all, while in a entire evening, he allows you to see very little.

The Scorpio man is mysterious. Often to himself as well as to others. He seldom communicates directly and usually resorts to talking in code. Often when making one declarative statement, he means another. Therefore, whoever takes him at face value may never know what he is really saying. It is not that he tries purposely to obfuscate issues, it’s just that he has a particular knack for making life more complicated. Although cool on the surface, he is the most intense type of fellow and sometimes wears himself out with all of his self-created dramas. When it is a matter of either pride or passion, he can brood, sulk and obsess up a storm. At the same time, he will go to ridiculous lengths to appear as though there is nothing bothering him. Mr Scorpio does not like to reveal himself until he feels totally secure in a situation. And until he feels assured that he is in total control he never feels secure in any situation.

Quite often he sublimates his sexuality through a consuming devotion to his work. In choosing to escape from disturbing emotional issues, he can be the classic workaholic. Likewise, in choosing to escape from the tedium of life and his own anger, he can become the classic alcoholic. However, although Mr Scorpio may drink excessively, he also has extraordinary will-power and, being a persone prone to extremes, may decide at a certain point in his life not to drink at all.

Because his mind is shrewd, his perceptions trenchant, and his memory dangerous, he is best suited for a profession in which success is merely a matter of outwitting his opponents. This he can do drunk, half-dead, or with his eyes half-closed. The problem is that he is so facile with mind games that he often forgets where to stop. As a child, he probably manipulated his mother for a glass of milk because he never thought to simply ask her. As an adult, he cannot fall in love without scheming, conniving, and creating an emotional atmosphere in which he is in control. Often he is moody and depressed because he exhausts himself at being so tricky. Only when skiing, sailing, or enjoying othet athletic pursuits can he succumb to the luxury of simple pleasure.

What he thinks he wants

His blood boils for kind of passion that takes his breath away. Essentially the deepest part of him is in search of sexual ecstasy, while the most logical part prefers control. Therefore, he tends to be at war with himself, even when he finds his fantasy situation. However, fortunately for his mental health, those memorable moments do not happen frequently.

This is primarily because his version of great passion is closer to emotional enslavement than simple sex, and this man is not easily emotionally enslaved. Unconsciously, he distinguishes between sex and passion. Sex is an act that is pleasurable; passion, an emotion he’ll end up paying for. When he finds himself cavorting in its throes, it’s like falling into space with the assurance that an important part of him is either dying off or being devoured.

What brings this all about is too complex for him to simply sort out with his intellect. However, he early signals may start with a lot of steamy eye contact embellished by some trenchant quiet talk. Whatever the symptoms, the key word is power. The woman who will make him lose sleep, or at least a lot of lucid moments, has to not only sense it, but assert it. And in order to do that, she has to be self-confident, sexually magnetic, and able to see past his mind games straight through to his soul. With those elements present, he is beyond being attracted: He is bewitched. And that is his favourite feeling, except that is makes him so terrified that he is often tempted to run.

This is a man who is not easy. That is primarily because what he really wants most, he most deeply fears. Therefore, he thinks he wants something else. That something is a close, stable relationship that ise secure and will allow him a certain measure of control. Emotionally speaking, this is a much tidier situation than being drunkenly in love and walking into walls. However, the problem is that cosiness isn’t quite as colourful. Therefore, often well into middle age, Mr Scorpio sometimes seeks to satisfy both requirements. He has been known to lose himself in the wonders of passion while there is someone waiting patiently at home. To live such a life requires not only a lot of sexual energy, but also a lot of imagination. And he has it.

What he needs

The three prerequisites is his life are security, control, and power. Although he also needs passion, he can live through periods without it. Because his need for security is so profound, he is a man who always marries, often unhappily, and sometimes many times. Even if it makes him miserable, he will stay in a bad marriage long after it’s essentially over, leaving it only for another emotionally secure relationship. However, instead of divorcing, mos Scorpio men prefer to operate out of their marriage like an office, while they see another woman on the side. That way, they are doubtly secure. Security is essential to their nature, because without it, there can be no control, and without control there can be no sense of power. And it is this sense of power, which comes from being in control of himself as well as of everybody else, that makes Mr Scorpio’s pulse race.

What he fears

He hates being put out of control in any situation and will plot, scheme, and manipulate to avoid it. He also has a deep-seated fear of abandonment, which falling in love often brings about. In addition, an obsession with death can occasionally consume him.

His attitude toward women, love, and sex

Sexually, he is a predator, who slowly strolls around his victim before finally circling in for the kill. However, should he sense rejection once he makes his move, he can quickly turn hostile and surly. Usually his approach is cool, cleverly offhand, carefully calculated, and quietly charming. If he is truly attracted, he can sit back and outwait all opposition. Mr Scorpio is a most successful game player who often sets up situations to entrap the woman he wants. However, should his game fail to get the desired response, he withdraws coolly and quietly.

Although he enjoys women, in an entire lifetime he will probably feel close to very few. Regardless of his outward personality, emotionally he is an introvert who has problems recognizing and expressing his deeper feelings. Therefore, he responds most intensely to a perceptive, intuitive woman, who can help him sot himself out.

He is intensely emotional, but he can also be emotionally detached, and he has the uncanny capability of cutting off his feelings when they interfere with his functioning. Therefore, while he seeks to satisfy his security needs in a love relationship, he can create a nagging sense of insecurity on the part of his mate. His self-obsessive, solitary nature can make a woman feel more like an extracurricular activity than a person who is loved, recognized, and appreciated.

At the same time, while he may not give the woman of his life his total attention, he can be insanely jealous should she let her eyes or body stray. Mr Scorpio tends to be a man whose mind dwells in double standarts. While he wants all, he gives a lot less to get it. Essentially he has enough passion to assign it in different areas. However, in turn, he’s capable of demanding total devotion and undivided attention.

Sexually, he is intense. However, unless he is emotionally involved, he can be cold, insensitive, and perfunctory. For Mr Scorpio, sex is a psychological as well as physical involvement. Everything he does reflects it. And it shows in a magnetism that makes many women’s minds fog up. What it does for a woman’s emotions can be devastating, however, when he segregates his feelings from his sexuality. When mature, he can be the very best.

However, one of the many contradictions of his personality is that, while his intelligence may make him old at an early age, his emotions can keep him an infant for a lifetime. But his peculiar danger is that, unlike other adult infants who conspicuously show their warped sensibilities, Mr Scorpio shows only shrewd control. The essential problem in loving him comes in making him lose it. Not only is this not easy, there are many clever Scorpio men with whom it is close to impossible. Until he grows up enough to stop being afraid of his feelings, he will always be at the mercy of them. Likewise, any unsuspecting woman who falls in love with this lower type will find herself controlled by his very fears, his demons, his desires and his decadent way of making life deathlike.

His good points

Even during adolescence, he has an avuncular quality and can be counted on in all types of crises. At his best, Mr Scorpio is sympathetic, intuitive, emotionally understanding, and deeply caring. He is a most loyal friend in need who can rise to the dire demands of any occasion. He is also ambitious, powerful, and profoundly intelligent.

His bad points

He can be possessive, jealous, sadistic, and downright dishonest. Frequently he suffers from severe mood swings and can have a gloomy, constricted view of life. When pushed past his controls, he can be capable of killing. However, generally he vents his anger through a sarcasm that goes straight to the jugular.

How to get his attention

Look cool, sexy and slightly dangerous. Wear something that gives you a sense of power, like a black leather skirt and Chanel No.5. Don’t engage in superficial small talk. It will only annoy him. This is a man who is arrested by a woman who reaches his depths. Therefore, be intense, aware, and also mysterious. When you talk to him, look deep into his eyes and smile alluringly. Ask him out for a drink and then leave abruptly at seven. Let him know you have plans but you’d like to see him again. Before you leave, tell him how attractive you find him. Feed into his obsessive-compulsive mind by keeping him guessing, and you may get to keep him forever.

How to keep it

Sexually enslave him while you emotionally outmanipulate him. Show up for an impropmptu midnight rendezvous in a trench coat, but nothing else. Then be aggressive, and suggest variations. Best of all, let him know that you know what he’s all about. If, at this point you’re still not certain, it’s best not to venture further. Once he senses that you don’t understand him, he’ll also know that you’re in his power, and he’ll never appreciate you fully. What he really wants is to be emotionally enslaved. And this comes not only through sex, but through a lot of penetrating insight. Essentially, to keep Mr Scorpio attracted, you have to keep up with him. While that insecure part of him may seek to nurture and control a more shallow woman, he can only be totally consumed by someone he considers his equal. A final point to consider is patience. If he is wildly attracted, another part of him will rise up in terror and try in little ways to resist. So be very offhand when he starts to break dates because of the demands of his work. Cheerfully hint that you have other alternatives waiting in the wings. If he thinks that you have nothing better to do than sit back and wait, he’ll lose respect and let you sit forever. Therefore, it is equally important not to wait too long. If you’re really smart and have a lot of self-control, make him wait. And as you give him a perfectly plausible reason for breaking a date, make sure that your voice sounds vague. Mr Scorpio always wants something more when he fears he might not be able to have it. So to have him, let him know in little ways that might not always have you. This will make him miserable. But in a very perverse way, it’s this kind of misery that often makes him quite happy.

Realistic expectations

The ultimate outcome of an involvement with Mr Scorpio depends on how far you want it to go, and how far he is willing to take it. If you want more than a fling, find out immediately by assessing the pattern of his past relationships. Then observe if he flinches when you speak of the future. Regardless of what he may say, watch what he does. And if he appears confused, totally consumed by his work, or sad because he’s consumed by his feelings, then back off and be very cautious.


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