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Aries in 2017

 Aries 2017 Horoscope: Overviewaries

Aries, you have had transiting Uranus in Aries conjuncting your Sun sign since March 12, 2011 . Having fun yet? Uranus is known as the awakener. What have you awakened to? Uranus shocks, stimulates, brings sudden and unexpected events. What has it done in your life so far? Uranus can change our lives suddenly, unexpectedly, bring people back into our lives that were gone a long time or take people out of our lives that were very important to us. Without a doubt, Uranus can bring in new circumstances, new people, and old acquaintances; even alter our life style suddenly or ever so subtly.

The presence of Uranus in Aries zodiac sign may be subtle for some Aries and very strongly felt by other Aries. continue…

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