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Homosexuality in astrology

hmsI was recently asked wherever astrologers believe homosexuality could be represented within an individuals natal chart?, and found it to be a very interesting question that got me thinking; especially in relation to our ideals of gender, generalisations and an active search for cause and indicators of such a a path of sexual orientation – I feel that it is about time that I at least cast a casual eye on the subject itself.
(In reflection this is anything but casual, a bit long, winding and badly edited so I suggest that if you are up for it you grab yourself a nice cuppa)
In beginning this blog entry I feel that I could simply change the title to homophobic astrology as it seems it would better represent some of the works on modern astrology, that are sadly by and large either very homophobic or incredibly under informed on the reality of being gay.

It may be best to start with stating that I have always been sceptical in regards to this aspect of astrology, continue…


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