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The following horoscope is that of an actress which was thrice married.
It will be noted that Venus, the ruler of the horoscopical Ascendant, is in the House of Contracts, supported by Jupiter in the same House.
The Sun is in sextile aspect to Saturn, but Saturn is afflicted by the quadrature of Uranus. After eloping with a man at the early age of 17 years, she was married to another man (Saturn in Sagittarius), but afterwards reverted and married the man with whom she had previously eloped. Her third marriage was contracted at the age of 46. The positions of Venus and Jupiter show the advantages arising from the several contracts, while the quadrature of the Moon and Neptune to these planets sufficiently indicates their evanescent nature and the reasons for their termination.
due to the influence of the planet Neptune in the House of Contracts are unfortunately too numerous to reproduce in detail, but the following is a typical instance. continue…


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Different aspects

THE MISOGYNIST or “woman hater” is an anomaly which life produces from a hard experience. Apart from the fact that there are certain people who ought not to marry, there are others who have no inclination to do so, and even evince a distinct repugnance to marriage. In this category I should not include the anchorite or monastic, who, though often driven to seek seclusion from women and the world by force of bitter experience of either or both, are yet otherwise compelled by a variety of causes to seek a haven of peace other than the domestic hearth.
This by-product of social life has always existed and probably always will exist until the last reform of the marriage laws shall have brought them into direct relations with the laws of heaven, or until a perfected humanity shall have become a law unto itself. But since the misogynist is existent, it is of interest to note certain conditions by which he can be detected from the horoscope of his birth. continue…


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