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Transit Moon in the Houses

Transit Moon in the 1st Housef30
Your energy is much higher when the Moon is traveling through your First House. You have the drive to get things done, and can accomplish many tasks. Confidence can be better, and decisions come easier. Impulsiveness and sensitivity can rein supreme these few days, and you may feel yourself taking greater offense to things that maybe aren’t worth it. You could be wounded emotionally if you don’t shield yourself a little now as you’re more vulnerable. You can be very aware of subtle energies around you, and feel more nurturing of others. Taking some time to meditate or get in touch with your inner world can be easily attained now, and you can make it a positive experience. This may not be a time where you can stick with something, as your mood is more unpredictable. Your appearance may undergo a change (good time for a haircut!). Expressing your feelings might be a strong desire with this placement, but it could go either way, having others accept and support your emotions, or feeling others don’t understand. Be careful of how you interpret their reactions – it could just be you being overly sensitive.

Transit Moon in the 2nd House
Finances are tied to your emotions. You may feel you need more money, continue…


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