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Taurus in 2017

Taurus 2017 Horoscope: Overviewtaurus

Taurus, in 2017 you could become involved in some new venture that will or may give you more independence, but in the mean time you may want to keep these things under wraps. Whatever is going on in private, you will want to keep private.

The 2017 yearly predictions for Taurus warn to be careful not to waste any opportunities by sitting around and doing nothing. If you don’t know what you want to do, do something, anything constructive. Take a class, join an educational or social club. You are slow to get started on a realistic path, but once headed in the right direction, you can go far.

Steady as a rock … or a Bull. As a Taurus zodiac sign, you’re grounded, and you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. Speaking of grounded, it’s next to impossible to get you to budge once you’ve made your decision or set your goal. Stubborn and tenacious, as a Taurus star sign you approach life with steadiness and stability. continue…

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