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Taurus personality

TAURUS  (April 20 – May 21)taurus

The sign of practical stability, Taureans can be pedantically stubborn, persisting until they have achieved material prosperity. They like all the good things in life and are unlikely to make a move until they are convinced of its worth. Calm, reliable and patient, the way of Taurus is slow and sure, Taureans will work hard at what they see will be a value, and can accept burdens that would knock others off balance.

Ruled by Venus, the sign of romance, Taureans luxuriate in sensual delights but they have a very strong set of values and are deeply loving. Taureans may have a sense of something missing in life and might even be called boring. This is usually because they take a while to make up their minds.

The secret fear of Taureans is of being disturbed or found wanting. However, they are the most reliable and continue…

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