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Taurus personality

TAURUS  (April 20 – May 21)taurus

The sign of practical stability, Taureans can be pedantically stubborn, persisting until they have achieved material prosperity. They like all the good things in life and are unlikely to make a move until they are convinced of its worth. Calm, reliable and patient, the way of Taurus is slow and sure, Taureans will work hard at what they see will be a value, and can accept burdens that would knock others off balance.

Ruled by Venus, the sign of romance, Taureans luxuriate in sensual delights but they have a very strong set of values and are deeply loving. Taureans may have a sense of something missing in life and might even be called boring. This is usually because they take a while to make up their minds.

The secret fear of Taureans is of being disturbed or found wanting. However, they are the most reliable and faithful of beings, able to bring long-term plans to fruition. They rarely express their anger; when they do, it is devastating.

The Taurus personality can be disturbed by Leo and Aquarius, but can relax when they learn to value the talents of others.

Scorpio is the opposite sign and can show Taurus how to recognize the motives of others.


Taurus man – What he’s like

He’s a highly sensuous man who is a bastion of strength and a buoyant support in moments of crisis. Like his natal element, Taurus is earthy. His approach to life is practical and dependable, and his way of going after what he wants, methodical.

Your Taurus is a patient and persistent soul who takes one thing at a time and hates to be rushed through any experience. Unlike Sagittarius, he requires time to make up his mind and sometimes even more time to take some action. Mr Taurus has two feet firmly planted in the earth and a mind that is grounded in the material realm. It is likely that he has a special gift for making money as well as a talent for taking care of it. Essentially, he is highly security-conscious, both materially and emotionally. And whether it is in the material or the emotional areas of his life, he will ultimately seek the most stable situation. Beautiful possessions assure him of his power in the world, just as a secure loving relationship gives his inner life a sense of meaning. However, at times he may confuse the emotional with the material by treating the object of this affections like a possession. When in love, his jealousy is boundless, just as is need for trust.

Mr Taurus needs to know where he stands before getting emotionally involved. However, when he finally makes up his mind, he remains absolutely certain.

What he thinks and he wants

he wants sensuality and security, the more of it, the better. However, above all, Mr Taurus wants to be tempted. His greatest fantasy is being seduced, but not abandoned, by a beautiful woman with stellar sex appeal. Next to that, falling in love with someone lovely and enjoying startling material success would make him more than happy.

What he needs

Whether it’s in a material or emotional situation, Taurus needs to feel the support under his feet. Instability unsettles him, as much as the feeling of not knowing where he stands. Security is the key of his existence. Without it, he is tense, anxiety-ridden, and frightened.

What he fears

He is frightened of anything being pulled out from under him. Like his astrological opposite Scorpio, the Taurus man is fearful of being abandoned. Too little money makes him insecure, along with falling in love with a woman he’s not sure of. To survive, Mr Taurus has to know where he stands. And in order to thrive, he has to feel in control of both his circumstances and his options.

His attitude toward women, love, and sex

Because his body often rules his brain, Mr Taurus is most eagerly seduced by someone very sensual. He’s probably a Plyboy peruser and has fantasies of being overwhelmed by Wonder Woman. In addition to being a sucker for a pretty face, he’s a highly appreciative audience for an attractive body. As a matter of fact, one might say that being enslaved by his senses is probably his very favourite thing.

Mr Taurus is a highly sensual man who loves love, sex, and women. However, unless there are other indications in his horoscope, he is more of a monogamous lover than a playboy. He is most definitely the marrying kind and the kind of man who wants children. In love he not only seeks security, but also gives it willingly. And even if he prefers a living-together situation to a marriage, Mr Taurus will remain very steady and faithful.

Unlike a Leo, he doesn’t need a lot of surface excitement to nurture his interest. Nor does he need to spend his evenings out on the town. When he is with the person he loves, he would be just as happy to stay home together and eat pizza than spend the evening in an expensive restaurant.

When he really falls in love, Mr Taurus gives himself completely. And of course, he expects the same. Having a highly jealous nature, he will not tolerate sideline flirtations and is capable of becoming violent when confronted with an infidelity. Emotionally, he is a conventional man who doesn’t believe in making love complicated. Essentially, he follows his desires, and wherever they take him, he’s likely to end up.

His good points

He’s loyal, loving, and very dependable. Not only is Taurus strong, he’s like a mountain in the middle of the ocean. His character is solid, his desires enduring. And when he says he’s going to do something, it can be considered done. He is a man who is highly supportive, sensuous, and creative. In addition, it is likely that he is also a good cook. Mr Taurus can make you feel so secure that you’ll start to believe in ever after. Basically that’s because he does.

His bad points

He can be stubborn, rigid, and uncompromising. And when truly unevolved, both cheap and selfish. The self-evolved Taurus man lives in his life by rote, with little or no imagination. Not only does he get stuck in ruts, he creates them, without stopping to consider other alternatives. As a result, he can be both boring and confining to be around, especially when he treats each new day exactly like the day before and the day before that.

How to get his attention

Appeal to his earthy sensuality. Titillate his senses by smelling beautiful, looking seductive, and cooking him a meal that blows his mind. Mr Taurus craves creature pleasures – from food to sex. And his appetites are usually enormous. Therefore, invite him for an elegant ‘home-cooked’ dinner – even if you have to take it out. (That’s your secret). Serve it with fine French wine on a table set with roses and candlelight. (Ruled by planet Venus, Mr Taurus loves the trappings of beauty). Wear a sweet noticeable scent and a dress that flatters your best assets. After dinner, adjourn to the sofa for talk. He’ll take it from there.

How to keep it

Mr Taurus loves sex, probably even more than he loves food, and probably even more than he loves money. Therefore, any woman who would rather read in bed than do other things is better off forgetting him and simply finding an Aquarius. Since he is highly responsive to sight, touch, and, of course, smell, he will be most attracted to a woman who appeals to all of these. Taurus loves to touch and be touched. If you know how to give a good back rub, you are as good as engaged. Don’t be shy to act out your fantasies with this man – his enthusiasm will surprise you. However, unless a woman is either beautiful or sexually magnetic, he can be very slow in making up his mind. Since Mr Taurus tends to be so security-conscious, he may drift into a situation that is comfortable yet not consuming. However, for him to be truly in love, his senses simply have to be overtaken.

Realistic expectations

When his senses are overwhelmed, or at least catered to, Taurus can be a great lover-husband-friend. He will support you in times of emotional crisis. And he will offer you a love that you can believe in. But in turn you must nurture his need for sensuality, security, and a stable love. In the end, what you will gain is a lover you can trust as a friend.

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