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The Moon phases and void-of-course Moon

PHASES OF THE MOONmoon_phases_diagram

There are four quarters in the transit of the Moon. Everyone feels the same quarter at the same time, and each is better for some things than others. The waxing period is the time from the New Moon to the Full Moon, and the waning period is the time from the Full Moon to the New Moon.

The New Moon phase is associated with beginnings, and is the best time to start a new project. Energy is high and you want to get things done. As the Moon waxes, you continue on the cycle. The New Moon is the planting of the first seed. Astrologically, the New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are at the same point in the zodiac, and is the First Quarter.

The Second Quarter is when the Sun and Moon are ninety degrees apart, and is the period right in between the New Moon and Full Moon. It’s a time to adjust, continuing to work on your goals, initially getting the plans together and then laying them out to get closer to completion at the Third Quarter, or Full Moon. With the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are at opposite points in the zodiac, and is a time of completion and endings. This isn’t usually the best time to start new things, but to bring projects to a close.

The Fourth Quarter has the Moon and Sun ninety degrees apart, just like the Second Quarter, but is between the Full Moon and New Moon. These is a time to review what you have or haven’t accomplished, and clear out whatever needs to be cleared to make room for the New Moon.


As the Moon travels through each sign, it makes aspects to the other transit (moving) planets. The Moon is said to be void-of-course (v/c) once it has made its last major aspect to the transit planets before it leaves the sign it’s in. Once it enters the next sign, it’s no longer void-of-course. The void-of-course period is considered a dark or resting period, and can last for minutes or nearly a day.

Because the Moon isn’t making any aspects to transit planets, its energy is low. That makes the void-of-course Moon an importune time to start something new, make a decision, or take action. People tend to have a more difficult time making up their minds, plans taken seem to unravel at the seams, and our judgment is poor. We usually don’t know everything we need to in order to get things on the right path, and so, this is not a good time to get something started.
The void-of-course Moon is best for evaluating what we’ve gone through in the recent past. You can let your emotions run more freely and give your head a break. Also, if there’s something you don’t want to really commit yourself to, work on it now.

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