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Transit Jupiter in the Houses

Transit Jupiter in the 1st Housef41
When transit Jupiter is in your 1st house, you feel optimistic about your life. You become more confident and feel good about the way things are going. This can lead to you making improvements in your life because you feel so good or want to feel better. You could be presented with new opportunities that will expand your life in some way. You may want to expand your life and experience more, seeing what the world has to offer you. You’re more friendly and gregarious, outspoken and blunt, and have a more happy attitude. You can do what you want and be who you are, and you don’t feel chained down. You do need to watch for being overly indulgent or lazy. This aspect can also lead to weight gain, though if you actually put in effort to lose weight, this aspect will make it easier. It’s just getting up and actually doing it that could be difficult.

Transit Jupiter in the 2nd House
When transit Jupiter is in your 2nd house, you can experience an increase in self-esteem and self-worth. You may focus on your value system and make adjustments to them, or make adjustments to your life that are more in line with your values. You’re not up for trying anything different or drastic with this transit, and stick to the traditional and to things you’ve tried before. Nevertheless, this aspect can be good for your finances, and you can be presented with or make opportunities for yourself that will increase your financial status. You can also purchase more items of value, and be more materialistic, which can make you spend more than you should, so while you can make a lot of money, you’re just as inclined to spend a lot as well. You should have a productive year no matter what, and get a lot done that needs to be done. You may also be sensual and indulgent.

Transit Jupiter in the 3rd House
When transit Jupiter is in your 3rd house, you want to learn, and this aspect gives you the chance to learn as much as you can. You could take a class, go to school, or start learning something on your own to expand your knowledge. You’re more open with people, and can express yourself honestly. You may find yourself having many more communications than in the past, and you can articulate your thoughts and ideas well. Technology could be prominent during this transit, and you could buy new equipment or a new car. You may do more with your community, with your neighbors, or with a sibling, and could have opportunities presented to you thorough them. You could find yourself on the road a lot, but not going very far. You should be more sociable and enjoy spending time with people, and they like being around you with your positive attitude.

Transit Jupiter in the 4th House
When transit Jupiter is in your 4th house, you could have the opportunity to expand your home in some way. Perhaps you put on an addition or knock down walls to make it feel more expansive. You want to have more freedom of movement at home, which is why you feel the need for a bigger place. You could buy a new place, or begin investing in real estate. You enjoy being at home now more than in the past, and enjoy spending time with your family, or at least try to improve your familial relations. A new member of the family could appear during this transit. You can also focus on strengthening your inner foundation, the very basic part of your that you build yourself on, and try to bring more stability into your life through that. You want to ensure that you have security that will last for a long time, and that you don’t have to worry about things falling apart anytime soon. You can also be more encouraging and supportive of your loved ones during this transit.

Transit Jupiter in the 5th House
When transit Jupiter is in your 5th house, you just want to have a good time, and good times should be had. You can enjoy yourself and do the things that you love most. You can spend more time on your hobbies, and take up new ones. If you’re creative, you can see your creativity soar, and this is an excellent aspect for artistic types. You can be inspired to create your best work yet. You may be prone to gambling, and some risks may go well, but don’t push your luck. You want to express yourself in some way, and let the world see you. You can be more sociable and if single, meet new romantic partners. You could fall in love during this transit, but if there aren’t any other grounding influences (like Saturn making some aspects), it’s most likely you’ll just date a lot. If attached, you could bring some romance back into the relationship. This can also be a good period to have a child/get pregnant, and if you have children, it can be a good period for them.

Transit Jupiter in the 6th House
When transit Jupiter is in your 6th house, you enjoy working and are much more productive and efficient than in the past. You know exactly what work needs to get done and in what order, and you do everything quickly and to the best of your abilities. You expect a lot from yourself, and may need to watch for perfectionist tendencies. You should get along better with coworkers, though you may want more freedom at work to do things your own way. You could move into a bigger office or workspace. This can be a good period to get a new job, or be offered several new job opportunities. You can handle your day-to-day affairs much more easily, and not find small tasks boring. This is also a great period for dealing with your health, and you can make great strides with health issues. Just make sure you’re eating well and exercising, otherwise you may gain some weight.

Transit Jupiter in the 7th House
When transit Jupiter is in your 7th house, you could do well with a partner. Personally, you may commit to someone, move in with them, become engaged, or get married, and you prefer being in a relationship over being alone. Professionally, you could take on a business partner and do very well together. Some sort of important partnership is likely during this transit. You’re happier in relationships of all kinds, and the people that you meet tend to be good for you. On the flipside, you could end a relationship during this transit, but it’s one that hasn’t been good for you and you’re glad to be rid of them. You’re better at making compromises, finding middle ground, and negotiating. You’re also more charming and good in social situations. If you have to appear in front of people, you can make a good impression on them.

Transit Jupiter in the 8th House
When transit Jupiter is in your 8th house, you’re more comfortable with the amount of power and control that you have in your life. You may want more and gain more, but you’re less likely to go about getting it in the wrong way, or manipulate people once you have it. You can do some digging into yourself and your deeply-held issues, and come to terms with issues from your past. This can be a great period of healing and growth, and you learn how to be more vulnerable and open to intimacy. This can also be a good period for your wealth, and you could gain more wealth if you make good decisions with investments, or through a partnership. You could settle a debt, loan, tax issue, inheritance, or problem with joint finances. Your sexual appetite expands, and you could have more partners, or spend more time with the one you have.

Transit Jupiter in the 9th House
When transit Jupiter is in your 9th house, he’s in the house that he naturally rules, so he’s quite at home here, and that’s good for you. This is a time where you can expand your life in some way, and have plenty of opportunities presented to you to do so. You’re usually much more optimistic and light-hearted, and don’t want to focus on anything too serious. Life is good, and you want to experience all of the goodness out there. You can learn something new, go back to school, get a degree, try teaching others, or get into writing. Dealings with the law go smoother. In business, you could deal with people from other places who help you, and promoting your work can be beneficial. You can see the big picture now, and because of this, you’re a lot less stressed over the smaller things that come up on a daily basis. You know things will work out just fine, and there’s no need to worry.

Transit Jupiter in the 10th House
When transit Jupiter is in your 10th house, you usually experience a good period for your career. You can be recognized for the work that you’ve done and make strides. If you’re in the public eye, you make a good impression. You could travel through your work, see an increase in your status because of your success, and be presented with opportunities through your elders (parents, bosses, mentors, etc.). You can do what you want in your career with greater ease, and you should try to put yourself out there as much as you can, because the more that you do, the more that you’ll get. You could finally achieve a goal that you’ve been working hard towards now, and it doesn’t seem as difficult as it has been. You can also create new goals for yourself that are bigger and more daring than you would’ve previously thought possible.

Transit Jupiter in the 11th House
When transit Jupiter is in your 11th house, you usually make new friends, and lots of them. Your social calendar is more filled than it has been for some time, and your new acquaintances can come with new opportunities for you. You could join a new group, or work hard towards a new cause that you pick up. The humanitarian in you comes out, and you want to help the world in some way. You could join a charitable group. Whatever you do, you want to be around people who share the same interest that you do. When you think of the future, you have a more optimistic attitude, and you’re hopeful that everything will go well. You could get an opportunity to make one of your dreams come true, or at least get closer to making one come true. You’re more open to things that are original, inventive, eccentric, and unique, and are willing to embrace your individuality.

Transit Jupiter in the 12th House
When transit Jupiter is in your 12th house, you can focus on the habits that you’ve taken on over the years and finally let go of them. You can be less self-destructive during this transit, and eliminate some of the baggage that you’ve been carrying around. You’re less afraid to get in touch with your hidden issues and bring them to the surface to deal with them. This can be a great time to start therapy of some sort. You may explore your spirituality and become interested in metaphysical subjects. You could take up meditation or some sort of spiritual practice. Your compassion expands and you try to help others through volunteer work or charity. You’re okay with doing things in the background that may not be noticed right now, and find that you prefer being out of the spotlight because you do your best in private. When you need help, it’s there, and this transit usually protects you during difficult times.


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