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Transit Moon in the Houses

Transit Moon in the 1st Housef30
Your energy is much higher when the Moon is traveling through your First House. You have the drive to get things done, and can accomplish many tasks. Confidence can be better, and decisions come easier. Impulsiveness and sensitivity can rein supreme these few days, and you may feel yourself taking greater offense to things that maybe aren’t worth it. You could be wounded emotionally if you don’t shield yourself a little now as you’re more vulnerable. You can be very aware of subtle energies around you, and feel more nurturing of others. Taking some time to meditate or get in touch with your inner world can be easily attained now, and you can make it a positive experience. This may not be a time where you can stick with something, as your mood is more unpredictable. Your appearance may undergo a change (good time for a haircut!). Expressing your feelings might be a strong desire with this placement, but it could go either way, having others accept and support your emotions, or feeling others don’t understand. Be careful of how you interpret their reactions – it could just be you being overly sensitive.

Transit Moon in the 2nd House
Finances are tied to your emotions. You may feel you need more money, and that may be true, with an expense coming up, or it may just be an emotional need. There’s a greater chance of impulse buying because you’re emotionally drawn to items, so make sure you’re spending your money wisely, otherwise you may end up with debts you don’t want (or need). How your self-esteem and your monetary status are linked may be clear to you now, and any changes that need to be made with that relationship can be done. Making a change in your value system could also be made at this time. Your security is linked to your money during these few days, so what you have may affect how you feel. When this transit is handled well, you can be more practical about your life and feel more grounded, enabling you to be better able to deal with important matters. On the flip-side, you could seem a little predictable and boring during this transit, so don’t schedule anything now that requires you to break out of the box and be daring. You may need to watch for overindulgence, especially food-related (and especially if you’re watching your weight!), so remember everything in moderation. If in a relationship, you may feel a surge in romantic attraction, and want to do something special for your honey.

Transit Moon in the 3rd House
Busy is the word for this transit. You’ll be going nonstop for the few days the Moon is in your Third House, and if you don’t have a lot to do, you’ll be bored and restless out of your mind, which will make you cranky and irritable. Mental energy is high, and if you’re normally an emotional person, this transit can make your emotions cloud your capacity for reason and logic. Words can wound you with ease if you’re too sensitive. There can be lots of communications, and you could take a short trip somewhere, perhaps to replenish yourself emotionally. Making an improvement to your close environment can make you feel better right now, as well as being actively engaged in your community. You can communicate how you’re feeling more easily, and probably want to, especially about old hurts, and go over other people’s feelings as well. On the other hand, you may find yourself talking too much, about anything and everything, ignoring what others have to say and talking right over them. Curiosity is higher, but be careful not to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Siblings can bring up feelings, positively or negatively. Writing your feelings is good now, so pull out that old journal.

Transit Moon in the 4th House
With the Moon going through your Fourth House, these few days are well spent doing some inspection of the self. Evaluate your roots, your inner foundation, and how well those have been cultivated and what changes, if any, need to be made to strengthen them. Grounding yourself and planting your feet firmly in the earth is positive, especially to increase your sense of security which may need a boost at this point. Understanding your intimate relationships, especially your familial ones, can be achieved now. Being nurturing to yourself and others comes easily, and you may want to just stay at home the days of this transit, spending time alone with your thoughts or with loved ones. You may feel more private, keeping things to yourself and remaining quiet. Memories can be stronger, and you may use them to understand your subconscious mind better. Something could come up with your home or family that causes emotional upheaval. Don’t become needy or avoid people too much during this time.

Transit Moon in the 5th House
Being social makes you feel good, and you feel more connected with others when engaging in creative pursuits or just playing around, having fun. Spending time out of the house, doing something fun is usually wanted with the Moon in the Fifth House. Whatever you find that’s fun and gives you a reprieve from stress is what you want to do most. This should be a fun time of the month for all if handled well. You’re more creative, in tune with your emotions and channeling them through creative outlets. You may be in the mood for love and romance, and want to spend time being romantic with someone special. Your children may be more emotional, or may make you more emotional, or you could have a stronger desire for children or to spend time with children. Laziness can set in with this transit in regards to your daily responsibilities, choosing to just play rather than work. That’s fine if it’s the weekend. Playing hooky isn’t always good when you’re grown up. You could also overindulge in things not-so-good for you, so watch yourself a little bit. There can be a greater chance of getting approval from others to secure your sense of self.

Transit Moon in the 6th House
Working is tied to your emotions, and working hard and getting things done make you feel at ease. You won’t stop until everything is finished, and you pay more attention to the little things. Productivity is high and you understand which tasks must get done now and which can wait for later. How your relationships at work satisfy you emotionally may become a focus now. Are things really working out for you, or is this job draining more of you than it’s giving? Your health can be a concern, and this is a good time to schedule a checkup. Eating better, exercising, and getting adequate sleep will seem important, and any problems with your health can be felt more, so pay attention to what your body’s telling you, as this may be the best time to figure out what needs tweaking. If you stress too much, this can take a toll on you physically, so try not to get too wound up about anything. Chaos is also more obvious, and you’ll strive to bring a little more structure and organization to your life. You may be more sensitive to animals, and your pet can be emotionally nurturing with this transit.

Transit Moon in the 7th House
Your relationships are intertwined with your feelings, and you may be more prone to expressing your feelings with a partner, or they may be more apt to make you more emotional. How you feel about your relationships comes under the microscope, and this can lead to a better understanding of those relationships or more fighting. If you’re overly protective or needy, this could make things worse. If you’ve been having problems in your relationships, this is the time of the month to work it out. You’re better in tune with your feelings about your relationships and your partners and what you need from them. Feeling like you need to be around people can be higher these few days which can make this a social time. You’re behavior around others is pleasant, kind, and nurturing. What others say to you, especially about you and your life, can have a greater impact on you and cause emotional distress. Try to see things from their point of view, and don’t ask for opinions if you don’t want to hear the truth.

Transit Moon in the 8th House
Other people’s money makes you emotional. If you’re focused on yourself and not others, then you worry about what is happening with it and it drives you crazy that you can’t control it. Don’t make these few days about you, and they should go smoother. You focus on deeper issues, and your emotions are intense and powerful. You can sway between strong emotions that, once the Moon leaves this house, you don’t know why you were so caught up in. Deep-seated fears, desires, and issues can be touched on easily with the Moon traveling through the Eighth House, so if there’s something you’ve been avoiding, now’s the time to look into it. This can be a time of jealousy and possessiveness in intimate relationships, especially if you’re inclined that way naturally. Don’t read into something that there’s nothing to read into. This can be one of the more difficult times of the month if you give in to the low points and become bitter or resentful, lonely or unfulfilled. Finding what you feel is significant and important in life can be had now.

Transit Moon in the 9th House
You want to explore your mind, philosophy, religion, and other places. Freedom mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically is important during these few days, and it’s a good time to get out and go. Roam freely, whether it’s driving down a long, open road, submersing yourself in a fantasy novel, spending time meditating and finding your nirvana, or having the best laugh you’ve had all month. Emotionally, you’re lighter, less serious, and more optimistic, feeling like life is just positively endless. Make sure to take advantage of those good feelings, because they might be the best of the month. If you don’t allow yourself to have some freedom now, you may feel agitated and bored, wanting to break free from the mundane. You could be more emotionally attached to your beliefs now, so watch for getting in arguments over them by being too fanatical. Evaluating your spiritual path and figuring out which actions better help you on your journey are more easily done with this transit. Ask yourself how you can make your life better. You’ll have an easier time coming up with an answer than you think.

Transit Moon in the 10th House
Advancing your life seems important when the Moon is going through this house. Making sure you’re choosing to surround yourself with people who will support your endeavors and whom you support as well can be a focus. Also, evaluate whether or not your goals are truly serving a purpose for your inner needs, or just to have some security. Issues related to your social status, career, and authority figures, especially parents, can come up now. You may find you’re not satisfied with where you are in your life, and want to make a change. You can also be more sensitive to what people say and think about you. If handled well, this can be a great period for you career-wise, allowing you to make the most progress of the month. If not, then you could be overly involved in your work (workaholic), and feel yourself burning out. You could also have problems listening to others, preferring to tell people what to do, think, and feel rather than listening what they actually want, think, and feel. You could feel more responsible now though, so it can be a good time to deal with your responsibilities and get things done. If you make good decisions, then you can see them coming to fruition later.

Transit Moon in the 11th House
You emotionally crave freedom, and want to try new things and be different from the norm. You feel like rules are shackles. Expressing yourself as an individual is important to you, and you won’t be held back. You like innovation and individuality. Though you want to assert yourself as your own person, you may feel better in a group, especially with people who think like yourself. If you’re all driving for a cause, even better! This can be a sociable period as you feel more aware of society and that you have a part in it. This can give you a feeling of purpose in the world. Spend these few days going over new ideas and concepts, or doing something good for humanity or the planet. See old friends and reconnect. Be supportive of them and they’ll be supportive of you. Do some work in your community. Whatever you choose to do during these few days, make sure that it’s geared towards achieving some sort of hope or dream. If you don’t know what your hopes and dreams are, this time of the month can give you the opportunity to find out.

Transit Moon in the 12th House
Your emotions are more hidden, though you may be more emotional than normal. You don’t outwardly express them, keeping them to yourself, preferring peace and quiet to emotional drama. Just relaxing and being at one with yourself is good now, and taking a break from the world can help rejuvenate you. This is the best time to let go of what your life requires of you and just letting yourself be for a day or two. You can feel more spiritual now, connected with the metaphysical. Your dreams can seem more important, and there may be messages for you within them. Creativity can be heightened, so this can be a good period for those in artistic fields. Don’t let yourself become overly emotional at this time, or you could feel more down than usual: depressed, lonely, guilty, worthless, or directionless. For a positive way to deal with this placement, you can look back at the Moon’s tour through the previous houses, figure out what you did that was right and what was a mistake, and use that knowledge to make better decisions for the next round of the Moon through the twelve houses. We go through this cycle every month, so each time brings a new opportunity to right the things we did wrong the previous time and take more positive action to achieve our goals.


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