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Transit Neptune in the Houses

Transit Neptune in the 1st Housef49
When transit Neptune is in your 1st house, you’re more sensitive to your surroundings, emotionally, spiritually, intuitively, and physically. You’re more imaginative, idealistic, and charming. You want change in your life, and if you know what you want, you can figure out how it aligns with your purpose in life; if you don’t know what you want, you can wander and feel insecure. This is a good time for creative ventures, and your compassion increases. You’re more helpful and put other people first.

Transit Neptune in the 2nd House
When transit Neptune is in your 2nd house, you can have a hard time being responsible with your finances, and may not pay attention to where it’s all going. Then you’re suddenly broke and don’t have enough for your necessities, and you’re scratching your head, unsure of where it went. You can be taken advantage of by people who want to take your money away from you. Be more careful with your finances. This can be a good time to make money through the arts, feet, water, or the metaphysical.

Transit Neptune in the 3rd House
When transit Neptune is in your 3rd house, it can become more difficult for you to deal with daily life, wanting your life to transcend. You’ll likely be late more and have a hard time keeping a schedule. You also have a hard time dealing with facts, and tend to take in information through your emotions and intuition. You may feel misunderstood when you try to express yourself verbally, but can use the arts as a way of showing how you feel or what you think. Your imagination increases and you can create beauty in your expression.

Transit Neptune in the 4th House
When transit Neptune is in your 4th house, you may feel a gap widening between you and your family members, especially if you feel like you need to explore yourself more and figure out who you are. Conversely, you can put yourself aside and care for a family member if needed, but you give yourself up in the process. You may not see your family as they really are, seeing them as better than they behave. Watch for water issues in the home. You may always live near water during this transit, or in an area tied to water somehow.

Transit Neptune in the 5th House
When transit Neptune is in your 5th house, you love romance and dating, but you may not see your romantic interests for who they really are, viewing them with rose-colored glasses. You can have a hard time falling in love with the right people, people who deserve it and won’t take advantage of you. You want to save those you love, and will sacrifice yourself to do so. You’re highly creative, and new hobbies can be creative or in the arts.

Transit Neptune in the 6th House
When transit Neptune is in your 6th house, you have a hard time adhering to your normal routine, and can be unreliable with mundane work. You may go into work that’s more creative, in the arts, dealing with feet, water, or the metaphysical, or helps others. You’re more sensitive to medicine and drugs, so be sure you’re not taking more than you should. When you’re stressed, you’re likely to feel much worse, and it takes a toll on you physically more easily now, so keep your stress in check.

Transit Neptune in the 7th House
When transit Neptune is in your 7th house, you can struggle with your committed relationships and partners. They may be distant, or you want more than they can realistically give you. You can be attracted to people that you think are amazing, but end up hurting you. You should try to find a way of bonding with people on a higher plane, allow them to be themselves and see them for who they are, and stay away from those who want to take advantage of you.

Transit Neptune in the 8th House
When transit Neptune is in your 8th house, you may give of yourself, your possessions, or your finances too easily during this transit. You don’t see what’s wrong in sharing, but you may be sharing with all of the wrong people, and they may not be sharing anything of theirs with you. You yearn for a deeply spiritual intimate connection with someone, and need to make sure you’re not settling for anyone who comes along. You can experience financial issues because of other people, and need to be careful of who you give money to.

Transit Neptune in the 9th House
When transit Neptune is in your 9th house, you want to expand your life in spiritual ways. Just make sure you don’t fall prey to someone who wants to take advantage of that. You’re interested in the metaphysical, pushing the boundaries of your beliefs. You can be more creative, especially with writing. If in school, you may have a hard time focusing on anything for very long, and may be drawn to unusual subjects. If you travel, you can experience issues, but want to go to places near water.

Transit Neptune in the 10th House
When transit Neptune is in your 10th house, you can have a hard time figuring out where you’re going in life, what direction your life is taking, and what your ultimate goals are. You struggle to see these things clearly, and can waver for some time. You may go into a career in the arts, with feet, water, or the metaphysical, or that helps other people. In public, people can see you for who they want you to be. The elders in your life may be unreliable. You’re more imaginative than practical.

Transit Neptune in the 11th House
When transit Neptune is in your 11th house, you want plenty of friends, but have a hard time picking ones that will treat you right. You give in to their demands, and sacrifice too much of yourself for them. You’re drawn to people who are spiritual but out there, and can become too clingy. You may see some friends leave your life during this transit. You need to figure out where you belong in the world, and let your dreams soar to new heights.

Transit Neptune in the 12th House
When transit Neptune is in your 12th house, Neptune is in the house it rules, so this can be an easier transit. You don’t mind being alone as much, and can enjoy your own company. You have active dreams and can get in touch with your intuitive side. Your spirituality increases, and you see the subtle messages that the Universe puts in your path. Everything is connected, and you begin to understand that now. You can also begin to believe in yourself and in that which you can’t see but know is there.


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