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Transit Uranus in the Houses

 Transit Uranus in the 1st Housef46

When transit Uranus is in your 1st house, you can experience a great deal of change in your life, especially as this transit begins. You want to have more freedom and independence to be who you are, and you’re more willing to explore unconventional ways of living. You can have situations occur that seem unexpected and sudden, and they instigate change. You can be impulsive, a rebel, and take risks. You may change your appearance in some way that’s different from how you’ve been in the past or how you think other people want you to be. You don’t care about being what other people want you to be, and want to be yourself.

Transit Uranus in the 2nd House
When transit Uranus is in your 2nd house, you change your core value system, opting for values that are more progressive and with the times, or in with the future times. You can have an erratic time financially, where you have more than enough money sometimes, and nowhere near enough other times. This can be a period where you earn money in spurts, work freelance, on commission, or through risky ventures that can make you rich or leave you in poverty. Pay attention to your original ideas and innovations, and use that to increase your personal wealth.

Transit Uranus in the 3rd House
When transit Uranus is in your 3rd house, you’re mentally restless and require constant mental stimulation and change. You may take up many new courses of study, trying to learn lots of new things, but you don’t stick with any of them for very long. You could be attracted to fields of study that include science, technology, or the metaphysical. You can find new way to express yourself and communicate, and this can be a good period for writing, though you may experience periods where you get a ton of writing done and then experience prolonged writer’s block. You need change in your daily life, or changes may happen to you that shake things up.

Transit Uranus in the 4th House
When transit Uranus is in your 4th house, you can experience plenty of change at home during this transit. You may begin many new home improvement projects but not finish any of them. You can experience all sorts of unusual problems occur in your home. While Uranus is in this house, when Mars is also going through it, it can signal a sudden or unexpected move. You may change your ties to your family, and what your view of family is. You don’t care to be what they tried to make you be anymore. Changes may occur within your family.

Transit Uranus in the 5th House
When transit Uranus is in your 5th house, you can begin taking up new hobbies that are unusual, unconventional, and out of your usual comfort zone. You can express yourself creatively and want to find a different mode of expression. If you have children, they could become more erratic or experience changes themselves, and your relationship with them can change. In love, you can be attracted to unusual people, people who are different from what you’d normally go for, and have relationships that are different. You can fall madly in love in an instant, and fall out of it just as fast.

Transit Uranus in the 6th House
When transit Uranus is in your 6th house, you need to make changes to your daily routine. We all have a routine that we get stuck in, and when Uranus is here, he wants you to break out, and he might force you to. You change up your schedule and do things differently. Work can also become erratic, with your hours changing, changing jobs routinely, working freelance, or some sort of unusual job or work environment. You can work hard for a period of time, and then lose interest for a period of time. You need work that gives you plenty of freedom and allows you to work on your own schedule. You can become interested in unusual ways of approaching health, and take up alternative practices.

Transit Uranus in the 7th House
When transit Uranus is in your 7th house, you can experience change in your close relationships. Your partners can become unreliable, or you become unpredictable. Situations can occur that instigate changes. If singe, you may be attracted to unusual people, or require an unusual relationship. You need a certain amount of freedom in your relationships now, and don’t do clingy. You can break up relationships quickly, but enter into them quickly as well. Your relationships could be the source of excitement, thrills, and instability in your life.

Transit Uranus in the 8th House
When transit Uranus is in your 8th house, the money that other people have in your life could come or go, and it has an impact on you. You may not be able to depend on them to help you out financially anymore, so you have to learn to stand on your own two feet financially. You may undergo a sudden, unexpected transformation. The 8th house rules sex, and you can be more open to trying new things, experimentation, and things that seem taboo. When it comes to power and control, you may experience periods where you have none, and then periods where you have too much.

Transit Uranus in the 9th House
When transit Uranus is in your 9th house, you can have life experiences that broaden your mind and life, but they occur unexpectedly or suddenly. You encounter people from all walks of life, and they open your mind to new ideas and ways of living. You can study something new, but may not dedicate yourself to it for very long. You can change your beliefs suddenly, attracted to unconventional beliefs. Travel during this period can come up unexpectedly, and can serve as learning experiences, whether they’re intended to be or not.

Transit Uranus in the 10th House
When transit Uranus is in your 10th house, you can experience change in your career. You may become restless and decide to change direction. Changes could be thrust upon you and you have to deal with it. You need more freedom to do what you want in your career, and can be attracted to careers that are unusual, or want to take an innovative approach to your career. Changes can occur for your mentors, parents, bosses, and other authority figures, and they’re less reliable. You could find yourself suddenly in the public eye or have an increase in social status, or a sudden decrease.

Transit Uranus in the 11th House
When transit Uranus is in your 11th house, you meet people who are different, original, inventive, and unique. You require more freedom in your friendships and in the groups that you belong to, and you don’t want to feel tied down by them. You embrace everyone for who they are, not wanting to put them in a box, so you can make plenty of new friends, but not be very close to any of them. Your view of the future may change, and your dreams for your future may become more idealistic but unusual. You want your future to be different in some way.

Transit Uranus in the 12th House
When transit Uranus is in your 12th house, you take a different approach to your spirituality, and are open to unconventional beliefs. You can let go of old habit patterns and baggage that’s been holding you back, and secrets can be brought to light unexpectedly. You have to learn to let go of your past and destructive habits so you can go forward into the future with less holding you back. You may show your compassion in unusual ways, taking an unconventional approach to charity, and not wanting anyone to know just how much you’re helping them


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