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Transit Venus in the Natal Houses

Transit Venus in the 1st Housef36
When transit Venus is in your 1st house, you feel more social and outgoing and want to reach out to people. This is a great time for searching out new love relationships or strengthening existing ones. You want to feel more pleasure in your life, and can find that with others or by indulging in your senses. If you want to improve your appearance, doing it under this transit is excellent, and even if you don’t do anything to your physical self, there’ll be something about you that attracts people to you more than usual. You can be more charming and friendly, making you more attractive. You can be more compromising, vacillating, and have good manners, but be a little distant emotionally.

Transit Venus in the 2nd House
When transit Venus is in your 2nd house, you want to feel more secure in your life with Venus here, and usually it’s through spending money and having physical objects around you that make you feel good. The people you’re most attracted to during this time are ones who make you feel more secure with your life, increase your self-esteem, and share your values. You also prefer stable people over those who are more erratic since you desire more comfort in your life. You could meet someone through dealing with money (like at a store or bank) or who works with money (like an accountant or banker). You can be good with money during this transit, or you can spend money easily, especially on something beautiful. You may have an easier time getting your hands on the money that you need when you need it.

Transit Venus in the 3rd House
When transit Venus is in your 3rd house, people who can stimulate your mind and connect with you on an intellectual level are who you’re attracted to most. You want someone who you can carry a conversation with about whatever interests you, and you may be attracted to more than one person. The third house is naturally ruled by Gemini, a sign of duality, so there could be two people that pique your interest. You could meet someone on a short trip or through a sibling, neighbor, or online, and the person could be a writer, work with young people, a community organizer, or work in communications. You find more pleasure in communicating and engaging with other people, and you can find the right words to say when you need to.

Transit Venus in the 4th House
When transit Venus is in your 4th house, romance is what you’re after, not some fling. You’re more prone to watch an old romantic movie and weep. You want to feel safe because you feel more sensitive, so someone who comes across as protective and loyal may be what you’d like. A family member could introduce you to someone, and you could meet someone who works with homes in some way (like an interior designer, carpenter, or architect), is a caregiver, family counselor, or nurse. While Venus is in the 4th house, if it makes an easy aspect to the Sun (if you’re looking for a male) or Moon (if you’re looking for a female), that can be a trigger for meeting someone. You may try to improve the appearance of your home, wanting to live in a nice place, and can buy new items for your home. You can also have an easier time dealing with your relatives.

Transit Venus in the 5th House
When transit Venus is in your 5th house, the 5th house is the house of love, so this is a great time to begin dating a new special someone, and you won’t want it to be boring and blah. You feel more romantic, but in a playful way, and want some more drama in your love life (drama like you see on television and in movies; you want to recreate those incredibly romantic scenes). Attracting new loves is easier during this transit, and you’ll be the one getting chased rather than doing the chasing. You could meet someone through a hobby or who works in a creative field. You feel more creative and artistic, and can find inspiration more easily. Dealing with your children may be easier, as well as getting in touch with your inner child.

Transit Venus in the 6th House
When transit Venus is in your 6th house, you won’t easily fall for someone. The person and relationship will need to make sense in a logical way, and you’ll likely assess the person you want to be with almost like you’re interviewing someone for a job, making sure they meet all of your criteria. If they do, then you’ll proceed, but if they don’t, you move on with less emotion about it. The sixth house rules your work environment, so you could meet someone at your job or their job. Maybe a coworker? Just make sure it doesn’t get messy! You find more pleasure in structure and order, wanting things to be just so, and are more of a perfectionist. You can also find more enjoyment in your work, and take a more creative approach or work on a creative project.

Transit Venus in the 7th House
When transit Venus is in your 7th house, you desire being committed to someone, and can make a commitment with someone more easily than usual. You want someone who isn’t afraid of commitment, and may stay away from those eternal bachelors and the wild child. Someone who is willing to compromise with you will really get your attention, and who is charming and pleasant in social situations, with an air of dignity and grace. Looks may be more important than usual too. You may be introduced to a potential mate through someone you’re close to, or meet someone who works in law or the arts. This can be a good time to forge a new partnership, personal or business, and work out negotiations and compromises.

Transit Venus in the 8th House
When transit Venus is in your 8th house, you’re more attracted to people who are intense and provoking, and who seem like a mystery to you. You won’t mind digging deep into a person you’re interested in. Anyone who comes across as superficial is immediately dismissed. Someone may demand to be closer to you. The one with a penetrating gaze gets your attention. Someone who can touch you deeply and help you to heal or transform yourself for the better may be best for you. You can be more intimate now, and your sexual desire is heightened. You could meet someone who works in forensics, psychology, criminology, or research. You get more satisfaction from digging underneath the surface, investigating subjects, and having greater intimacy.

Transit Venus in the 9th House
When transit Venus is in your 9th house, you want someone who is free as a bird and can take you along on their fun adventures. If they can expand your mind, make you see things differently from the way you have before, and open you up to new ways of thinking and living, you’ll follow them anywhere. You could take a long trip and meet someone on your travels, or become interested in someone from a foreign country or who lives an entirely different lifestyle than you do. You could take a class in something new and meet someone there, or become interested in a teacher, philosopher, pilot, linguist, writer, or overall thrill-seeker. You find greatest pleasure in expanding your mind and having new experiences that allow you to learn and teach others what you’ve learned. This can be a good time for writing and speaking.

Transit Venus in the 10th House
When transit Venus is in your 10th house, you’re attracted to those older than you, and if you normally like older then you might like someone even older than usual. Someone who is stable, successful in their career, and has a good standing in society is attractive to you. You come across as more charming in public, and that can attract more people to you. The one that has the best chance is the one you respect the most. You could meet someone through your career or through a mentor, or who is a business person, entrepreneur, CEO, or who works in politics or public relations. You can be more creative with your work, and this is a good period for those in the arts or beauty industry, or for making a positive impact on someone important.

Transit Venus in the 11th House
When transit Venus is in your 11th house, you can have a friend set you up. You have a good chance of meeting someone through a mutual friend. You want to be with someone who shares the same interests you do, belongs to the same groups, and fights for the same causes. You may not be very passionate during this period though, so it could be that if you begin seeing someone new, you’re starting slow and building a mental rapport first. You could also begin dating someone that you’ve been friends with for a long time; maybe you’ve liked them or they’ve liked you and it comes out, or maybe you just start seeing each other differently. You feel good about your future, and find pleasure in things that are unusual or unconventional. You embrace individuality more.

Transit Venus in the 12th House
When transit Venus is in the 12th house, you don’t feel like being affectionate in public, and you may not come across as being all that interested in anyone. If you meet someone now, you’re more likely to keep your interest in them to yourself, feeling more shy than usual in love matters. A relationship begun in secret is more likely to happen under this influence. You could feel a karmic attraction to someone, or be attracted to someone who you feel needs your help in some way. You may meet someone at a hospital, or who is a doctor, prison guard, warden, or drug counselor. You find more pleasure in dealing with spiritual matters or the metaphysical, and you can have an easier time letting things go.


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