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Venus conjunctions transits

Venus conjunctions planets transits

Venus Conjunct Sun
Today is a good day to express yourself through creative and artistic endeavors. You appreciate art and beauty more than usual today. You have a desire to be with people you like. Your natural warmth and friendliness really manifest themselves today. Watch for feelings of extravagance, self-indulgence, and self-love. Do not dissipate yourself in the pursuit of pleasure.

Venus Conjunct Moon
You should feel good today because your feelings and emotions are harmonious and in balance. You see and express the beauty around you and it makes you feel well. Relations with others including your family are likely to be warm and pleasant. You may have a tendency towards over-indulgence, laziness or over-sensitivity or sentimentality. Watch that sweet tooth and curb your appetite.

Venus Conjunct Mercury
Your appreciation of beauty, art, music and poetry will be stimulated today. Pleasant conversation and harmony are the order of the day. Express your feelings to those close to you. Light mental pursuits bring enjoyment and happiness. Short trips go smoothly.

Venus Conjunct Venus
This transit signifies new beginnings, especially in matters of love and beauty. Even long-standing relationships may undergo a revitalization at this time. In addition, you may want to buy something new today, a piece of artwork, some clothing, music or a work of literature, anything as long as it appeals to your sense of beauty.

Venus Conjunct Mars
There is a desire for love, beauty, relationships, and things that feel good. Desire is strong today and this includes the desire for the opposite sex. Be considerate of others today as you may express yourself too strongly. Use your creative energies and get involved with the arts, music or the theater. How about making a special meal for your significant other? Watch your spending today as you may feel tempted to overindulge and be too extravagant. Curb your potential for eating too much rich, sweet, or spicy food. Moderation is the key. Be refined and charming around women. Do not get involved in petty gossip or in competition with the women you know. Have fun at a social gathering, but remember, don’t come on too strong or let your opinion of yourself swell so as to become overbearing and obnoxious.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter
This should be a very harmonious and easy going day for you. Your main objective should be to control overindulging yourself in food and drink or with respect to spending money. You are likely to pamper yourself today. Just don’t get carried away.

Venus Conjunct Saturn
You may feel depressed today regarding your relationships with other people. If you are feeling unloved or unlovable, remember that you first have to give love before you can get love. And not the selfish kind of love that asks for something in return. Trust yourself and take steps today to see the good in you. If you cannot value yourself, how do you expect others to value you? Coldness in love affairs is possible today, but the effects of this aspect do not last long.

Venus Conjunct Uranus
There is high excitement in relationships today. You are feeling magnetic and the people around you can sense it. Creativity and intuition can be used today for some very positive results. You feel a need for emotional freedom, but don’t make any serious changes while under the effects of this aspect. You may experience love at first sight.

Venus Conjunct Neptune
Your romantic idealism might be activated today. You are feeling particularly idealistic now and you need to keep your feet on the ground. You are feeling very unselfish, but don’t let others take advantage of you. Sometimes you need to say no. Don’t let daydreams and fantasies cloud your perceptions and decisions. Don’t place all your trust now in any one person or thing. Stay alert. Combine art and music with your imagination and let that be an escape from everyday cares.

Venus Conjunct Pluto
Your love nature may be particularly charged with emotion and desire. Possessiveness and jealousy are possible. Power struggles may be a part of your close relationships. Resist the urge to control your partner. Intense change in romantic relationships is possible.


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