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Venus sextile planets

Venus Sextile Sun

This is a transit of attraction and warmth. People reach out to you and you to them because much harmony and love exists between you. People see you as real and naturally friendly, therefore they want to help you in your endeavors. Financial activities are favored today, as are the arts, and music.

Venus Sextile Moon

Relationships with female friends and relatives go well today. Domestic harmony and consideration for the needs and feelings of others hold sway today. Do some cooking, decorating or home entertaining. Dealings in real estate or with the general public should be harmonious.

Venus Sextile Mercury

The pursuit of light pleasure gives happiness today. Spend time with friends in harmonious conversation. Go see a museum or go to an art gallery. Activities involving music are favored. Artistic stimulation of the mind is the keynote today.

Venus Sextile Venus

Today you are feeling relaxed and simply enjoying yourself. You would probably prefer just to ease the day away, but if you must work, you will do so willingly and cheerfully. Business transactions are in your favor at this time and everything is moving along just as it should.

Venus Sextile Mars

Harmony in social activities is highlighted today. Activities with the opposite sex are enjoyable and rewarding. Romance is in your blood. Show someone you care for them. They will appreciate your sharing your feelings. Clean your house and do that redecorating you had planned. Make your surroundings more beautiful.

Venus Sextile Jupiter

Peace and harmony should be yours today. People love you and you love them. You will go out of your way to help others today because you are full of friendliness and you want to see others happy. Financial transactions go smoothly today and you seem to attract money or material possessions. Relationships are warm and there is love in the air.

Venus Sextile Saturn

You may develop ideas for organizing business, financial, or personal affairs under this transit. You will feel reserved, controlled, and disciplined in any endeavor relating to relationship, beauty, art or music. This is a good time to start a new partnership, perhaps with someone older. Public relations and legal work should go smoothly.

Venus Sextile Uranus

Unusual, exciting, and unexpected business, social or romantic opportunities can occur now. You are charming, sparkling, witty, and others want you in their company. You exude a certain magnetism that draws people closer to you. Unusual ideas or ways to make money may surface now. You feel free and are happy to be alive. There is a sense of electricity running through you and you feel as if anything could happen. Intuition is strong. Go with it.

Venus Sextile Neptune

You will be sensitive to the feelings of others today. You have the desire to express your love for others through helping them in any way you can. Your intuition and imagination are strong today and you can use these to create works of beauty and art. Subconscious insights can be gained if you listen to your inner voice. You have great sympathy, compassion and psychological understanding of women, family members, and those in need.

Venus Sextile Pluto

Your emotions are deep and powerful. As they say, still waters run deep. Today might be a good day to redecorate or make other changes to your home with the hope of bringing greater beauty and harmony into your life. It’s a good time to find new uses for old or discarded items which no longer serve your purposes. Emotional self-regeneration is possible with these energies.


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