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Venus square transits

Venus Square Sun

Lack of emotional sensitivity today can lead to emotional difficulties with those closest to you. Try to understand others’ feelings before you inject your large ego into the situation. You have the opportunity to learn something of value about yourself through your relationships with others. Use these opportunities to grow. Avoid self-indulgence and laziness. Don’t overeat.

Venus Square Moon

You may feel unloved, misunderstood, and unattractive today. This is more your perception than reality. Be careful of being too sensitive in emotional matters today. Watch the tendency to be overprotective of family and loved ones. Watch what you eat. You have the tendency today to be self-indulgent, lazy, hypersensitive, spendthrifty and extravagant. You and your mother may have problems between you.

Venus Square Mercury

You may experience difficulties in social or romantic communication today. Others are just not hearing what you are saying or else you just can’t seem to find the right words to express your feelings. Mental discipline is not strong today. Poor judgment in spending habits is likely. Put off major decisions and purchases until this aspect is over.

Venus Square Venus

You are probably feeling rather self-indulgent at the moment and you probably won’t get any real work done today. Watch your spending habits a little more carefully under this transit, as you will tend to spend too much. In addition, you have a tendency to give in at this time rather than fight against the flow. Don’t conclude any contractual obligations under this transit, as you won’t be satisfied with the results later.

Venus Square Mars

Your involvement with the opposite sex today may not be as harmonious as you would like. There’s just some sort of tension going on today between you and they. Take the time to give and take, to find some kind of balance. There may be some sort of love-hate emotion that is present today. It will pass, but as long as it seems to be present, just keep your cool and remember the Golden Rule. Focus on the needs of others today and forget your own needs. The problems today may come through your own selfishness, if you give in to it. Communicate. It might clear up any misunderstanding.

Venus Square Jupiter

You will probably overindulge yourself today, with regrets later. This is true both with eating and spending. A distinct laziness may overcome you and you will want to be pampered. Self-discipline is needed in order to avoid trouble now or later. Others may think you are too spoiled. Don’t procrastinate.

Venus Square Saturn

You may feel very unloved. You may see people as cold and calculating. People’s lack of sympathy may depress you to the bone today. Social, financial, and romantic problems and disappointments characterize this transit. Selfishness and a lack of consideration are probably the reasons. You reap what you sow and now is a good time to analyze yourself and your relationships. There may be difficulties and delays with respect to women in general.

Venus Square Uranus

Unstable romantic infatuations and impractical or irresponsible attitudes and conduct in relationships should be guarded against. There is a desire to break free from binding partnerships. Impulsive spending may be your idea of breaking free. Be careful during this transit because you are probably not thinking with your head, only your heart, which is your wild side right now. Your behavior now may be so bohemian or bizarre that people turn against you. Settle down and apply self-discipline.

Venus Square Neptune

You may be deluding yourself today especially where relationships are concerned. You are probably thinking with your heart rather than with your head and this can lead to all sorts of trouble. You may be too willing to sacrifice too much for your loved one. Things are not as they appear regarding affairs of the heart and you would do well to keep your feet on the ground. Avoid wishful thinking and unrealistic fantasies. Stop playing the martyr.

Venus Square Pluto

Strong desires and passions sometimes go along with this aspect. There may be the desire to completely change the partner or to completely transform any current relationship. Jealousy, possessiveness, and the desire to have control over others makes today’s influence very difficult. You can’t change someone else and you can’t run their life, so stop trying or else the resentment they feel toward you will have destructive consequences. Make up your mind not to manipulate people.



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