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Virgo personality

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)virgo

The sign of self-perfection. Virgoans can be practically adaptable, and are good organisers down to the last detail on the Virgoan list. Superbly skilled in many activities, they have a discriminating, analytical mind and very often work behind the scenes. Virgos are very sensual people but hide this part behind a sincerely modest exterior, although they may sometimes become hypercritical when challenged.

Ruled by nervous Mercury, they can sense when something is wrong and give nobody any rest until is put right. They are down to earth in their communications, often writing rather than speaking. Virgoans have an interest in food and health and lose their apparent prudishness when they take their clothes off, in private of course.

The Virgoans secret fear is of someone finding out how much they need a partner. However, they are hard-working, unassuming people who serve well and give their heart too. The Virgo personality may clash with Gemini and Sagittarius, but can work together if Virgo will respond to their breezy outlooks.

Pisces is the opposite sign and show Virgo how to swim with the current and accept human imperfections, including their own.


What he’s like

He’s shy and unassuming, critical and pragmatic. Essentially, Mr Virgo is far more analytical than sentimental, and intellectual than romantic. He has both a passion for order and an infinite capacity for detail. And at times, this can consume his life. His attitudes are somewhat sanctimonious and his approach to life puritanical. This is basically because he cares what people think. Therefore, he is exceptionally concerned with right and wrong, good and bad, and how he appears to the world.

Because he assigns so much power to the opinions of other people, his behaviour conforms to a set of standarts that will favourably define him. And ose of these standarts is a woman who will make him look good. However, unlike Mr Leo, his ideal is not predicated upon physical appearance, but rather upon intellectual achievement and personal power. Since Mr Virgo has such a poorly developed sense of self, he especially seeks someone he can humbly admire. In lieu of this, he will be satisfied with a warm, practical woman who assures him of a sense of security, while she in no way detracts from his self-image.

Even though in theory he would like to love, Mr Virgo may put his emotional needs in the background while he devotes himself wholeheartedly to his work. He tends to be workaholic whose motivation stems fare more strongly from approval needs than from a drive for power. Because his mind is highly disciplined, he has an uncanny way of turning off his feelings to free his thoughts. And likewise he will easily sacrifice both sleep and momentary pleasure do ge a job well done. Therefore, he may be accused of compartmentalized thinking and, generally speaking, would never win an award for either his sense of spontaneity or his unconventional attitudes. His sense of duty is so ingrained that a times it might make him appear more mechanical than human. However, at the same time, when confronted with a person in need, his personality is kind, caring, and extremely solicitous.

Because he tends to be perfectionistic, and the very least, highly discriminating, Mr Virgo seldom finds his romantic ideal. And even if he does so, he’ll try very hard to find some flaws. Since he has such a hard time accepting himself, he can’t be comfortable when it comes to accepting other people. Therefore, in insidious ways, he seeks to control the women who get close to him.

Control is a key factor to his personality. Not only does it form the basis of his obsessive need for order, but it also lends him a sense of security that he could probably never fully find in love.

What he thinks he wants

Basically, Mr Virgo is looking for perfection. And even if he found it, he would suggest a few improvements. However, in terms of a woman, perfection for him has less to do with physical appeal than intelligence, emotional strength, and charisma. Essentially, he wants a woman he can respect. An in order to respect her, he has to be intellectually stimulated by her. Stupidity repels him, as does mental, emotional or moral weakness. Likewise, because he is a man who cares a lot about what others think, he places a tremendous emphasis on dignity, poise, and self-possession. Essentially, what he wants most is to love someone he can look up to. However, because he is so critical, it is rare that Mr Virgo finds that perfect person. Instead, he ends up settling for someone comfortable whom he tries his best to improve.

What he needs

Orderand control are prerequisites to his existence. However, unlike Scorpio, who creates a network of controls as protection from his deeper feelings. Virgo’s motivation for control is mental. Essentially, he is always thinking about what other people are thinking of him. And because he desires so intensely that the impression be favourable, he is especially careful about how he appears. He finds drunkenness and violent emotional displays vulgar, just as he shies away from scenes of open sentiment. Control gives him a sense of order in his life, which in turn gives him a sense of security. And it is security that is his deepest need. Security for Mr Virgo comes in being able to think quickly, put his feelings on hold, and coldly take charge of a situation that might be shattering around him. Although he will find comfort and pleasure in a warm, stable relationship, in terms of security, he looks only to his own intelligence and self-control. Second to this control, a semblance of order is necessary to his sense of well-being. Without his tidy piles, well-organized files, and bills that are paid promptly, Mr Virgo would be an even more anxiety-ridden man than he is normally.

What he fears

Even more than love, the most important thing to a Virgo man is his pride in his performance. And what he fears mos is feeling that he has failed and looks a fool. In all life situations he is concerned with his self-image . Therefore any circumstances, person, or place that may threaten it will instigate his instinctive retreat. Although on the surface he seems strong because he is so disciplined, in reality Mr Virgo is very meek. He is born worrier who has been know to nurse slights that are sometimes self-invented. At the same time, he lacks the courage to confront his offenders and becomes cold and withdrawn as a measure of control. When caught between a relationship conflict and demands of his work, there is really no contest. Mr Virgo will always choose his work, because a good performance will enhance his appearance. On the other hand, an emotional issue is precarious as well as painful, unless, of course, he can convince his lover that she happens to be wrong.

His attitude toward women, love, and sex

Unless he has prominent Leo or Libra planets, this is a man who is not romantic. Rather, he is classical pragmatist who would, by far, prefer a computer to a Cartier tank watch. Although he won’t object to candlelit dinners, he would never think to create them, and would jus as soon grab a bite in a coffee shop as go through all the fuss of a French restaurant. Essentially, Mr Virgo is a man who is comfortable with common means as long as he has enough money to support his mental pursuits.

When it comes to women, he needs far less of a glamour girl and more of a woman he can enjoy talking to. Because he is so insecure, he seeks a woman secure enough with herself to make him feel comfortable. However, to fall madly in love, he has to be mentally swept away by someone so intelligent and competent that she gains the golden gift of his respect.

Generally speaking, Mr Virgo is both shy and  diffident when it comes to meeting  women and showing his emotions. Likewise, he is acutely uncomfortable with intense emotional displays. Therefore, he is best suited to someone more cerebral than emotional, who will treat all emotional conflicts with calm analysis.

Because he is more of the shy, studious type than the pleasure-loving playboy, monogamous relationships are to his advantage. Once in a relationship, he may be both controlling and fault-finding with things that seem to be of minor importance. However, at the same time, he has a hard time taking criticism and allows his ego to get easily bruised over unimportant issues.

On the positive side, he can be loyal, quietly loving, and very caring. He is the kind of man who will be by your side when your are sick and who will willingly go out of his way should you need a favour. At the same time, he demands the deepest loyalty, and witnessing the most harmless flirtation will make him turn abrubtly cold. Although he will go to any extent to mask it, Mr Virgo is intensely jealous and needs all times to be made to feel secure.

Sexually, he tends to be earthy and animalistic, while emotionally he can be uptight, rigid, and puritanical. Generally speaking, Mr Virgo is not your basic fun person, but he is someone who will probably stick around. And for a cerebral woman searching for security rather than feverish romance, he could provide a very workable relationship.

His goods points

He’s intelligent, thoughtful, kind, loyal, and very responsible. Although he may be very attracted to your body, he is a man who is far more appreciative of your mind. And when he walks out the door and says, ‘I’ll call you”, you’ll probably hear from him the following day. It’s possible that Mr Virgo invented follow-through.

His bad points

He can be self-righteous and sanctimonious, critical and petty. Minor problems obsess him, as do order, cleanliness, and control. Especially when angry or haughtly disapproving, he can be cold, distant, and uncommunicative. In a serious conflict he is capable of closing his mind to the other side and seeing only his own sensitivities. He will bear grudges and nurse slights with relish. At his worst, he is so lacking in courage and spontaneity that he is confining and boring. And because he places such importance on the opinion of the world at large, he will weakly pander to people in power and behave obsequiously just to slave his fragile self-image.

Hot to get his attention

Because he is so shy, Mr Virgo is relieved if you take the first step, but do it in a way that appeals to his perfectionistic nature. He tends to be serious and interested in self-improvement and practical knowledge. Therefore, competence, fitness, and a well-informed philosophy on life are initial attention getters. Virgos love a slender silhouette, so keep an eye on your figure. He is conservative in taste, so look trim and tastefully chic, and initiate an intelligent conversation about anything from cookery to to Buddhist philosophy. The more you know and love to learn, the more he’ll be impressed. However, Mr Virgo is also full of opinions himself. So get him going, then let him suggest where you continue the conversation.

How to keep it

Make him at ease with himself while you massage his ego. And at all times make him feel emotionally secure. If Mr Virgo feels like he’s competing with a football field of men, he’ll crawl off to his study with a very big book. Stay well informed either in his interests or your own and initiate intellectual discussions that last the night. Also, because he tend to be health- and diet-conscious, watch your weight and remember to exercice. If he notices your thighs look like cottage cheese, he’ll also let you know that he’s noticing. Because your Virgo is basically shy, a subtle but direct approach is best. Touch his knee to make a point and brush his hair from his forehead. Then let your hand linger a little longer than necessary. Finally, in the event of a fight, never badger, scream, or bring up an emotional issue in public. That will only win you his cold glance of death, which is guaranteed to make you feel that not only does he not love you, but that you’re so worthless that probably nobody else could either. Therefore, deal with emotional differences as if they were intellectual discussions and you’re guaranteed to keep him on your side.

Realistic expectations

If you happen to be looking for a life of glamour, passion, and excitement, you probably won’t to find it here, unless he happens to have prominent Leo or Libra planets. However, if you desire a quiet, stable, orderly existence with someone who may nag you about balancing your cheque-book, then Mr Virgo just may be for you. However, keep in mind that even if this is a marriage made in heaven, its roots are very much in the earth.


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